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21 Kelly Shinn - 8th Place - Nicaragua Kelly Shinn - 8th Place - Nicaragua

Purple Kelly was lazy she didn't even win won challenge and she quit that is not a true survivor player at all in my opinion

She seemed to have just hid in a tree for 28 days

She didn't do anything and then QUITS!? WHY!?

She had 1 confessional before her boot episode - JJS32503

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22 J.T. Thomas - 10th Place - Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains

How was this idiot not on the villains tribe after what he did to Spencer. Also just because someone under preformed on a single challenge does not mean they will always do bad. How ever Stephen had a reason for doing what he dd and explained why he did what he did in an interesting way that proved how stupid JT is. Stephen said this Spencer definitely got a poor edit. He was a strategic force in Jalapao, and that's why JT and I voted him out. Right off the bat - day 2 or 3 - Joe, JT, Spencer and I got together and decided that, we were 4 solid guys, we should make a guys alliance. I was actually happy with that arrangement because we had the numbers in Jalapao (with the tribal assumption of an early Sandy boot), and I knew I wanted to get into a solid alliance quickly and stay under cover. Spencer though immediately went to Joe and Sydney and created a -separate- alliance. That's what actually prompted me to go and create an alliance with Taj. I had assumed Spencer or Joe had already ...more

What the hell sort of person gives a hidden immunity idol to a member of the opposite tribe? You should never make a power-shifting move based on an assumption, because the game has a way of making you look like an idiot. Plus, since he hadn't seen Russell's game, that should have made him more wary. He should have thought "He's the unknown factor, I don't know anything about him, therefore I can't trust him". And he couldn't have got to the end without Stephen Fishbach.

He won his first season by sheer luck in one of the dumbest seasons ever, then he gives his idol to a villain in season 2.

He won. - JJS32503

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23 Clay Jordan- 2nd place- Survivor: Thailand

He just degraded everyone the whole time, did nothing around camp, made no moves, and was probably the most bigoted scumbag the show's ever seen.

A lot of horrible things to call this man. Hillbilly. Redneck. Bigot. And most importantly a horrible player

No strategy, just an idiot who got (hardly) lucky

The result of incest

24 Dave Cruser- 13th place- Survivor: China

He goes right along the same lines as Hunter. He bossed everyone around, had an ally go home instead of who he wanted, and still tried to call the shots rather than try to save himself.

He was a bad player but not a bad person. He was the only one to stand up to Ashley and Sherea's selfish, snobby, pretentious attitudes and that's admirable.

Why did he think people would listen to him and want to have him around nobody likes an anoying leader

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25 Roger Sexton- 10th place- Survivor: Amazon

If he really thought, with his brilliant plan, he would make it far, he was an idiot. His great idea was, vote for all the women first. If anyone beats Clay for the bigot award, it's Roger. It's such a good thing that Rob, Heidi, Jenna, and Deanna were there to put him in his place. He made way too many mistakes, and the only reason he even made it to the merge was because Rob let him, because he wasn't a strategic threat. He easily deserves a top three spot.

As much as I want to vote for Lex, I need Chris and the other fat five to go down in standings. First, if it weren't for the choice of getting rid of the strong guys, they would've been out. Jenna Lewis is the meanest player, always bossing people and once screwed her alliance because she was pouting that she lost a reward that another pagong won. What a baby.

Bigot and Homophobic, sucks as human being, one of the moments that I most enjoy at Survivor history was the moment when he was voted out, if Amazonas season has something bad is this stupid guy...

26 Zane Knight - 18th Place - Survivor: Philippines

The guy quit smoking the day he started survivor. Made alliances with everyone, and told multiple people to that fact. Then threw himself under the bus after a challenge as part of some "wise" strategy. What the hell was this kid thinking?

One of the most useless strategies I've ever seen. Making an alliance with everybody won't get you far at all. Just ask Zane Knight. - Turkeyasylum

27 Drew Christy - 15th place - Survivor: San Juan Del Sur

He insisted that the women were aligned and that they needed to vote out a girl even though there were more men than women on the tribe.

He insisted that Kelley be voted out when no one else wanted Kelley out (the other guys he talked to wanted to vote for Julie).

He threw a challenge only to get voted out at that very tribal council.

Enough said.

At least Russell could get into a good alliance. Drew could never get anyone on board with his plans. - naFrovivuS

Jed Hildebrand 2.0! Lazy, no social game, disrespectful to women and threw a challenge ONLY TO GET VOTED OFF! As Red Forman would say "I wanna put my foot up your ass"

By far the stupidest player of all time.

