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61 The Dark Knight

I call bull. This movie is hands down one of the best superhero movie ever. Yes it kinda takes the fun out of it and I am not the biggest fan of dark stories but it doesn't so well. Plus that was kinda what batman,s was like to begin with. Being dark and brute was what made batman so great plus this film knows when to give a good moment. Like when two face try's to kill the family and ask ( why did the joker choose me ) and batman say ( because you were that best of us ) that was great moment. And FYI the joker in this version is much better. I felt like he was more of challenge for batman like he,s trying to get him to cross that line. Yes I know a lot of people prefer jack Nicholson joker and yeah he was good I and he dose do well in putting this charter in the big screen but leather did two thing so much better that was make him more realistic and insane and that what makes him awesomely. Like when he was threat to blow up the boat or when he in the police station you get the that ...more

This movie gets way to much praise and it sucks ass, I don't care how many people get mad about this comment, this is the single worst comic book movie on the planet, worse then batman and robin, yeah I went there. It's very boring long overrated and dull, a dark tone is what makes a comic book movie suck, Burton's batman was dark but it was also fun, FYI all batman movies suck. Mostly because batman sucks. Dark Knight just takes itself too seriously, and every character is played by an actor who is not as good as the one in the original movies, Michael Keaton was a better batman, jack Nicholson was a better joker, and Michelle Pfeiffer was a better catwoman. This movie sucks

And it does have fun moments it's just that making it darker is more like Batman as a character. And Heath Ledger was way better than Nicholson as The Joker. - HarryPotter12

I thought this list was worst superhero movies.

This is the best superhero movie of all time

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62 Constantine
63 Batman Returns

Probably the darkest batman movie! But come on, it's also one of the best! And why does batman forever get so much hate? It was also pretty awesome! The only terrible batman movie was batman and robin! Oh, and also the dark knight is the best movie ever made in my opinion.

64 Big Hero 6

Very unoriginal characters and plot. Seriously, even young children can come up with smarter material than this movie!

Not a good movie but the worst one either.

I've never seen such a terribly written Disney movie. It was so stupid with unlikable characters.

So many great movies were puked onto this list. - Elijah_Cook

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65 Blade 2
66 Blankman
67 The Wild World of Batwoman
68 Captain America: Civil War

The movie is *okay* but it's full with nothing but cheap jokes! It gets real old, and also, NO ONE DIES IN THIS MOVIE, NOT EVEN CAPTAIN AMERICA DIES! (who actually died in the comic). This movie is overrated but not horrible, but I think it could have been better

And who says this movie was bad? Why are there votes?

This does not belong on this list.

This movie...SUUUCKED

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69 Superman II
70 The Incredibles

This was an excellent movie


71 Hancock

Not bad at all

72 Spider-Man 2
73 Marvel's The Avengers


74 Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Whoever put these MCU movies there deserves to be banned from the site. - Elijah_Cook

75 Iron Man

Whoever made this list belongs in a retarded home I hate thus website

76 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
77 The Pumaman
78 Spy Kids

It was pretty good. Critics love it more than the fans. - Elijah_Cook

79 Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams
80 Transformers: The Last Knight
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