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1 Jeffy Jeffy

At first I just thought he was stupid, but after Jeffy's Stupid Home Video I don't think that's the case anymore, Mario tries to film Jeffy being stupid for a video contest, but every time Mario puts the camera on Jeffy he stops being stupid, and he even said "I don't know how to be stupid on camera" at that point I was like "...he's doing it on purpose" Ever since Jeffy got dropped off at Mario's house, Jeffy's stupidity was all done on purpose, here's my theory: Peach was mad at Mario for throwing her out of the house in the Valentines Day video, so as revenge she found a kid and paid him to act like he's mentally retarded, then she dropped him off at Mario's house and drove away before Jeffy knocked on the door, so all this time Jeffy wasn't Mario or Peach's kid and the whole mentally disabled thing was all a trick, and he didn't want to be stupid on camera because he thought it was embarrassing, which also explains why he destroyed Mario's camera

At this point I'm actually kind of concerned for Logan, cause at this point with Bowser Jr. Gets potty trained, then cody's birthday, and now this character, it makes me wonder "Logan, do you have some kind of diaper/baby fetish? " It's honestly the only reason for Jeffy's existence I can think of, or maybe the other reason which I think is the sad truth, which is Logan just wants to secretly make fun of mentally handicapped people

Jeffy is offensively stupid. He is just a fatass 6 year old that likes to in his pants and wear diapers on the outside. In Jeffry's bad word, after Mario spanked jeffy he should of killed jeffy with a gun and send his body down a warp pipe. He is so bad that he makes chef poo poo look like mama luigi. The only episode jeffy was at least not offensive, gross, or annoying in was Jeffy's homework. He is also afraid of toilet's, bees, and animals (whiney). He also has excuses for everything and doesn't care about anyone except for himself (brat). He also has bad habits: patting his diaper, shoving pencils up his ass and nose, farting, and whining when he doesn't get what he wants. He is also stubborn especially when he uses hammer's and his stupid toys and says gimme when he gets something destroyed or taken away. Don't watch any of his videos. Go watch Bowser jr's breakfast instead.

F Jeffy

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2 Peach

Question, I noticed this in the thanksgiving special so I have to know, if peach divorced Mario why does he still care about saving her? Like if it was being realistic Mario would have heard about her getting kidnapped and just said "I don't care"

Thank god Logan go his girlfriend to voice her and moved away from the selfish peach who did nothing but SCREAM

She's really annoying and I mean really her and screwball are the only characters I loathe but she's even worse than him at least he dosnt get himself kidnapped all the time and acts like a cows butt. Rosalina so more great fun than her if Mario gave them presents

She sucks a lot - dman1204

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3 Bowser Bowser Bowser is the main antagonist of the Mario Bros. Franchise. From kidnapping Princess Peach to simply destroying a fun game between Mario and Friends in the Mario Party spinoff series, this king of the Koopas has set up a certain hatred towards himself amongst the large cast of Mario Characters. He first ...read more.

Bowser is one of the biggest jerks of the WHOLE series besides Goodman And and Junior, he yells at EVERYBODY, he usually gives Chef Pee Pee 3 MINUTES to COOK! Come on, how long does it take to cook an entire pizza in 3 MINUTES OR LESS?! He is a BIG neglect towards Junior and Chef Pee Pee. He shouldn't spend 87% of his entire day watching Charleyyy and Friends in his room, no that's awful parenting. He was probably an orphan when he is younger and doesn't have a wife, no wonder why he is angry.

Bowser thought that Junior wanted to marry his nose just because he wanted to put a nose in it. That is hilarious

Chef Pee Pee: Get a life, Bowser! You give me all the responsibilities, and you even make messes to keep me from going on break! And while that's happening, all YOU do is sit on your tail and watch Charleyyy and Friends ALL THE TIME!

The reasons why I HATE Bowser in the SML series is because...

