Worst Supernoobs Characters

The Top Ten

1 Kevin Reynolds Kevin Reynolds
2 Jennifer Shope Jennifer Shope
3 Tyler Bowman Tyler Bowman
4 Theodore "Roach" Roachmont Theodore
5 Zenblock/Zen Zenblock/Zen
6 Jock Jockerson Jock Jockerson

Even his name is ridiculous! - Croy987

Man, he is one of the reasons why Nelson Muntz is the best bully ever.
Nelson has history, reason to be a bully, and sometimes he's hilarious.
But Jock is total Dash rip-off as you said. - Garoto_Oceano

7 Memnock (Mem) Memnock (Mem)
8 Principal Warmerammer
9 XR4Ti
10 Amy Anderson Amy Anderson
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