Characterization - Failed Sniper

Welcome to the brand new series I made called Characterization were I judge characters from fiction wether they deserve praise or not. For the first entry in this series we will be judging Shino Asada from the anime known as Sword Art Online (Don't judge me because I hate the series)

This character is an absolute retard for being a "pro" gamer. Ask yourself a question, why will you suspect a conspiracy because someone smiled while playing a video game. I smiled a lot while playing Shadow of Mordor, Sure wish the Uruks seen me smile before I freaking brand 'em. Sauron should have looked at the faces of those Gondorians, espiecally Aragorn and Foromir because if they smiled once in the movies, it means that they are now going to destroy Barad-Dur, no wonder Sauron was defeated in the end.Now, if she was an SAO survivor were you have every reason to suspect a random stranger smiling during a violent event, I would have given her a pass but she is not so why does she have to suspect that the guy with the minigun to kill her.

Also for a retarded Pro Gamer is also a dumbass for loaning a random stranger money. In the episode, SHE LITTERALLY LOANED KIRITO MONEY DESPITE SHE DOES NOT KNOW HIM. You might say "Kirito earned her trust", Think about what you say, Thieves and Burglars usually earn the trust of their victims in order to steal their items so how would she not doubt him asking for money, especially if the game's economy is crap and in order to earn big money at an instant requires you forking them money like in Clash Of Clans

Also for a gamer, she is not a good one either. For a sniper in a game were strategy is key, you should get high ground not closer to danger. Why did you get close to your teammates? To chat with them? I thought your character design has a mic.

The character design is also bad. The design is made with fan service in mind. Why is her design in-game so revealing like Quiet from MGSV:PP were it is very unnecessary. Also she has 2 designs, one is a fully clothed one were she meets Kirito and the other which is frequently used by her. The fully clothed one looks miles better than the revealing one in my opinion.

Her PTSD story is so so bad. Her story is that she helped a woman from being killed in a post office by killing the murderer using the murderer's own gun and in turn getting PTSD from killing someone. Can someone explain her phobia of guns to me? It is so inconsistent like since this point VRMMOs are like The Matrix were
you feel everything is real and life there is indistinguishable from the real world so inside the game she should be fearful of guns because it is realistic to the human mind.

Need I mention she is constantly sexualized. How many time is she involved in fan service? There are countless panning shots of her spandex pants and outlined ass. There is a scene of Kirito revealing her bottom. There is a scene of her in a bra and panty.

I rate this character 1/10 for being offensively bad. Her stupidity for questioning someone because they smiled while playing vidya gaems is so pathetic, Hey Reki everyone smiles while playing video games. I smiled when I brand or kill a captain in Shadow Of Mordor, I smiled when I defeat a boss in a souls game so that definetly means I am up to something.