1. He beats up his son. Sometimes, for minor reasons (Which I find rather stupid)

2. He treats Chef Pee-Pee horribly, I feel bad for Chef Pee-Pee right now

3. All he cares about is this stupid-ass show called Charleyyy and Friends. HA! More like Fartyyy and Douchebags (LOL)

4. He doesn't want to spend time with Bowser Junior for no reason. I feel bad that Junior has an awful dad. Maybe Junior should run-away and find another place to live in. Maybe his new family would make him happy and treat him nice. Then, they would say "I love you", they would kiss him goodnight, they could spend time with him. etc

5. Why does Bowser have to be so mean, anyway? Huh?! - Stazemar000

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4 Birds

These are the characters in supermariologan who serve absolutely no purpose, the biggest question I had after their first few appearances was, why are you here? They're all just shallow 1 dimensional characters who were only put in videos because Logan likes Angry Birds, and there is only 1 thing I can say about the Black Yoshi and the birds series, WHAT A SNORE FEST! It's probably the most boring series in supermariologan, it's kinda similar to my thoughts about the Luigi's Mansion series, because Black Yoshi and the birds is boring and sometimes annoying and Luigi's Mansion, from what you would have expected, is really underwhelming. Supermariologan isn't that great at making a series but the regular videos are mostly good

They can be funny sometimes, but big red's attitude can be really annoying, blue is kinda boring, speedy can be really obnoxious, and Taliban doesn't really say or do much. If Logan uses them I'm fine with it but I don't really care if he does

Here's the problem each of the birds have. Big Red doesn't have a big problem but he is very arrogant, Speedy sounds weird almost like a little kid, Blue says he's always depressed and talks sadly, Taliban blows up all the time, and Tony is downright gay!

Big Red is okay but the other birds have serious problems.

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5 Chris the Cucumber

He does false facts

He teased Larry

He's actually Larry the Cucumber from VeggieTales

I hate Chris the Cucumber. Why? Because, all he ever does is tells us facts that are NOT really true.

Such as...

Did you know that the big red spot on Jupiter is really... YOUR MOM'S A**? Seriously,
Review: Seriously?! That was very inappropriate!

Did you know that Hitler ate out of cans of soup?
Review: I doubt it - Stazemar000

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6 The Rat

Luckily, the rat doesn't appear that much but what is so bad about him is that every time when Chef Pee Pee cooks something with Cheese, you know that The Rat will always show up, he keeps stealing and arguing about cheese when Pee Pee is only trying to make something with it for SOMEONE else, NOT the RAT. man he is nothing but a jerk now.

I hate that jerk! He has an annoying voice and keeps stealing cheese! - Jake09

His voice and accent is funny


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7 Bowser's Mom

She is such a pervert! Seriously, what is with the penises.

Oh my god, never use her again. She just might be the worst character Logan has ever created

She is so weird and loves penises

In one episode, she made cookies in the shape of what appears to be a penis - Stazemar000

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8 Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr., or sometimes simply Jr., is a video game character who appears in Nintendo's Mario franchise as the secondary antagonist. As his name implies, he is the son of the series' primary antagonist, Bowser.

Definitely my most hated SML character. I hate him more than Bowser and Jeffy. Because for one thing, I didn't always hate Jeffy. I thought the first few videos he was in were funny. I've ALWAYS hated Junior with a burning passion. In the early videos, he was an annoying, screaming brat who cried whenever he didn't get his way. Sure he's not like that much anymore, but he's still a horribly unlikable character. Even when he's not whining, he's going on and on about how great he is. He also claims to be smarter than those around him even though in reality he isn't. In fact, he's so painfully stupid, he gives me a migraine. He's also incredibly mean-spirited towards his only friends, especially Cody (my favorite character) and is incredibly hypocritical towards them. For example, he constantly criticizes Cody for thinking Ken is alive, but he does the exact same thing with his toy Thomas. Because of this waste of creativity, my favorite SML movies are always the one where he gets ...more

