Top 10 Worst Tamil Actors

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21 Shanthanu Bhagyaraj

He is good in acting...

He disappeared from cinema nowadays

He is real hero

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22 Sam Anderson

He shouldn't be on this list. Is he even an actor?

Best actor with lot of talent.He should act in Hollywood along with Tom Hanks

Only Sivaji Ganesan can be compared with him.Greatest actor.Hats off!

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23 Prabhu Deva Prabhu Deva

I like prabhu deva he is a great achiever with his own talent

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24 Vikram Vikram Vikram is an Indian film actor who predominantly appears in Tamil language films and has won six Filmfare Awards as well as one National Film Award and Tamil Nadu State Film Award amongst other recognitions and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the People's University of Milan in May 2011.

Vikram is good actor

Currently he is the best actor in kollywood... A versatile actor who can perform any roles and take challenging scripts... Only thing that worries about him was that he took more time for a movie...

Only actor can do any role in Indian cinema

He is the best actor in kollywood. His role in cinemas is only made for him. He will get applause at roof

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25 Cheran

Cheran acting is not bad too

26 Shiva

I just hate ask him not to act in movies anymore

He not take any improvement in his acting and dialogue delivery

Not able to laugh for his comedy

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27 Ramki

Vijay is one of the worst actors in kollywood because he acts the same way in all the movies and repeats the same steps in his dance and we can only make the difference in his movie by looking at the heroiens he acts with.

Hey stop commenting on hero just see how much you achieved

Is Vijay and Ramki any way related?

28 Jayam Ravi

He is a perfect actor in Tamil cinema having many talents.

Handsome guy, he is so tall looking but he have to change his voice

He is a perfect actor with a lot talents

He is my favorite actor and he is the next super star of kollywood he is very handsome guy I like jayam Ravi only in Tamil cinema

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29 Vimal

Ella dialogue um ore madiri pesuringa bro.. We want more emotion..

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30 Santhanam

A good comedian. ,hard working to come up as hero... But he's good as comedian

He is a super comedian and a good actor

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31 Adharvaa

I like very much my brother Adharvaa his acting is very good.

He's worst actor, overacting

Adharva is a very good upcoming actor. He has good looks and characteristics to make it. All the best to him

Sir u r looking very cute and lovely

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32 Vikram Prabhu

He is not fit 4 acting really... he thinks himself as his grandpa and dad but he is not good and fit 4 acting in movies he has a very bad look ank and not so good nose it is not 2 hurt him but this is true

He is good actor, gumki is exlent movie and all are good actors, vikram I like you don't feel, you r a good actor,

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33 Nani

The best actor and very sincere, lovable character

I like you so much good looking and cute

You look so cute, I like your smile.

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34 Prakash Raj

He's d best of all

How can he appear in this list?

Good acter, villan, father etc

35 Sasikumar

Can he get of his bearded lousy look? I turn off my T.V. whenever he appears in a movie. Probably a Villain role will fit him better.

He gives same kind of expressions in every movie.As director he is good but not in acting.

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36 Prasanna

He's good, handsome and good in acting.. Smart

He is a good actor and a simple person...long time ago I saw him in a temple...he was so simple and spoke so politely with us

37 Karthi

You look so cute

Karthi who his quickly improved his name in cinema industry

Current all movie not suitable for him?

Karthi best actor ever he is the hero

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38 Arya

Arya is a good actor his improving step by step.. His film can watch..

He also a actor came in to industry without any film background, and he is a good actor too.

Arya is really a fantastic actor and he looks too smart... His sense of humor is very good

I am just crazy about Arya.I just like his brown eyes so much. I became his fan from Raja Rani. how can you say him a worst actor?

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39 R. Sarathkumar

He is only a body builder

Very sexy body

Excellent acting hero in sandamarutham villain role

40 Vivek

He is a very good actor. All his comedy shows gives a clear image of our nation. We must support our talened actor vivek to do as much as comedy, thus making us realize the current situation our nation face and try to change them...
He is my evergreen favourite actor. So please support him.

He is a very good actor but he tries to imitate others a lot.That really irritates.If he gives more importance to his originality he can shine better

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