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61 The President's Chef

These kinds of SML videos irritate me, the chef peepee gets something good only to have it go sour for him in the end videos, These are the like most of the squidward episodes in the new sponge bob where 1 day an amazing opportunity comes to chef peepee or squidward that could make their life amazing, only to have the dumbass of the show (sponge bob, Patrick, Bowser jr) completely ruin it for them and somehow steal that opportunity for themselves, so now the dumbass characters get the amazing reward and the torture character goes back to their life of suffering

Sort of a ratings trap because it stated to be a chef PeePee video but was actually a Junior video.

62 Bowser Jr's Macaroni

I hate this video so much mostly because it's the first video this little brat was a main character in

The only bad part of it is the part where Chef Pee Pee that little poor penguin. - GumballWatterson

Chef pee pee ruined junior's macaroni using milk and blending it

True, but hey at least it was nice to see Chef PeePee being a jerk to him in the end

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63 Mario's Date
64 Bowser Junior's Go Kart Race

This video wasn't terrible, but it was nowhere near from great. I will admit that the camera angles in the race were quite good, but I would have wanted to see more characters in the race instead of Junior, Toad, Joseph and Cody. The first half of the video was pretty good, but the second half is when it starts to go downhill. All it is it's just Cody bragging and showing off to Junior that he won the race; not only is this another case of filler, but this part of the video makes Cody annoyingly unlikeable. And was Junior doing anything horrendous in this video towards Cody such as insulting him or his family? Hell no! So ya know what Cody? SCREW YOU! In the end, this video was just okay, 6/10

I seriously thought before watching that at least 90% of the video was going to be about the race, but I was so damn wrong. One half is the race, while the other is Cody rubbing his victory in Junior's face. He literally sneaks into his room at one point while he's sleeping just to taunt him. Another bad thing about this video is that Junior and his friends are racing and nobody else. Logan, I know you say that ideas for Mario, Shrek, and Black Yoshi are difficult, but this is Mario Kart we're talking about!

You know, this had the potential to be a good video. But of course, this just HAD to be a video about that little punk that shall not be named. There was no setup whatsoever, there wasn't even really a actual plot, and at the end of the race we get the most hackneyed Deus Ex Machina ever. (I won't say what it is for the sake of your brain.) Also, Cody bragging about his victory was kind of funny at first..but that little bit of entertainment quickly evaporated when it just started dragging on.
Overall Rating: 2/5

Seriously what does Bowser junior had to do with being a sore loser anyway?

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65 Bowser Junior's Halloween

This one is bad the Halloween problem the new one was not as bad as this one the one in 2014 all it is that Junior and Joseph dressed in spider-man Toad is Mario and Cody is a bee now I wouldn't say Cody and the devil are bad in this there both great characters but what makes this video down hill is Junior and Tyrone or Cody's father even Bowser is unlikable he is not a character I like guys.

66 Bowser Junior's Capri Sun

This video doesn't even really have an actual plot, it's more or less an excuse for Junior to be an insufferable little sh! thead and STILL somehow manage to get away with it in the end. Of course, it's nowhere NEAR as bad as Bowser Junior's Sickness since this video is a whole lot shorter, but that doesn't mean I'm letting this off the hook.
1.5/5 (Awful)

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67 Luigi's Mansion Episode 7

It was hyped up by a lot of people, but most of those people unsubscribed when they found out SML put FNaF in it. - ExxonWireless

68 Bowser Junior's First Grade

I'll admit - when I saw that Logan was going to make a sequel to the Summer School series, I was on board immediately. Being a follow-up to what is, in my opinion, one of the funniest series the channel has ever had, I said to myself that nothing could possibly ruin it...how wrong was I. While the first part wasn't too bad, it just went downhill completely afterwards. The humor was stale, there really weren't any stakes for the most part (And the very few there where were just completely thrown away), the characters were just annoying, and it just abruptly ended. Add all of these major flaws up, and you've got yourself a bitterly disappointing series of videos.

1 of my biggest problems with this series is they went from having the class filled with funny characters like Chris the cucumber, and a lot of other famous Mario/Nintendo characters, to a bunch of generic puppet characters with no personality who most of the time just stand there and do nothing

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70 Jeffy's Stupid Home Video V 1 Comment
71 Jeffy's Mistake

It was a good video up until the end, the ending is probably the most infuriating cop out I've ever seen, I was like "finally, a video where Jeffy dies" but guess what? It was all a dream! ARE YOU SERIOUS!?! I don't get it, Logan has had videos where the main characters die before (The Warp Pipe, Bowser Jr's Lightsaber) So why does he refuse to have Jeffy die? I mean, at least once would be nice.

Anybody getting "The Main Drain" nostalgia because of the ending?

72 Jeffy's Flu Shot

Come on guys! I like this one! - MR_Newton

This video was deasent but compared to the other videos logan has had this was just awful

73 SuperMarioLogan The Movie!

This was just an very crappy but creative April Fools pants. - GumballWatterson

It's now called Jeffy's fun day

74 Jeffy's New Toy!

Was this necessary

No it was not good

It was good

75 Stuck!

This video made no sense and just fell apart near the end..

A ripoff of The Elevator and Cody torture throughout - Tyler730

76 Mario's Hair

I despise this video so much; in 2011, there were two characters in SML who I couldn't stand in the slightest, those to characters were Toad, (Note: Reason why is because of "Toad is Cool" plus I'm glad he wasn't in this video), and the other character is Peach! As much as I really liked Lance's voice work in SML, I hate his work for Peach! And right when Mario showed Peach his hair, she divorced Mario. What is wrong with you Peach?

We also get a case of both Woody and Black Yoshi being a douche to Mario, mostly Woody though because when he saw that Mario was going bald, Woody literally tried to shave off the rest of Mario's hair. What the space is wrong with these awesome characters being mean spirited to Mario? It's very unfunny, and I don't ever want to watch or even think of this video ever again.


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77 Bowser Jr's Playtime

I felt genuinely uncomfortable while watching this video, in a way it's rally quite disturbing, it's not fun to watch and you just feel uncomfortable the whole time, especially with how committed they are, I will never watch this video again

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78 Mario's Wig

I just feel terrible for Mario in this episode. And I only have one thing to tell Toad and Peach: GO TO HELL!

79 Cody's House

Damn this one was creepy, this is probably th 2nd most uncomfortable SML video behind Bowser Jr's Playtime, jeez Logan stop making these videos that just creep us out, if you do it in luigi's mansion or a video that's supposed to be scary that's fine, but I don't think these kind of videos are supposed to be scary, also Cody's mom at this point is really starting to irritate me, because now she appears whenever Cody appears, which means she appears a lot. I've had enough of Cody! I'm tired of him and is annoying creepy a$$ romance with his ken doll, go away forever Cody, SML would be so much better without you

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80 Bowser Jr's Breakfast

Pretty much all of us were cringing the entire video

I liked this episode

I'm so sick of these stupid embarrassing boring Bowser Jr Goes Somewhere videos

The scene where Bowser Jr. talks to the guy in Waffle House was embarasing, mainly because Junior wanted 4 cokes, he insulted him and he threw a paper towards that guy.
NOTE: I am a Bowser Jr. fan - GumballWatterson

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