Logan said that he's making too many Bowser JR videos, and now today he's still making so many videos with Bowser Jr. Like did Logan lie to us or something? Why does he keep using this character? He once said that he keeps on using this character because he has no time to think and they are easier to make. And Logan said when he was in his apartment he has a lot of time to think. Now look what he's STILL DOING! Something tells me that Logan is a big liar. ( Hmm I mean how will Logan be acting like if his brother didn't hit him in the head with a bat? )

He always says that the sun is a planet and in one video he said that the earth is flat. Why does Logan keep using him? He is the most dumbest character and his dumb friend Joseph always agrees with him. They keep making fun of Cody and say that the sun is a planet. This is why Cody is better than Joseph and Junior. Cody has to get new friends because Junior and Joseph are terrible friends to him. I used to like Junior but now that he and Joseph keep saying that the sun is a planet and making fun of Cody I started to not like is videos very much.

Sometimes I despise junior.

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9 Cody

He is so funny! Chris has made a HUGE development with his voice acting, and he is now voices most of my favorite characters! Cody is the gay kid that thinks he's cool, there has to be a nerdy, weird character.

The most annoying thing about him is his gayness, I wouldn't mind him being gay if it was toned back to more subtle levels, but no, at least 4 or 5 times in every video he's in he feels the need to constantly shove his gayness down our throats

I wish Logan would stop with the constant in your face gay jokes, It's like Logan thinks it mandatory to have at least 1 gay joke from Cody in every video he's in, which it shouldn't be, we know he's gay, we don't need to keep being reminded

Guys! It finally happened! In the new SML movie, the one where they take care of the baby dolls, at the end of the video Cody admitted to Ken being a doll! He was like "I have a thing for dolls I couldn't help myself" Holy crap! He did it! He actually did it!

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10 Toadette Toadette Toadette is a character in the Mario series. She is a female Toad who first appeared in the Nintendo GameCube video game Mario Kart: Double Dash.

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11 Ken Doll

I hate Ken. He is the second worst character (the worst being Jeffy). I'm glad we aren't seeing as much of him anymore.

Turns out in Bowser Jr's lottery ticket. Ken wants to kill Cody.

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12 Chef PeePee

I honestly want Chef Peepee back. I don't see what's bad about him Unlike Squidward, he was constantly tortured at least in 95% of the videos I can think of.

Remember about a year or 2 ago when HE was the one being overused, not Bowser jr, and the constant use of these 2 did not take long at all, with chef peepee it took a few videos before his next few appearances, 10 to be exact, but with Bowser jr it was literally 1 video without him before his next appearance, and before he came along all the chef peepee videos were was him making a meal for Bowser for the entire video, which were semi entertaining mainly do to the fact that he either makes it wrong or puts something bad in it, also I miss his old voice, not the one he had in his very first appearance, I'm talking about the one he had in videos like Bowsers milkshake, cause in his first voice the accent was a little too over the top, and his new modern voice is just kinda irritating, which his voice didn't really sound like until Bowser jr made his first major appearance, and the voice he had in videos like Bowser jr's milkshake was just right, he still had the accent but it wasn't ...more

It's not his fault. He's always getting forced by Bowser and Junior to cook or clean. It's their fault not his. You gotta feel bad for Chef Pee Pee.

I would vote Chef Pee-Pee as my #1 favorite SML character. Even though I didn't like the way he cooked his food, because he made chicken-nuggets with tuna and green jello, a green-bean peanut butter cracker stuffed lasagna, etc. and I would have to throw-up afterwards.

But otherwise, he's a pretty cool character. Far better than Bowser and Junior in my opinion - Stazemar000

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13 Sonic The Hedgehog Sonic The Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog, trademarked Sonic The Hedgehog, is the title character and protagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series released by Sega, as well as numerous spin-off comics, five animated shows, and an animated OVA.

This guy just went completely insane, that's all I'm saying.

