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61 Koopa Kids (remake)

Still better than the original.

WHAT? This was one of the best SML videos in a long time!

62 Bowser Junior's First Grade

I'll admit - when I saw that Logan was going to make a sequel to the Summer School series, I was on board immediately. Being a follow-up to what is, in my opinion, one of the funniest series the channel has ever had, I said to myself that nothing could possibly ruin it...how wrong was I. While the first part wasn't too bad, it just went downhill completely afterwards. The humor was stale, there really weren't any stakes for the most part (And the very few there where were just completely thrown away), the characters were just annoying, and it just abruptly ended. Add all of these major flaws up, and you've got yourself a bitterly disappointing series of videos.

1 of my biggest problems with this series is they went from having the class filled with funny characters like Chris the cucumber, and a lot of other famous Mario/Nintendo characters, to a bunch of generic puppet characters with no personality who most of the time just stand there and do nothing

63 Mario's Hobo Problem V 4 Comments
64 Where's Jeffy

This sucks, it's just another example of how Logan just loves to tease his fans by making it seem like he's finally gonna do something bad to Jeffy but then once he punishes Jeffy something bad happens to Mario that eventually leads to Jeffy coming out on top

Didn't everyone WANT Jeffy to be abandoned

Oh how fun, Mario abandons Jeffy in the park despite Rosalina caring about him very much.

Mario is shown to be cruel by abandoning Jeffy in the park.

65 Jeffy's Stupid Home Video V 1 Comment
66 Jeffy's Mistake

It was a good video up until the end, the ending is probably the most infuriating cop out I've ever seen, I was like "finally, a video where Jeffy dies" but guess what? It was all a dream! ARE YOU SERIOUS!?! I don't get it, Logan has had videos where the main characters die before (The Warp Pipe, Bowser Jr's Lightsaber) So why does he refuse to have Jeffy die? I mean, at least once would be nice.

Anybody getting "The Main Drain" nostalgia because of the ending?

67 Jeffy's Flu Shot

Come on guys! I like this one! - MR_Newton

This video was deasent but compared to the other videos logan has had this was just awful

68 SuperMarioLogan The Movie!

This was just an very crappy but creative April Fools pants. - GumballWatterson

It's now called Jeffy's fun day

69 Jeffy's New Toy!

Was this necessary

No it was not good

It was good

70 Mario's Hair

I despise this video so much; in 2011, there were two characters in SML who I couldn't stand in the slightest, those to characters were Toad, (Note: Reason why is because of "Toad is Cool" plus I'm glad he wasn't in this video), and the other character is Peach! As much as I really liked Lance's voice work in SML, I hate his work for Peach! And right when Mario showed Peach his hair, she divorced Mario. What is wrong with you Peach?

We also get a case of both Woody and Black Yoshi being a douche to Mario, mostly Woody though because when he saw that Mario was going bald, Woody literally tried to shave off the rest of Mario's hair. What the space is wrong with these awesome characters being mean spirited to Mario? It's very unfunny, and I don't ever want to watch or even think of this video ever again.


V 1 Comment
71 Bowser Jr's Playtime

I felt genuinely uncomfortable while watching this video, in a way it's rally quite disturbing, it's not fun to watch and you just feel uncomfortable the whole time, especially with how committed they are, I will never watch this video again

V 1 Comment
72 Mario's Wig

I just feel terrible for Mario in this episode. And I only have one thing to tell Toad and Peach: GO TO HELL!

73 Cody's House

Damn this one was creepy, this is probably th 2nd most uncomfortable SML video behind Bowser Jr's Playtime, jeez Logan stop making these videos that just creep us out, if you do it in luigi's mansion or a video that's supposed to be scary that's fine, but I don't think these kind of videos are supposed to be scary, also Cody's mom at this point is really starting to irritate me, because now she appears whenever Cody appears, which means she appears a lot. I've had enough of Cody! I'm tired of him and is annoying creepy a$$ romance with his ken doll, go away forever Cody, SML would be so much better without you

V 1 Comment
74 Bowser Jr's Breakfast

Pretty much all of us were cringing the entire video

I liked this episode

I'm so sick of these stupid embarrassing boring Bowser Jr Goes Somewhere videos

The scene where Bowser Jr. talks to the guy in Waffle House was embarasing, mainly because Junior wanted 4 cokes, he insulted him and he threw a paper towards that guy.
NOTE: I am a Bowser Jr. fan - GumballWatterson

75 Bowser Jr's Playtime 2

Also this was part of what was almost another Jr Joseph and Cody trilogy, even if 1 just had Jr and Toad it still felt like a 2nd trilogy, and strangely enough they all had the same elements as the first 3 videos, 1 was creepy (Bowser jr's playtime 1 and 2) 1 was boring (Bowser jr's big mess and Bowser jr's pool party) and 1 was really good (Bowser jr goes bowling and Bowser jr's game night)

If you think the Bowser Junior's Playtime series is creepy, then you have no life. - ExxonWireless

NO! Why did this have to be made? You could have made a way more original video Logan but instead you just made a sequel to your creepiest and most awkward video ever, thankfully this one wasn't AS creepy as the first but it still was really uncomfortably creepy

If you think the Bowser Junior's Playtime series is creepy, then you have no life. - ExxonWireless

There's a rule with supermariologan at this point : IF it has junior, joseph and Cody, it's bound to suck.

76 Bowser Jr's Train Table

Just by reading the title of this video you can tell its gonna be really boring and really annoying, it's another one of those stupid Bowser jr goes somewhere videos, plus just like the Bowser jr goes to fair video, Cody comes with him, and both times it was completely unnecessary, it made no sense for Cody to be in these videos in the first place, he just gets roped in for no reason. And as typical with cody nowadays we get more of his incredbily creepy moments with his ken doll, but this time he gets like 4 more of them, I'm really not looking forward to future videos with Cody in them after this. And at the end of the video they need someone to assemble the train set, so like always they get the Brooklyn guy to do it, the Brooklyn guy is just irritating, cause he's not funny but tries to be, every time he talks it just sounds like a guy failing to do stand up comedy, you know, when the first thing he says isn't funny but he just drags it on for like an entire minute hoping that ...more

Proof that Logan is out of ideas.

77 Cody's Sleepover

Please never go back to Cody's house, his family and those videos are creepy

Ripoff to Bowser junior's sleepover and Bowser's biggest fear

Cody's mom is the biggest Dunce in this video

FNAF is Awesome! I have to agree that this video sucks - Tyler730

V 2 Comments
78 Chef Pee Pee's Clone

Extremely bland, boring, terrible characters, and overall, IT IS NOT FUNNY

79 Bowser's Biggest Fear 2

It took WAY too long to actually get to the movie.

80 The Button

I honestly consider this one debatable. I mean Jr does get punished at the end but it's definitely not as relieving like in Bowser Jrs Lemonade Stand.

I don't even consider this to be a video, it's more of an excuse for Bowser jr and toad to just be annoying little brats and break things, as much as the Jr Joseph and Cody videos suck, the Jr and toad videos make me angry to my boiling point, because whatever bad thing Jr is doing in the videos toad always just comes in and makes it worse

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