Top 10 Worst Survivor Seasons

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1 Redemption Island

Awful editing made an already awful season that much work. I am not sure if they just didn't care since it was all but a movie about Rob's coronation and they didn't even try to hide it, but you know you are supposed to try and build some suspense, even fake suspense, into boots.

Hands down the worst season ever

Joke of a season. Joke cast. Rigged win for Rob mainly.

By far the worst season ever!

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2 Game Changers

Let's face it. The idea itself seems cool, but its overridden by the excessive twists that prevent any actual "game changing" from the contestants. If you want a decent season for game changers, let them change the game without any help from advantages. - CloudInvasion

This is one of the most pathetic and least interesting seasons ever. The voteoffs were predictable, the twists were poorly thought of, and the casting is just awful. 0/5

3 One World

One of the most unlikable casts ever. Not to mention the One World twist was absolutely useless. - CloudInvasion

4 Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers

Survivor: Riggers vs. Strategists vs. Idiots - CloudInvasion


5 Fiji
6 Nicaragua

Worst of all time

7 Thailand

Oddly enough, I like this season. - CloudInvasion

8 Worlds Apart
9 Tocantins
10 South Pacific

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11 All-Stars
12 Samoa

Russell Hantz is the greatest Survivor player ever, and should've easily won this season. With that said, this season would be one of the best seasons but a dismal, illogical jury verdict caused by a bitter man named Erik Cardona ruined it for me. People say that Russell should've lost because he didn't have jury management. This is incorrect, as Russell tried to manage his jury. His jury management was just as structured as Natalie's and Mick's. Watch the season if you don't believe me. They say he had no social game. Here's the truth. He DID have a social game, and was social witb everyone in the season, just as was Natalie. Mick had a poor social game. The man worked harder than EVERYONE else. get to the end AND win the game. He controlled literally every vote except for the Erik one in the final 12. Even if Natalie convinced the Galu women to vote out Erik, Russell would've used his incredible strategic game to take down Galu, as he did after this vote. So, Natalie ...more

This should've just been Survivor: Russell Hantz

13 Africa
14 Caramoan

Very, very overrated.

15 Vanuatu
16 Guatemala

What? I liked Guatemala...

17 Fans vs Favorites
18 Millennials vs. Gen X
19 Heroes vs. Villains
20 Gabon Gabon
21 Amazon

This entire season was "Jenna's HOT! No, Heidi's HOTTER! Also, women suck at everything! Men are superior! " Watching this with my family was the most awkward thing I have ever done. There were countless zoom-ins of the women's... parts, they showed video on live T.V. of three of the women bathing while topless, and in a trivia contest, one of the questions was, "Which survivor would you want to see posing nude in a magazine? ". so obviously, the designers were trying to promote these kinds of things. I watched this season on DVD with my mom and dad and found myself skipping past tons of sections that were too sexual. - TheInsomniac

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