Top 10 Worst Survivor Winners

Survivor is known for having its fair share of legendary winners. And then there are their fair share of terrible winners.

The Top Ten

1 Jenna Morasca

No respect for anyone, said all the wrong things, and made all the wrong moves. - naFrovivuS

2 Amber Brkich

Rode Rob's coattail the whole time. - naFrovivuS

3 Vecepia Towery

Never made any moves until the end. - naFrovivuS

4 J.T. Thomas J.T. Thomas

Played a respectable game in Tocantins, but his next seasons he would make terrible decisions. - naFrovivuS

5 Denise Stapley

Very judgmental, and went to EVERY SINGLE TRIBAL COUNCIL. - naFrovivuS

6 Sophie Clarke

Had a terrible edit, she at first seemed like an okay winner, but I rewatched and realized she was so spoiled. - naFrovivuS

7 Jud "Fabio" Birza

The definition of dumb blonde. Didn't really make any moves, and didn't seem to stick with anyone. - naFrovivuS

8 John Cochran John Cochran

Pretty cocky half the time, and won because no one wanted to vote for a goat or a flipper. - naFrovivuS

9 Mike Holloway Mike Holloway

One of the most predictable wins ever. - naFrovivuS

10 Adam Klein

Made all the wrong deals with all the wrong people. Never showed any empathy for anyone, and wouldn't stop screaming. - naFrovivuS

The Contenders

11 Rob Mariano Rob Mariano

Too overrated

12 Tyson Apostol Tyson Apostol
13 Ethan Zohn
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