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28 Hunter Ellis- 14th place- Survivor: Marquesas

He basically came off as the dominator in the game, trying to tell everyone who to vote for, and when it didn't work, and any person not as cocky would've known they were on the line, he continued to tell people who to vote for, rather than trying to save himself, and then when he was voted out, he was surprised.

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29 Christina Cha - 4th Place - Survivor: One World

Being bad at survivor does not make you dumb

I don't know how she's not more up there in this list. She literally didn't even play the damn game.

Arguably the hottest Asian to ever play Survivor. Undoubtedly the dumbest Asian to ever play Survivor

No strategic moves, horrible in challenges, and gave up when she realized she was going to be voted out. - NicholasYellow

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30 Randy Bailey - 8th place - Survivor: Gabon

Randy was a nasty little troll that was released into society simply to aggravate and annoy humans. Hopefully he is back under his bridge now and not in and amongst the land of the living.

Trusting on bob's fake hidden immunity idol makes him embarrassing when he's voted out... And on survivor heroes vs villains he should have shown his full strength
So the tribes will have use for him... That's why he's in 18th place in heroes vs villains

Even if he made finals, he would never win due to his lack of social skills. Guy is bitter, naive, and narcissistic.

That fake idol look good! It wasn't a stick! It would be stupid not to play it.

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31 Parvati Shallow - 1st place - Survivor: Micronesia Parvati Shallow - 1st place - Survivor: Micronesia Parvati Shallow is an American television personality and was the $1,000,000 winner of the reality television series Survivor: Micronesia.

The most overrated player in Survivor history. She lucked into a win once because of the sudden change into F2. Put her with Cirie and Amanda in F3 and you will get a player with no Survivor wins in her resume. Her whole strategy is to stick to a clearly dominant player ( strategically/physically) and follow them to the end.
Oh, and that fake giggle she produces every 10 seconds is beyond irritating.

The most lucky winner ever; I rank her lower than Bob.

I still can't believe she was rated one of the best players. I have a whole family of survivor fans and not 1 of them liked her. Also, can you imagine meeting her outside of the game?

Yes. Yes. YES. YEEESSS! I was hoping everywhere for her on this list. Amanda COMPLETELY ruined Micronesia by taking Parvati to the end instead of Cirie. Vote out in Cook Islands is the most satisfying ever.

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32 Rupert Boneham - 4th Place - Survivor: All-Stars Rupert Boneham - 4th Place - Survivor: All-Stars Rupert Boneham is an American mentor for troubled teens, who became known to reality television audiences in 2003 as a contestant on Survivor: Pearl Islands where he placed 8th.

Rupert never showed any aptitude for strategy and he is bad at challenges. He barely made it to the jury the first time, and he threw a temper tantrum when he received two votes. The second time he was just Rob's puppet. The third time, he stupidly voted off the strong people (Tom, Stephanie)when the heroes were on a losing streak. At the merge, Sandra offered to join him, but he idiotically slammed the door in her face and refused her help. He never did anything strategic, and instead kept babbling on about what it meant to be a "true hero". The only reason he got as far as the final six is that the other heroes were bigger threats than him. Maybe he got voted out so nobody would get blinded by his stupid tie-dye shirt.

Absolutely horrible player. He just keeps rambling on about "never lying" and all that crap. The most infuriating thing about Rupert though, is he gets mad at people when they actually play the game, like Russell, Parvati, and Fairplay.

Who put this caveman on the show? He is not a strategist. He was carried to the jury the past 3 times he played. And the fourth time, he took his wife's place in and lost redemption island. I don't get why people like him. He is a pathetic tie die shirt obssesed caveman who has no clue what the game is. He undeservingly won the million dollar fan favorite awards just because of his character. Hopefully this guy realizes his the most overrated castaway ever.


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33 Troyzan Robertson - 7th Place - Survivor One World

I mean, come on, don't be surprised if nobody wants to join your alliance after you've just cursed and yelled at them. And no, Troyzan, this was never "Your Island" it was always Kim's island. Contrary to what you said at the reunion show, you are not the second coming of Richard Hatch. The second coming of Sonja Christopher maybe.

He thinks he's this brilliant player, but he isn't. If he really was as great as he thinks he is, then he would have actually overthrown Kim. Instead, she played him like a fiddle, and when the fiddle got loud and annoying, she threw it in the trash.

