Worst System of a Down Songs


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1 36

This song is absolutely terrible. Even as a die hard System Of A Down fan I could never like this song. The guitar is all nasally and craptastic. And Serj's screaming is so annoying. One of the songs lyrics is: "Life is so unnecessary." More like "This song is so unnecessary! "
Thank Jesus Christ this song is 46 seconds long. If it was over a minute long I would have hang myself.

2 Soldier Side Intro

They didn’t have to put this on the album, and I’ll never know why they did... - awesomedp900

3 Arto
4 Shame
5 She's Like Heroin

One of my favorites! - Tijsprimo

6 Cigaro
7 Johnny
8 Pictures
9 This Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I'm On This Song
10 Old School Hollywood

The Contenders

11 Mind

THIS SONG IS HORRIBLE! This is the ONLY bad System of a Down song.

12 Stealing Society

Sure it's pretty silly, but it's so amazingly catchy, I don't see you could hate it - mtndewlord

13 Ddevil
14 Question!

This song is amazing, it shouldn't be on this list. - UndisputedLunatic

This is one of the best in my opinion - mtndewlord

What? This is a good song! - DoroExploro13

15 Vicinity of Obscenity

Silly lyrics, but it sounds amazing - mtndewlord

16 Shimmy
17 Jet Pilot
18 F*** the System
19 Cubert
20 Radio/video
21 Bubbles
22 Kill Rock 'N' Roll
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