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121 Garrett Adelstein - 17th place - Survivor: Cagayan

His very little knowledge of the game were what screwed him. He had a pre tribal council, and apparently the actual one was nothing like the practice one. Why didn't he wait for summer to play Big Brother

Blindsided with an idol in his pocket (or rather at camp) after only 6 days, a record.

The funny part is that if he went on Big Brother, it would probably be the same result, 2nd evicted

You know somebody is a bad player when watching them play is emotionally draining.

That's Garrett's gameplay in a nutshell.

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122 Jenna Morasca - 1st place - Survivor: Amazon

Being beautiful is a handicap?! Tell that to Parvati then

Easliy one of the most unlikeable winners ever. She pisses off pretty much every woman over the age of 30 with her superiority complex. Heidi may have been practically the same, but at least Heidi was funny. Jenna was not. While her strategy wasnt TERRIBLE, it was average at best. Pretty much anyone else in the final six would have made a better winner, Rob, Matt, Butch, Christy, and Heidi (yes even Heidi) all played a better game then her. I wish we went out first

123 Laura Morett - 6th place - Blood vs Water
124 Jim Lynch - 18th place - Survivor: Guatemala

After the 11-mile trek and him getting sick, his chances were pretty much slim. Not to mention his age made him a liability in his tribe. Although he probably wouldn't of had a great strategic game if he made merge.

Guy couldn't keep up with his tribe obviously. Not to mention he injured his arm at the first challenge. This is why people over 60 shouldn't be on Survivor. - DGKay

His age is what might've played a factor in him getting voted off first. Also he probably didn't have a great strategy

People saying his age having an effect on his downfall. But remember Rudy Boesch is the oldest contestant playing the very first season at 72 years, and made it to the final 3. - naFrovivuS

125 Roxy Morris - 17th place - Survivor:Philippines

Just weird, never helped in any of the challenges and had a loud mouth

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126 Becky Lee - 3rd place - Survivor: Cook Islands

Did nothing but being the bride for yul.. it was boring watching her, wished jenny or the other Asians stayed longer

When people with a wide survivor memory and they mention her the other person who just say "WHO?

You know your forgettable when people remember Sekou and Billy Garcia instead of you

127 Jed Hildebrand - 14th place - Survivor: Thailand

He was so lazy that his tribe threw an immunity challenge just to vote him out. How did they let him into dental school?

You know your lazy and useless when your tribe throws a challenge just to vote you off

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128 Paloma Soto-Castillo - 16th Place - Survivor: Gabon

This chick was like 4 feet she had no chance of going far.

129 Ramona Gray - 13th Place - Survivor: Borneo

This girl? She was so useless, she couldn't even make a good pawn. - Turkeyasylum

The only thing that she did that kind of effected the game was not eating and vomiting

Useless at camp and in challenges. She did absoleuletly nothing in her 12 days - alexcousins

130 Diane Ogden - 16th Place - Survivor: Africa

Dumb move to share the beans with Clarance. "You're nothing like my mother." - alexcousins

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131 Val Collins - 17th place - Survivor: San Juan del Sur

You should never tell anybody you have ONE idol that early in the game!

Never tell someone you have 2 idols so early in the game. Such a dumb move!

132 Jon Misch - Survivor: San Juan del Sur

I do not like him because he still thinks he got the game handled, and most of all he can never seem to make up his mind. Sometimes I think he can't even tell left from right.

I still think he would have gone farther if he aligned with josh

He said that at the tribal council where he got 4 votes, he said he would've played his idol anyway, BULLSHEOT! Reed had the perfect plan to take him out and Keith basically warned him.

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133 John Palyok - 16th place - Survivor: Vanuatu

I can't think of anything significant that he even did, other than try to get Rory voted off. Terrible player though, should be higher. - DGKay

This dude seriously needs to learn how to count along with the other 3 young guys.

134 Alec Christy - 7th place - Survivor: San Juan del Sur

Not much smarter than Drew

Useless in challenges and he was rude to the girls around camp(especially Baylor and Julie).

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135 Clarence Black - 10th Place - Survivor:Africa

No offense but like Osten he kinda rubbed me the wrong way. I mean I believe that he lied to Boran and that Diane was technically telling the truth. I mean it took Boran like, 7 tribals to get rid of him. No offense but it w kinda hard to watch him when he just complained about the chicken, paired up with Silas and then back-stabbed him, well you get the picture. But who's to say that you can't redeem yourself Clsrence you could be on Some kind of Second chance or unfinished business season of survivor someday.

136 Shawn Cohen - 12th Place - Survivor: Pearl Islands

I mean he was ok at first but then he got annoying on Day 12 (No this is not Jon or Burton or any other survivor contestant, just the guy who posted the Osten and Clarence (Or it should be on there)) posts. I mean huge back-stabbed Burton, Michelle, and kinda back-stabbed Trish. He and Jon got in fights all the time. If it wasn't for the outcasts, he would've went to Morgan and then the season we love so much would've been really crappy. So thank god for the outcasts. (Yes I'm a Catholic. ) so if he does get in another season I wish him good luck then.

Even though its against the rules I think he should have knocked Jon out

137 Michelle Chase - Survivor:Gabon - 18th place

I wish she would have stayed longer, I liked her!

She was so hard to deal with around camp that they ended up voting her out over the Grandma Thora look-alike Gillian

138 Wes Nale - 9th place - Survivor:San Juan Del Sur

The only things he did on his season were eating chicken fingers and tacos and talking about a Two and A Half Men. It sucks because I thought he was going to be the strategic mastermind and that Jeremy and Jon would be getting the invisible edit.

Did nothing at all in the game, not to mention he dropped out of the immunity challenge for chicken wings, instead of trying to stay safe for another day.

Not to mention one of the ugliest survivors in the history of this show

139 Grant Mattos - 8th place - Survivor: Redemption Island

Horrible Player. Only got as far as he did due to Rob using him with their fake friendship (when in reality he had closer friendships and alliances both with at least 5 of the other cast members). Rob then wouldn't take him to the end despite that he was easiest to beat, due to having way closer friendships to people like Natalie and even Philip.

Horrible Player. Relied on his fake friendship with Rob (who in reality had both closer friendship and alliances with at least 5 of the other cast) to take to where he got. Rob still wouldn't take him to the end, despite that he would have been the easiest to beat.

He sucks and his dreads smell bad.

He is boring and ugly.

140 So Kim - 18th Place - Survivor: Worlds Apart

At least she tried at the game and respected others, unlike RODNEY or WILL. - Turkeyasylum

She made the mistake of making an alliance and lying to her tribe way too early

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