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41 Pop Rocks and Coke

ANOTHER GORE VIDEO LOGAN? This is almost as worse as the drone. In fact I would call it a sequel to the drone the whole video is gore gross out and it's so unfunny. Pop Rocks and Coke was obviously rushed and was terrible don't WATCH

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42 Bowser Junior's Bad Luck

Junior got NO consequences for killing a bunny that did NOTHING!

Why did he cut a bunnies foot off

SML I really didn't want to hate it but it's one of those videos mean towards joniur for no reason

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43 Black Yoshi's Blank Check

Mario didn't deserve to be taken to jail because of Black Yoshi's actions.

Black yoshi is my favorite character. And by the end of this video I wanted to shoot him

I like Black Yoshi, but he should've been the one arrested! WHY MARIO?! - Tyler730

If you need evidence that SML is going down the route of modern SpongeBob, you got it here. This episode continues a running gag in these videos since 2014 in which a character gets in trouble for something that isn't their fault. Black Yoshi also seems really out of character for backstabbing Mario and getting off scot free with his crimes. He commits check fraud and murder, but the police believe that Mario did it simply because B.Y was hiding. That would be like a 16 year old boy was on Skype with his female friend in while she's on vacation and your parents walk in and accuse you of watching porn.

Moral: If you do something very bad, get a friend to blame the whole thing on and you'll be fine.

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44 Jeffy's Cellphone

...what else is there to say? The characters are irritating, the jokes fall flat, and all of the usual unpleasantness that we've come to expect from these videos shines through gloriously. No wonder there hasn't been that much activity on this list: ALL OF THESE VIDEOS ARE PRACTICALLY CARBON COPIES OF ONE ANOTHER!

The only difference between this video and the Jr's Cellphone video is that the prank calls are even crappier, and by the way Logan, using the same exact plot from another video and just using a different character does not count as an original video

He doesn't deserve to have one because he called the police 1episode later.

I like this episode - Tyler730

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45 Jeffy's Fidget Spinner!

Logan said he would improve. Wow, what do you call this? Wow. Wow. Why was this the most suggested video?

Wow many people requested this video, and it was a huge disappointment. Just wow. - Tyler730

People in the comments on SML videos give the lamest video ideas ever

46 Bowser Jr's 3 Wishes

Junior helps Chef pee pee with the dishes (for once) and ends up rubbing a lamp with a genie in it. He gives Junior 3 wishes for whatever he wants. Here's what he uses them for:

1. At Chef pee pee's request, send him to a tropical resort far away from Bowser.
2. Being a huge troll and having the Pee pee return after 30 seconds.
3. Turning into a damn dinosaur.

If you didn't like the last wish, you have the worst luck in the world because that's what the rest of the episode is about. It should have been called "Junior the Dinosaur".

I hate this video, it just shows the complete lack of respect Chef PeePee gets, I call Chef PeePee the same thing I call Squidward in the new SpongeBob, the torture character, which basically means the character who the creators think always has to suffer, seriously, chef PeePee doesn't deserve all the crap he gets, make Bowser and jr the ones who get all the crap, cause they suck, Logan and the SpongeBob writters have something in common, they both think tat if they put Squidward and chef PeePee at the ass of all their jokes I automatically makes them funny, well it doesn't its just mean, I feel pure joy whenever Bowser or jr have something bad happen to them, cause they deserve it

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47 The Fly Problem

Even Logan himself said it sucked! - GumballWatterson

The fly WAS NOT GOOD, and this doesn't make up for it. This gets a 2.5/5 or color orange range rating-dabhdude

And don't even get me started in Jakie Chu's son, who is now 1 of my most hated SML characters ever

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48 Mario's Christmas Tree Problem

Every single Mario video has the exact same kind of plot, Mario trying to impress Rosalina. That's it. And at the end of every single one Mario goes to walk Rosalina out and always leans in to try and kiss her, which they never do so it's extremely awkward to watch, seriously, all the Mario videos are just rehashed over and over, just with a slightly different setting. They're like the return of those old Chef PeePee making a meal for Bowser/Bowser Jr the entire time videos

"I don't care if a family is going to be confused and upset when they don't see their Christmas tree when they wake up and go to open up their presents, I need to impress Rosalina! "
Nice sense of morality you got there, Mario. -_-
1/5 (Awful)

49 Black Yoshi's Girlfriend Problem

Pink Yoshi didn't want to do stuff for Black Yoshi then Mario came in the room then Birdo came in up to Mario and she threw out a egg.

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50 Jeffy Gets Potty Trained

This video Is basically baby porn for pedophiles, cause ONLY a pedophile could ENJOY this(1/10,horrendous)

Shouldn't Jeffy's parents already know how to potty train him? (Sigh) See Logan is not even trying anymore.

Just another stupid video that was only made so Logan could satisfy his diaper/baby fetish

51 Cody The Magician!

I loved this video. Probably around 5th 6th, or 7th best video. Probably because of the "mind freak" gag. - Mariomaster63

Junior and Joseph are always mean to Cody so Joseph kind of had it coming you are all just stupid you probably are like was waa poor Joseph send Cody to jail every one always stands up to junior or Joseph but they are just like I don't care when something bad happens to Cody Cody is one of the best sml characters but you are all just to stupid to see it

I Hate how Cody was a complete jerk to Junior, that is why I hate him now, and also that's sad that Joseph died because of Cody, I hope Cody goes to jail and he'll never be in another SML Movie again, and also Cody would only appear as Magikoopa in main videos, and Goomba would replace Cody in a new video called Junior's New Friend, and will be permeant for good!

