Russell Hantz - 2nd place - Survivor: Samoa

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Russell Hantz is an oil company owner and former contestant of the reality show Survivor. He played 3 seasons, and never finished higher than 2nd.


If there were no hidden immunity idols, he would be screwed. Everyone on Samoa was stupid, and anyone could have outplayed them. Got lucky on Heroes VS Villains, especially since no one knew about him and his game play, which his a huge unfair advantage. And, managed to get voted out first in his tribe on Redemption Island, which would've happened on HvsV. But, what truly makes him the worst player of all time is his disillusionment that he is the best player of all time. To be the best player of all time, you have to not only be able to control others and get to the end, but also get the jury votes, which is a HUGE part of the game.

Russell lacks a social game... Plain and simple. He doesn't belong on this list because he has proven that he can outlast (made day 39 twice) and he is clutch in final immunity challenges. That being said, he is no where near the best player because his social game is horrendous and he will never win the game with his current strategy and social skills. If your strategy gets you to the end, especially more than once, you cannot be one of the worst players ever however, if you stand absolutely no chance of winning, you cannot be one of the best players either. To me, Russell is a middle of the pack player

Terrible social gamer. Sure, he proved that he could make it to the end (with help from immunity idols), but he had no chance of winning. People forget that getting to the finals is only half the battle.
In Heroes vs. Villains, he was basically Parvati's puppet, doing whatever she needed. Sure it landed him in the final 3, but didn't get him any jury votes.

After survivor season 40 50 60 70 Russell will still be one of the best players ever, he was the total underdog in heroes vs villains, anyone who can somehow convince a guy to accidentally vote him self off, and beat boston rob is a good, great player and in Samoa he dodged so many bullets, and has proven to whip both duds, and allstars. How is he on the list?

I love russell hantz's gameplay. But that makes me only one person watching. The jury will never like such a gameplay and that is why people don't want him out of the game after the merge. He should have changed his gameplay once in the merge. Sadly he faced the jury twice and was snubbed both the times.

Seriously? One of the top 5 players ever... He didn't win both times only because the juries were still acting upon their bitterness back then... It was because of him and the outrage of fans of the show against juries that other players like him (tony for example) won the game by playing exactly the same game he played...

People really overestimate Russell's game play. He still dominated the strategic and physical aspect of the game. Had an alliance in the minority, and worked well with his allies to get out the majority. Found multiple idols, and used them to get out his rivals. Lost mainly because people couldn't stand his social game. In HvV,he continued to fond idols, make alliances, and blindside rivals. Lost AGAIN due to his lack of social game. Other than that, good player, not terrible. - naFrovivuS

He simply didn't understand how to play the game. He was a great strategist/manipulator; however, getting to the end is only half the game... The other half is making sure you have enough jury votes to actually WIN the game. He may have made the final 3 twice (out of three seasons), but he was only able to pull out 2 jury votes overall.

He's actually capable of returning. He's sure, a villain, and notorious of finding idols without clues, and he's a strategist. But he was actually amazing in the two seasons in Samoa. But his game play in Redemption Island was no good. In fact it was terrible because his whole tribe threw a challenge to eliminate him.

He fails to understand the concept of Survivor. He says that he plays as hard as he can but ultimately doesn't care about jury votes, which makes him the worst player of all time. Not matter how many times he gets to the end, he will NEVER win.

Bad social game but he still almost won his first season if he had voted out the people on the jury with him instead. He had 4 solid votes, he just kept 2 with him in the final 3. He was cocky in season 2 and just stupid in season 3 to think the same strategy would work AGAIN.

His social game was terrible. He was evil and mean-spirited. What he said about having integrity and loyalty in real life is bogus in my opinion. If you're willing to lie and be mean to people in a game then you have to be somewhat willing to do it in real life.

I cannot imagine a more vile and despicable player that mingles in society as this psychopathic narcissist whose ego is so above where he is. A creepy little man with evil coursing through his veins and somehow he made it onto Survivor - more than once!

Seriously, this guy played the #1 worst strategy ever. It can get you to the end, but will never work. Make everybody hate you gets you to the end because then everybody knows they will beat you against the jury, which is the only reason he made it that far.

I will admit, Russell is not in the top 10 players of all time. But really? Top ten worst players of all time. Way overdramatic. Let's be serious now. About 300 players have come in the game, and you think he's 2nd to worse? The guy who made it to the end back to back games is the 2nd worst player in survivor history? Not top 10. But really people? 2nd to worst, uh NO.

Although he is a very strategic player, does he really believe that people who he has backstabed and blindsided will vote for him? Only Jesus would give him 1 million $ after all the things he has done.

Russel Hantz did play a very strategic game, but everyone hated him. How would Russel win without the jury's votes. No matter how was in the finals with Russel, Russel wouldn't win

Search funny 115 fall of Russell hantz. There is no way you can say he is a good player after reading that

Only good at finding idols. That's why he never ever won. He is hated within the survivor community. - davidthenurse

Are you people retards do you think your a bad survivor if you make it to the end twice the only thing he did wrong was take the wrong person

Over confident, says he has the best social game of anyone to ever play the game, maybe somebody would've voted for you if you had a decent social game

He is way too obvious with the way he plays the game, and insults people along the way and expects them to vote for him. - ilovekelly75

You have to be smart and strategic to win survivor. Russel played strategically, but probably the meanest survivor player ever

He surely know how to get into people's head, that is not a good survivor player, that is a psychopath.. sorry

No way he is a great player he made it to the final council in back to back seasons he found hidden immunity idols and had the ability to read minds kind of