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81 Richard Hatch - 1st Place - Survivor: Borneo

He is the best player to ever play this game! How dare you put him on this list?!?

This is madness, putting the person that literally MADE SURVIVOR on this list.

If the guy who invented how Survivor would be played is on the list, then there's no such thing as a good player. - naFrovivuS

This is an OUTRAGE!

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82 Sherri Biethman - 3rd Place - Survivor: Caramoan

Sherri was a huge letdown for me. On the old fans tribe she was controlling the anti Cool Kids alliance. However, by Day 18 she just shut up and let Cochran and Dawn take her to the finale. So congratulations you donkey

She's an idiot self confident old lady who thinks that she's the strongest person in the caramoan islands.

She WAS one of the strongest players in Caramoan. Remember the pre-merge part.

Its not like she COULD do anything post-merge

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83 Courtney Yates - Runner Up - Survivor: China

Courtney is one of the most entertaining people to ever play. - naFrovivuS

One of the worst physical competitors to ever participate in Survivor.

84 Fabio Birza - Winner - Survivor: Nicaragua

He didn't make enemies and cruised under the radar to the end, he wasn't even bad.

Goofy with no strategy. Plus he got arrested after the show.

Fabio is just a stereotypical dumb blonde. - naFrovivuS

He didn't do anything, he just sat around and acted like an idiot. - TheRankerman

85 John Cochran - 8th Place - Survivor: South Pacific John Cochran - 8th Place - Survivor: South Pacific John Martin Cochran, commonly referred to as simply Cochran, is an American reality television personality and television writer.

Terrible social game: Was hated by his whole tribe and really lucky not be voted out pre-merge as he should have been.
Terrible strategic game: Switching at the merge to be voted out in 7th place, when drawing rocks would have given his tribe a 71.4% chance to have the numbers, and when Jim would have picked him and Dawn to face the jury if Savaii had had the numbers, as Jim thought he would have had more chance to beat them than to beat Ozzy, Keith or Whitney.
Terrible physical game: Really sucked at challenges, was a liability to his tribe in those challenges and had no chance to make an immunity run once he betrayed his tribe (nor had he chance to win a redemption island dual), which he would have needed.

HUGE improvement in Caramoan. Anyone who fails to see that is still riding low on the Ozzy 4th place finish in South Pacific. Though he was dominant in Caramoan, he was not in South Pacific. He was one of the worst players there, which sucked because he was also the most entertaining.

He turned on the people who saved his butt THREE times

Winner, though his south pacific he was pathetic - JJS32503

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86 Kass McQuillen - Survivor: Cagayan

On the gameplay of Kass let me relate to Africa's Teresa Cooper. When Teresa Cooper made a huge move, people would've applauded and said "Oh, you got me there, good on you." But with Kass it would have been like "I WANT TO KILL YOU! If Kass made it to the finals she would have been demolished by most likely Woo because Kass never really bothered to keep good relations with the Jury. The Jury is one of if not the most important piece of this game, they get to freely judge you and your game and decide who gets a bigger bank account. She could of have the worst final tribal council performance in history because no one on the Jury would want to vote for her because of this whole chaos and coldheart Kass.

She really shouldn't of made everyone mad. But I have to admit, if that was her plan she got it. I mean after this I don't see her as that bad, She got everyone she wanted out, except for tony in the final trial counsel.

She shouldn't have flipped right at the merge! That makes everyone from there on hate her. And everyone from there on was on the jury! Besides that, I think she played an EXCELLENT game. She was the only one who could trick Tony!

Chaos Kass did nothing.

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87 David Samson - 18th Place - Survivor: Cagayan

Made a horrible decision in voting off Garrett the strongest in his tribe at first impressions. And it came back to bite him in the butt as he got voted out first.

If your thinking of day 39 on day 1 when you've barely started the game, you deserve to go first.

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88 John Rocker - 16th place - Survivor: San Juan del Sur

Sometimes one just has to shut his mouth if one doesn't want to be blindsided. But that is something Rocker is not able to do.

If Natalie didn't say that she wouldn't have won because jon would have

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89 Jean Robert Bellande - 9th Place - Survivor: China

All he did was piss people off at camp.

90 Nina Poersch - 16th place - Survivor: Worlds Apart

She played the sympathy game the entire time she was there (8 days). She was a total liability

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91 Jenn Brown - 9th Place - Survivor: Worlds Apart

I really don't get why she got such a big edit, I mean really. She has the most boring personality and voice, she contemplated quitting and she was unbearable to listen to half the time.

Such a whiner. That's all she did and she was terrible at bashing the other castaways - DGKay

One of the most annoying players in a long long time

I always get Hali and Jenn confused. I think Hali is doing good in survivor game changers.

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92 Shannon Elkins - 19th place - Survivor: Nicaragua

Geez, he was insane. - naFrovivuS

One of the biggest homophobic douchebags to ever play Survivor

93 Keith Nale - 4th Place - San Juan Del Sur

Atrocious gameplay. Zero strategy. And requires subtitles. He couldn't even grasp what a sub-alliance is. Total moron.

Straight up idiotic redneck

He made his first alliance when he was in the final 5!

He does nothing and no stragy.

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94 Will Sims II - 2nd place - Survivor:Worlds Apart

This dead fish should be floating on the coast of Nova Scotia by now. Literally one of the biggest goats in Survivor history. Not to mention how rude he was to Mike and Shirin and he flipped on the No Collars.

I hated him so hard. Extremely nasty to Shirin and ugly looking as well.

Can't believe what he said to Shirin. Him placing the same as CAROLYN was just an insult to her game.

95 Missy Payne - 3rd Place - San Juan Del Sur

I should have put her on a long time ago. Reed was absolutely correct Missy was the motherly figure to the majority tribe,but to the minority, who would ultimately decide the fate of her game, she was terrible to and she along with her allies shunned the other crew. Lame excuse for a motherly figure

Reed put it best. Missy was Survivor's "wicked stepmother." - naFrovivuS

96 Rob Cesternino - 3rd Place - Survivor: Amazon

"Most overrated player ever"
More like most underestimated player ever. Just like Malcolm, he was voted off because he was a threat. Rob invented the flipping strategy. Both Jenna and Matthew said they'd replace themselves with Rob in the Final 2. Greatest player to never win. - naFrovivuS

Most overrated player ever

Just... no

he is up there with cirie as the best players to never win

97 Vecepia Towery - Winner - Survivor: Marquesas

Was unbelievebly irrelevant up until the finale. Had to rewatch the season to see what she did and was very disappointed to see how unfortunately wishy washy she was

98 Ralph Kiser - 9th Place - Survivor: Redemption Island

Lying about having an idol, and having Phillip say he actually does.
No good strategy at all. - naFrovivuS

99 Laura Boneham - Survivor: Blood vs Water

She had a smooth route to the merge, and then just messed it all up with 1 move. Oh well, I guess that's what happens when you take survivor tips from RUPERT!

Karma definitely came around to bite her in the ass within 6 hours. This is what you get from blindside prevention, you get blindsided yourself

Bad move, telling Vynus that all the women were going to vote him out! This maybe her first time playing, but, as the wife of a Survivor veteran player, surely she should realize that the game is all about back-stabbing!

You don't tell anyone that there gonna get voted out

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100 Judd Sergeant - 6th Place - Survivor Guatemala

Thanks for putting me on this list guys! I hope you get bit by a crocodile! Scumbags

It's hard to believe Judd would actually go on this list to see his name. - naFrovivuS

Good comeback, I'm on your side! 😃

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