Top Ten Worst SuperMarioLogan Videos of 2017


The Top Ten

1 Jeffy's Fidget Spinner!

This is a stupid video. Why was it so requested? - Tyler730

I haven't even seen this one (or watched SML in a long time for that matter) but this looks like they are just riding on a trend instead of making an original idea.

2 Jeffy Sneaks Out

A ripoff to bowser jr sneaks out, & bowser jr sneaks into a movie

Unoriginal video, unfunny profanity - Tyler730

3 Stuck!
4 Drawing Jeffy

This video didn't make sense. All it was just Jeffy yelling at Mario for no reason. This video doesn't deserve 117,000 Likes

The video that marked the downfall of SML's channel.

5 Jeffy's New Toy!
6 Jeffy's Piggy Bank

This video has, swearing, swearing, & more swearing

7 Jeffy's Tantrum
8 Mistaken
9 Bowser Junior's Big Spill
10 The Dead Body!

The Contenders

11 Jeffy's Shirt!

This video is just abnormally abysmal by SML standards! There was zero direction, the title had zero relevance, Jackie Chu was being stupid beyond redemption when he failed to recognize Jeffy, JEFFY'S DAMN SWEARING, the stupid, childish name that the video was centered around, and Goodman was being exceptionally greedy when he cashed in that check! I know Mario and Chef Pee Pee were greedy too, but Goodman's richer than (probably) the two of them combined, and he knew Mario wanted that money, yet he still chose to make himself richer rather than give it to Jeffy and Mario, who earned it! I know Goodman's always a greedy rich dude, but it's usually done in a light-hearted manner. When he sued Wal-Mart and Domino's, he never went back to the companies to rub it in their faces! Here, he went back to Mario's to rub it in his face! And it was not funny! Man, I used to love Goodman! But the more I see of him, the more I dread him appearing in videos! This is the reason! King Strongbottom's ...more

12 The Secret Door

I totally agree! - Micharoni

13 Jeffy the Rapper

I'm going to be honest. I hated this video!

I like this video - Tyler730

14 The Baby Project!
15 Bowser Jr.'s Big Spill

One word, rushed!

Duplicate - Tyler730

16 Jeffy's TV Show
17 Jeffy's Bad Word

Jeffy's Bad Word is 2016, but I do agree it sucks - Tyler730

18 The Quiet Game!
19 Loch Ness Monster
20 Jeffy's Fun Day!
21 Root Beer

Very boring

22 Jeffy and the Beanstalk!

A video revolving around the green bean joke. How do people like this? - Tyler730

23 The Fender Bender
24 The Test!

It was basically just 2 Tickets all over again

25 Jeffy's Parents
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