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1 36 36 Cover Art

This song is absolutely terrible. Even as a die hard System Of A Down fan I could never like this song. The guitar is all nasally and craptastic. And Serj's screaming is so annoying. One of the songs lyrics is: "Life is so unnecessary." More like "This song is so unnecessary! "
Thank Jesus Christ this song is 46 seconds long. If it was over a minute long I would have hang myself.

2 Pictures Pictures Cover Art
3 Arto Arto Cover Art

Yes, this is terrible

4 Bubbles Bubbles Cover Art
5 Cigaro Cigaro Cover Art

good song

6 She's Like Heroin She's Like Heroin Cover Art

This song so unnecessary, bad lyrics, without melody, bad instrumental. 36 is a intro And a joke, os funny at All, bit this... Worst song ever

One of my favorites! - Tijsprimo

7 This Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I'm On This Song This Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I'm On This Song Cover Art
8 Vicinity of Obscenity Vicinity of Obscenity Cover Art

Silly lyrics, but it sounds amazing - mtndewlord

9 Soldier Side Intro Soldier Side Intro Cover Art

They didn’t have to put this on the album, and I’ll never know why they did... - awesomedp900

10 F*** the System

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? Chic N’ Stu Chic N’ Stu Cover Art
? X X Cover Art

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11 Shame Shame Cover Art
12 Boom! Boom! Cover Art
13 Johnny
14 Innervision Innervision Cover Art
15 Ddevil Ddevil Cover Art
16 Jet Pilot Jet Pilot Cover Art
17 Roulette Roulette Cover Art
18 Cubert Cubert Cover Art
19 Shimmy Shimmy Cover Art
20 Thetawaves Thetawaves Cover Art
21 Streamline Streamline Cover Art
22 Old School Hollywood Old School Hollywood Cover Art
23 Stealing Society Stealing Society Cover Art

Sure it's pretty silly, but it's so amazingly catchy, I don't see you could hate it - mtndewlord

24 Mind Mind Cover Art

THIS SONG IS HORRIBLE! This is the ONLY bad System of a Down song.

25 Kill Rock 'N' Roll Kill Rock 'N' Roll Cover Art
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