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101 Woo Hwang - 2nd place - Survivor: Cagayan

His strategy to be under the radar and let Tony to do all the dirty work was a smart move. However, he never made a move against Tony. At some point he should have gotten rid of him. Even though you can argue that the hidden immunity idols and special idols protected, him, he could have at least flushed them out, and the f3 was his perfect chance to get rid of him because he could not use the special idol. He should have taken Kass to the end because everyone hated her. He would have won. However, he decided to make the dumbest move ever and take Tony to the end. He basically handed him the money. He basically quit the game after he eliminated Kass. In my opinion, he should be at the top of the list because he handed Tony the money.

His reasoning for taking Tony to the end was so stupid. In his interviews he said that he believed that if he took Kass to the end, the jury wouldn't respect him and would think that he was trying to take the easy way out so they would vote for her ...more

He knew he was risking it, he wanted to. He wanted the better opponent and got him. Stupid would be if he thought it was just a better strategic move, but he still didn't regret it after he lost. Not stupid, not smart, just how he wanted to win was against the best and he couldn't.

It was just crazy his strategy. I wish in a count used state when he said he was going to do what he did in martial arts. This is not martial arts, this is survivor!

Woo was a nice guy, but he never made a lot of big decisions, and lost because he took Tony to the end instead of Kass. - naFrovivuS

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102 Matt Quinlan - 16th place - Survivor: One World

Was arrogant and thought he had a good shot at winning, when in reality he didn't stand a chance. The fact that his own alliance members voted him out over COLTON shows how much of a dumbass he was (although he wasn't nearly as bad as Colton was obviously).

He had an alliance of 4 in a tribe of 9 men. He's an idiot - DGKay

Matt should've brought in Jonas or something... then he would have been decent-ish. - Turkeyasylum

103 Ryan Aiken - 16th Place - Survivor: The Amazon

The dude couldn't even cross a simple balance beam. No wonder he's in last place.

104 John Raymond - 16th place - Survivor:Thailand

Tricked his tribe about the water supply, what a great way to get voted out first!

This guy was way too cocky and arrogant. And his prank on the tribe was very stupid and he ended up sending himself out first instead of someone like Ghandia or Tanya. - DGKay

105 Gillian Larson - 17th place - Survivor Gabon

I'm surprised this Grandma Thora chick made it further than Michelle

106 Michael Snow - 11th place - Survivor: Caramoan

Floated the entire game and then got pissed and flipped the bird when he got outplayed. Most undeserving jury member of all time.

107 Bret LaBelle - 5th Place - Millennials vs. Gen X

Bret was salty and arrogant. He had a disgusting attitude towards his rivals, going as far as making fun of David for his anxiety. He only had one target the entire game, and not even coming out to Zeke was "heartwarming" for me. - naFrovivuS

One word: arrogant. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

108 Bobby Jon Drinkard - 9th Place - Survivor: Guatemala

If the goal of the game is to look like a psycho, there's no other champion of this than Bobby Jon. - naFrovivuS

109 Andrew Savage - 12th place - Survivor: Cambodia

Well, you wouldn't expect a guy who's last name is "Savage", that's for sure...

110 Marty Piombo - 11th Place - Survivor: Nicaragua

The most overrated player in that whole season. He was switched over to the other tribe, was outnumbered, and TOLD EVERYBODY "I've got the immunity idol". All he did was put a target on his back, and then he gave the idol away.

Let me correct you: He was not the most overrated player in that season, he was the only one who was not pathetic in that real Survivor parody that Nicaragua was.

He's pretty much what Bam Margera from Jackass will look like when he's in his 50's

He's pretty much what Bam Margera will look like when he's in his 50's

111 Erik Cardona - 12th Place - Survivor: Samoa

His whole tribe hated him so they voted him off before attacking the other tribe. He didn't even play his idol, and he kept saying "Galu to the end". Fool. It's not a team game, it's an individual game. And then he was bitter and voted for Natalie to win, even though Russell deserved to.

If he didn't make that jury speech, someone ACTUALLY DESERVING would have won. Thanks a lot Erik.

112 John Carroll - 9th Place - Survivor: Marquesas

How could he not realize that blatantly revealing the pecking order would result in him being overthrown? Not that it mattered. He wasn't going to win anyway, his social game was too bad.

113 Alex Bell - 7th Place - Survivor: The Amazon

The dude told Rob that when they got to four, he would vote him off to prevent a tie with the girls, after that Rob elminated him from the game.

114 Laura Morett - 6th place - Blood vs Water
115 Jim Lynch - 18th place - Survivor: Guatemala

After the 11-mile trek and him getting sick, his chances were pretty much slim. Not to mention his age made him a liability in his tribe. Although he probably wouldn't of had a great strategic game if he made merge.

Guy couldn't keep up with his tribe obviously. Not to mention he injured his arm at the first challenge. This is why people over 60 shouldn't be on Survivor. - DGKay

His age is what might've played a factor in him getting voted off first. Also he probably didn't have a great strategy

People saying his age having an effect on his downfall. But remember Rudy Boesch is the oldest contestant playing the very first season at 72 years, and made it to the final 3. - naFrovivuS

116 Roxy Morris - 17th place - Survivor:Philippines

Just weird, never helped in any of the challenges and had a loud mouth

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117 Becky Lee - 3rd place - Survivor: Cook Islands

Did nothing but being the bride for yul.. it was boring watching her, wished jenny or the other Asians stayed longer

When people with a wide survivor memory and they mention her the other person who just say "WHO?

You know your forgettable when people remember Sekou and Billy Garcia instead of you

118 Jed Hildebrand - 14th place - Survivor: Thailand

He was so lazy that his tribe threw an immunity challenge just to vote him out. How did they let him into dental school?

You know your lazy and useless when your tribe throws a challenge just to vote you off

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119 Paloma Soto-Castillo - 16th Place - Survivor: Gabon

This chick was like 4 feet she had no chance of going far.

120 Ramona Gray - 13th Place - Survivor: Borneo

This girl? She was so useless, she couldn't even make a good pawn. - Turkeyasylum

The only thing that she did that kind of effected the game was not eating and vomiting

Useless at camp and in challenges. She did absoleuletly nothing in her 12 days - alexcousins

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