Which video was he in?

Thank you someone actually agrees with me finally someone besides me says that sonic is a bad SML character he's so insane that British bastard

NOT MAH PRECIOUS TAH - Mariomaster63

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14 Mr Winkle

I'm tired of Logan making all these annoying or dumb characters. At least this guy was alright in the first video, because he kinda hid that he was a pedophile. But in the next, he starts taking pictures of the students. Why? And how is Logan getting more popular if these are the kinds of videos he makes? A pedophile teacher? Why?

I hate/despise Mr. Winkle! He's a pedophile and why the hell does he call people "hot"? I'm glad he got arrested - Stazemar000

If he appears again the he's gonna be super hot. Literally

He just says everything is hot - Aidanisawesome

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15 Toad Toad Toad, known in Japan as Kinopio, is a major character in the Mario Bros . Franchise . He assists Princess Peach in the Mushroom Kingdom and will do whatever it takes to help her . He first appeared in the classic game, Super Mario Bros . after being kidnapped by Bowser and his minions . Since then he ...read more.

Ok guys... I get it. I used to despise him because of that voice! But he is absolutely hysterical! I watched a few of his major videos, and his rapping career is just too funny. His songs make me laugh, and he's really a lovable character. He's the character u have to feel bad for some times, I mean the guy's been hit in the head 17 times!

His voice is way too loud like a fire alarm!

He was an awful character before 2016. Now he isn't terrible but still isn't great.

Annoying voice that us good at everything

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16 Paulina

I like Toadette because she is my cousin Samantha's favorite character

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17 David Winkle

Not funny not funny not funny not funny not funny pervert pervert pervert

He is a pedophile and is dumb. He deserved to get arrested by officer Goodman. Jackie Chu is way better than that punk.

He's the most perverted guy in the series and he's not funny at all

Already on the list - Stazemar000

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18 Jackie Chu

I really hate this guy. He's the most offensive character SML has ever created. He is incredibly shallow and has an ego the size of a whale. He is always saying how smart he is and how he has a PhD in calculus, but how can someone with a PhD in calculus not understand the basic concepts of fire drills or driving? Also, he's extremely racist, both character-wise and personality-wise. The former because his entire character is a combination of every single offensive Asian stereotype (squinty eyes, incredible knowledge in math, terrible at driving, etc). The latter because he is cruel to other races. Such as laughing at a Mexican girl just for speaking her own language and thinking that she's dumb just because he's too stupid to know she's speaking another language. Screw you Jackie Chu, you dumb!

I love this character. Yea, he is very stereotypical, but that's what makes him so funny! - Pony

He is cool and smart. Please make more videos of him.

My thoughts on Jackie Chu are mixed. On one hand, I respect him for being intelligent and having PhD calculus (Whatever that means). On the other, I don't like him, because he can be racist and calls people "dumb" too much.

An example of him being cruel to other races is when he laughs at a Mexican girl (I think they said in the video that her name is Cecilia) for speaking her own language. He also thinks that she's dumb, just because he is so damn stupid to know that she is SPEAKING her language and that she was born that way.

Also, if he is very intelligent, how can he not understand the purpose of fire-drills or driving? Is he deaf or something? I dunno

He also keeps saying that he's Asian and he swears too much. Even when he's happy - Stazemar000

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19 Doofy the Dragon

Doofy is SO annoying! Seriously, I'd rather watch Charlie and Friends than hear Doofy.

I'm surprised that his show is stated to be kid friendly by critics. I think it runs on a public access channel or it would be cancelled quickly.

Why does Bowser Junior always likes Doofy's show? This why now Junior is a bad character. Kill Doofy off now!

Why does Bowser Junior (Bowser's son) watch a stupid show about a dragon who kills himself? That show is definitely not appropriate/suitable for kids! - Stazemar000

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20 Jacques Pierre Francois

He is a terrible artist. He cuts his ear off just to win the competition of painting.

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