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81 Bowser Jr's Train Table

Just by reading the title of this video you can tell its gonna be really boring and really annoying, it's another one of those stupid Bowser jr goes somewhere videos, plus just like the Bowser jr goes to fair video, Cody comes with him, and both times it was completely unnecessary, it made no sense for Cody to be in these videos in the first place, he just gets roped in for no reason. And as typical with cody nowadays we get more of his incredbily creepy moments with his ken doll, but this time he gets like 4 more of them, I'm really not looking forward to future videos with Cody in them after this. And at the end of the video they need someone to assemble the train set, so like always they get the Brooklyn guy to do it, the Brooklyn guy is just irritating, cause he's not funny but tries to be, every time he talks it just sounds like a guy failing to do stand up comedy, you know, when the first thing he says isn't funny but he just drags it on for like an entire minute hoping that ...more

Proof that Logan is out of ideas.

82 Cody's Sleepover

Please never go back to Cody's house, his family and those videos are creepy

Ripoff to Bowser junior's sleepover and Bowser's biggest fear

Cody's mom is the biggest Dunce in this video

FNAF is Awesome! I have to agree that this video sucks - Tyler730

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83 Chef Pee Pee's Clone

Extremely bland, boring, terrible characters, and overall, IT IS NOT FUNNY

84 Bowser's Biggest Fear 2

It took WAY too long to actually get to the movie.

85 The Button

I honestly consider this one debatable. I mean Jr does get punished at the end but it's definitely not as relieving like in Bowser Jrs Lemonade Stand.

I don't even consider this to be a video, it's more of an excuse for Bowser jr and toad to just be annoying little brats and break things, as much as the Jr Joseph and Cody videos suck, the Jr and toad videos make me angry to my boiling point, because whatever bad thing Jr is doing in the videos toad always just comes in and makes it worse

86 Bowser Junior's Cheeseburger

I hate the ending where Bowser is laying in bed holding a shotgun because he doesn't want a son anymore,so I started to hate Bowser

87 A Bird Problem
88 The Koopa Kids
89 April Fools

This is just too guilty to watch

90 Bowser Loses His Voice
91 Chef Pee Pee Quits Part 4
92 The Grilled Cheese
93 Luigi's Mansion Episode 6

Toad screwed everything up in this video by releasing all the souls that Luigi worked so hard to capture.

94 Bowser Junior's Pet

I just found this video in particular to be VERY forgettable. Junior needs to stop being a stupid dumbass 24/7

It's so bland and forgettable even Logan forgot about it, think about it, when was last time Logan used Chompy in a video?

The Burger was literally Chompy's only other appearance in a video, then he just disappeared

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95 Bowser Junior's Midnight Snack

Very Entertaining!

I love this one...

Good god, the scenes in the gas station were so cringeworthy

-Pretty much the exact same plot as Happy meal 2.

- Junior foreshadows himself as being blind as he demands to go to the gas station even though a crap load of snacks were on the counter.

-Chef peepee is treated like a dirt sandwich the whole video.

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96 Bowser's Parrot

This episode has animal abuse which is not cool but I have to be honest, that part where the parrot keeps saying Bowser's a retard was funny.

There was no animal abuse, because the parrot is a puppet. But this video is still pretty bad.

This is boring the Parrot is so annoying why did he have to be in it

A lot of animal abuse in this video, I don't like that.

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97 Bowser Jr's Imaginary Friend

What a crappy video, I'll admit it was a nice idea especially considering how nowadays Logan completely abandoned the idea of having creative videos and only uses boring, real world video ideas all the time, but boy was this a piece of crap, Gumbo was SUPER IRRITATING, all he ever does is make that annoying scream sound, also once again, jr's friends have to show up, I'm really sick of these 2, Joseph is still kind of bearable but I HATE Cody so much, also just like so many other jr videos there was no reason for them to be there, all they did was argue with jr for like 2 minutes then they just leave, I hate it when jr friends have to be in videos but I hate it even more when there was no purpose to it, like in this video. And halfway through the video, just when I thought we finally escaped it for once, DOOFY THE DRAGON HAD TO COME ON! Good lord this guy is irritating, mostly because it's the same formula over and over again, Doofy is doing something bad or just plain stupid, he ...more

Another godforsaken Junior video, do we really need another one? Ok first off, Gumbo's voice is kind of irritating after a while, and you know something else? I would have really liked the Doofy appearance, that is only if Gumbo would stfu! Oh yeah, and Junior's a jerk to his friends, oh my god, now I see why everyone puts him at 1. On their worst characters list. In the end, this episode was just plain boring! Nothing interesting happens in this video, and I can assure you that you'll probably not like it either 2/10

Good god that thing was annoying


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98 Chef Pee Pee's Father

He likes beer and lazy and stupid

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99 Bowser Jr's Halloween Problem

This video was so bad that I didn't even watch it

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100 The Sticky Situation

I loved the ending where chef pee pee glues Thomas the tank engine to the ceelling fan

Possibly the most mean-spirited SML video ever made, and that's saying something

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