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81 Bowser Junior's Cheeseburger

I hate the ending where Bowser is laying in bed holding a shotgun because he doesn't want a son anymore,so I started to hate Bowser

82 A Bird Problem
83 The Koopa Kids
84 April Fools

This is just too guilty to watch

85 Bowser Loses His Voice
86 Chef Pee Pee Quits Part 4
87 The Grilled Cheese
88 Luigi's Mansion Episode 6

Toad screwed everything up in this video by releasing all the souls that Luigi worked so hard to capture.

89 Bowser Jr's Imaginary Friend

What a crappy video, I'll admit it was a nice idea especially considering how nowadays Logan completely abandoned the idea of having creative videos and only uses boring, real world video ideas all the time, but boy was this a piece of crap, Gumbo was SUPER IRRITATING, all he ever does is make that annoying scream sound, also once again, jr's friends have to show up, I'm really sick of these 2, Joseph is still kind of bearable but I HATE Cody so much, also just like so many other jr videos there was no reason for them to be there, all they did was argue with jr for like 2 minutes then they just leave, I hate it when jr friends have to be in videos but I hate it even more when there was no purpose to it, like in this video. And halfway through the video, just when I thought we finally escaped it for once, DOOFY THE DRAGON HAD TO COME ON! Good lord this guy is irritating, mostly because it's the same formula over and over again, Doofy is doing something bad or just plain stupid, he ...more

Another godforsaken Junior video, do we really need another one? Ok first off, Gumbo's voice is kind of irritating after a while, and you know something else? I would have really liked the Doofy appearance, that is only if Gumbo would stfu! Oh yeah, and Junior's a jerk to his friends, oh my god, now I see why everyone puts him at 1. On their worst characters list. In the end, this episode was just plain boring! Nothing interesting happens in this video, and I can assure you that you'll probably not like it either 2/10

Good god that thing was annoying


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90 Chef Pee Pee's Father

He likes beer and lazy and stupid

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91 Bowser Jr's Halloween Problem

This video was so bad that I didn't even watch it

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92 The Sticky Situation

I loved the ending where chef pee pee glues Thomas the tank engine to the ceelling fan

Possibly the most mean-spirited SML video ever made, and that's saying something

93 Toad's Girlfriend

The only word that can describe this video is unpleasant, I felt so uncomfortable watching this video, it's probably the most uncomfortable SML video since Cody's Sleepover, I think my main problem outside of that is that toad is a complete idiot and doesn't believe his girlfriend is cheating on him, even when her and jr were making out RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM! And outside of the unpleasantness this video was just boring, nothing happens except jr and toadette making out or him arguing with toad, except for the annoying Doofy the dragon segment at the beginning, those segments are so horrible and annoying that they make me wanna kill something. Overall this video was just nasty, it's super boring and super gross, 2/10

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94 Bowser Junior's Halloween

This one is bad the Halloween problem the new one was not as bad as this one the one in 2014 all it is that Junior and Joseph dressed in spider-man Toad is Mario and Cody is a bee now I wouldn't say Cody and the devil are bad in this there both great characters but what makes this video down hill is Junior and Tyrone or Cody's father even Bowser is unlikable he is not a character I like guys.

95 Home Alone 2

It has the exact same problem as the first one, and that is the traps, home alone was funny because of the fast paced comedy, it only took about a minute for them to move onto the next trap, and that was what made it funny, but in these videos the scenes of the burglars getting hurt by the traps are so teeth-grindingly slow, it's like, 1 of them gets injured by a trap, the other 2 come over, and they sit there and talk about it for like 2 solid minutes

A underwhelming sequel to a hilarious video.

They waisted a lot of time in this video

96 The Pizza Delivery

The long johns pizza commercial in the video was funny

This is literally all that happens.

Possibly the most boring video the channel has produced this year, there's virtually NO plot, Brooklyn Guy's Wife is just as annoying as she was in Home Alone 2, and a majority of the jokes just fall flat on their face.
Final Rating: 1.5/5
(P.S. I only gave it a 1.5 because the CSI Sesame Street part was kind of funny...but it's not enough to save this piece of crap.)

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97 Bowser Goes To The Movies

Bowser is so ANNOYING in this video, I honestly don't blame the other people in the theatre wanting Bowser to STFU! And you know what pisses me off? There's a lot of people who actually really really like this video, and because of that, I do not know why. I was expecting this video to be much longer considering that it's a video where someone's going to see a movie, but of course the Charleyyy and Friends movie had to be completely uninteresting. I don't even want to talk about it. 3.8/10

Bowser goes to the "Charley and Friends Movie" and is absolutely annoying. Then he leaves because he complains that everyone was bothering him?

It's just Bowser being disruptive in a movie theater. THAT'S IT.
Overall Rating :1/5 (Awful)

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98 Bowser Junior's Playtime 3

Ok seriously, I can see why Logan would make one of these Playtime videos and maybe 2, BUT WHY ANOTHER?! It's the same damn thing as the last two videos with just a couple of added characters. This is just an annoying case of "Plot Recycling" which just means that nothing really special happens in the episode, and not to mention that these types of videos are basically Filler or in some ways, POINTLESS! The only good part is that little Chef PeePee cameo which is him saying that he has know idea why Junior and his friends do that stuff.

This video's not very enjoyable and entertaining, 4.8/10

The continuing series that nobody asked to be continued

At this point in the series, especially 3 4 and 5 they're just really angry and unpleasant

Ok, if they're going to keep making these can they at least reset the story already? This angry disfunctional family thing isn't fun to watch, it's actually kinda sad, I'm mean, more than half of the scenes are just Jr's dad character and Joseph's mom character screaming at each other and it's really uncomfortable to watch

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99 Cody's Happy Hanukkah

Please stop, for the love of god Logan PLEASE stop making videos involving Cody's house, these video made me feel more uncomfortable then I've ever felt in my entire life. Plus, whoever that guy is who claims to be cody's father, GET RID OF HIM! All he does is make racist jokes especially in this one, and his mom is really annoying too, but by far the worst part of this video is when Jr enters the house and it shows Cody in his room with the ken doll and...OH MY GOD (tries not to vomit) I don't ever wanna think about that scene ever again. Overall this video is crap, one of the worst videos Logan has ever made. Period. And each of these videos show more and more of why we should never go back to cody's house EVER AGAIN!

ANOTHER video involving Junior going to Cody's house? ARE YOU FOR REAL, LOGAN? Well, it's not another playtime video, so I'll give it that, but the fact of the matter remains that THIS VIDEO SUCKS. The plot is boring, the jokes fall flat, and it overall feels really offensive towards Jews. Hopefully, this is the last video that even REMOTELY involves Cody's house.
2/5 (Bad)

This is the best video Judy is HILARIOUS

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100 Mario's Turtle Problem

Mario brutally kills a tortoise despite the fact that Rosalina really cared for it.

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