In One World, he was delusional. In Game Changers, he was much more humble, but unfortunately was a follower for 39 days. - naFrovivuS

"I can beat anyone here" Sarah: 7 votes, Brad: 3 votes...Troyzan: no votes. lol he was such a floater I kept forgetting he was on the show!

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34 Erinn Lobdell - 3rd place - Tocantins

Erinn was so clueless. She flipped on her pre-merge tribal alliance. She won no challenges. She was annoying. AND she proceeded to talk about how she can win the game. Like, no! You were this season's worst. Worse that even Coach! You were the pawn, the goat, the bad player everyone wanted at the end. DUHHH!

She's a good player - JJS32503

35 Natalie Tenerelli - 3rd Place - Redemption Island

Biggest goat of all time. Just plain sucks. couldn't even get a single jury vote off Phillip and Rob, two of the most hated people ever on Survivor. People like Grant and Ashley who are mediocre players and not even that likeable would have almost swept the votes over Rob and Phillip just due to how disliked they were, and Natalie couldn't even get 1. Terrible in all of the social, physical, and strategic areas.

Worst goat ever, couldn't even beat Phillip in a jury vote. Did nothing in the game except sleep.

Just a terrible player. The biggest goat in Survivor history. She stank (and is a skank too).

Was dragged to the end as a huge worthless goat. Flat out sucks at the game.

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36 Taylor Stocker - 12th Place - Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X

He's simply a dumb blonde. - naFrovivuS

37 Sophie Clarke - Winner - Survivor: South Pacific

She is a spoiled rotten brat, telling her father she wants homemade banana bread at the airport when she comes home. It was a serious demand! She's been so sheltered and protected all her life that it seems she's never had someone stand against her, I.E., crying when a tribemate calls her a brat. Then I couldn't believe my ears when she demanded Albert's help at the card stacking contest, telling him to stop building his stack and pick up her cards instead because she's going to beat him anyway. Her family may give in to those types of demands, but not Albert! And it was funny when Probst called her out by saying helping others is not allowed. I didn't want her to win so badly!

Worst winner over, only won cause Coach messed up by making an alliance he couldn't keep with Ozzy and messing up his "good Christian" image and Albert was cocky and too scared to make strategic moves.

I liked Coach that season so I was pissed when she won

she won - JJS32503

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38 Corinne Kaplan - 12th place - Survivor: Caramoan

A very smart physical strategic player who could have made it to the end if she wasn't betrayed by her close ally Dawn. She almost changed the entire game and would have made it more interesting for the viewers. Dawn paid her homage at the reunion and apologized to her.

Too sincere and too talkative to be a good player.

She was a JERK to sugar the best and nicest survivor Gabon player

What a bi..h with a capital B. Judgmental, self-absorbed, cold, calculating, and conceited are just a few of the negatives that come to mind. She's the type of player that makes anyone look like a nice person.

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39 Mick Trimming - 2nd place - Survivor: Samoa

He was defiantly not a good leader, but lets think about it, he was the most deserving because he didn't ride coattails like Natalie and wasn't a jerk like Russell

If this guy was one of the most like able people that season, how on earth did he not get a single vote during final tribal?

Just trusting on russell just to stay... And I think russell's controling him on the game but he's the leader

Um, he's third place, not second. He didn't get any jury votes and Russell and Natalie did.

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40 Ian Rosenberger- 3rd place- Survivor: Palau

He made a final three deal, and a final two deal with each of the two in the final three deal, and promised to take katie on any reward he's win, and promised Tom not to take him so they could make sure no plotting was going on around camp. When he won a reward, he took Tom. Then he made a promise to vote out Tom, before the immunity challenge. Obviously, if Tom won, the others would tell him about the deal, which they did. Ian won the tie breaker, but then basically quit in the top three, and was sent home. That whole tribe was full of bad players. Ulong had the only two players in the game, which made the second half of the season awful.

He thought the friendship was worth more the a million dollars, it's not /that/ stupid. He knew what he was doing.

Stupidest of them ALL. Erik unknowingly gave up his immunity in the final 5. Ian basically quit in the final 3!

He didn't get voted out he quit on DAY 38 THAT DAMN IDIOT JUMPED OUT OF AN 11 HOUR CHALLENGE TO FIX A FRIENDSHIP? Think about yourself especially on the 38 th day

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