Putting aside the fact that this is YET ANOTHER gore video, the ending is one of the most infuriating cop-outs that I've ever seen in a SML video. For once, I actually thought that Logan had made another video that would have a major effect on other videos to come, but as usual he seems intensely devoted to the status quo.
Final rating: 1/5 (Terrible)

52 The Gun V 2 Comments
53 Jeffy Sneaks Out

Mario and Rosalina can't tell the difference between two characters! - Tyler730

An unoriginal video with some unfunny profanity rants - Tyler730

Not only was Jeffy out of charecter by acting smart and swearing too much this video is so unoriginal and I didn't laugh once

54 Bowser Junior's Sleepover

Make sure newcomers don't start with this episode, or it will scare them into ever watching one of Logan's videos again.

It's just another FNAF fan-service video, please stop with those references to that game Logan

First off this video was great, people thought it was boring ''No it wasn't'', and a lot of people thought that chica was overused ''I counted how many seconds chica was on screen and she was on screen for less than 1 minute. AND this was a 17 minute video. LESS THAN 1 WHOLE MINUTE IN A 17 MINUTE VIDEO IS NOT OVERUSED. I'm NOT TRYING TO B MEAN, BUT ONLY A COMPLETE MORON COULD THINK THAT 1 MINUTE IN A 17 MINUTE VIDEO IS OVERUSED. I'm SORRY BUT I JUST can't DEAL WITH THIS MUCH STUPIDITY! 11

At Least It's Not Higher

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55 The President's Chef

These kinds of SML videos irritate me, the chef peepee gets something good only to have it go sour for him in the end videos, These are the like most of the squidward episodes in the new sponge bob where 1 day an amazing opportunity comes to chef peepee or squidward that could make their life amazing, only to have the dumbass of the show (sponge bob, Patrick, Bowser jr) completely ruin it for them and somehow steal that opportunity for themselves, so now the dumbass characters get the amazing reward and the torture character goes back to their life of suffering

Sort of a ratings trap because it stated to be a chef PeePee video but was actually a Junior video.

56 Bowser Jr's Macaroni

I hate this video so much mostly because it's the first video this little brat was a main character in

The only bad part of it is the part where Chef Pee Pee that little poor penguin. - GumballWatterson

Chef pee pee ruined junior's macaroni using milk and blending it

True, but hey at least it was nice to see Chef PeePee being a jerk to him in the end

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57 Mario's Date
58 Bowser Junior's Go Kart Race

This video wasn't terrible, but it was nowhere near from great. I will admit that the camera angles in the race were quite good, but I would have wanted to see more characters in the race instead of Junior, Toad, Joseph and Cody. The first half of the video was pretty good, but the second half is when it starts to go downhill. All it is it's just Cody bragging and showing off to Junior that he won the race; not only is this another case of filler, but this part of the video makes Cody annoyingly unlikeable. And was Junior doing anything horrendous in this video towards Cody such as insulting him or his family? Hell no! So ya know what Cody? SCREW YOU! In the end, this video was just okay, 6/10

I seriously thought before watching that at least 90% of the video was going to be about the race, but I was so damn wrong. One half is the race, while the other is Cody rubbing his victory in Junior's face. He literally sneaks into his room at one point while he's sleeping just to taunt him. Another bad thing about this video is that Junior and his friends are racing and nobody else. Logan, I know you say that ideas for Mario, Shrek, and Black Yoshi are difficult, but this is Mario Kart we're talking about!

You know, this had the potential to be a good video. But of course, this just HAD to be a video about that little punk that shall not be named. There was no setup whatsoever, there wasn't even really a actual plot, and at the end of the race we get the most hackneyed Deus Ex Machina ever. (I won't say what it is for the sake of your brain.) Also, Cody bragging about his victory was kind of funny at first..but that little bit of entertainment quickly evaporated when it just started dragging on.
Overall Rating: 2/5

Seriously what does Bowser junior had to do with being a sore loser anyway?

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59 Bowser Junior's Capri Sun

This video doesn't even really have an actual plot, it's more or less an excuse for Junior to be an insufferable little sh! thead and STILL somehow manage to get away with it in the end. Of course, it's nowhere NEAR as bad as Bowser Junior's Sickness since this video is a whole lot shorter, but that doesn't mean I'm letting this off the hook.
1.5/5 (Awful)

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60 The Alien

Just wait until you see the koopa kids remake

This one actually wasn't that bad.

When I first saw the thumbnail and title for this video I was hyped, I was like "this is such a great idea, then I watched the video and was highly disappointed. The first part of the video is just some stupid science show that junior and his friends are watching, and just like all the other fake T.V. shows in SML, it goes on way longer than necessary, accompanied by the fact that it's not funny in the slightest, so after that junior and his friends just argue about aliens being real, then chef peepee tells junior to go take out the trash (which literally had no purpose whatsoever, all it gave us was a dumb conversation between junior and the homeless guy) then junior sees a plane and shouts annoying for his friends to come see it, they of course just sit there and argue with junior again on how it's not a ufo, then after they leave we at least get our first glimpse of the alien as the ufo flies by, but that moment is quickly fades as junior screeches at the top of his lungs yet ...more

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