Top 10 Worst Taylor Swift Songs of the 2010s

Taylor Swift is one of the worst celebrities ever! And she has some pretty terrible songs! And we are going to discuss her worst songs from this decade!

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1 Look What You Made Me Do

This is the only Taylor swift song I dislike

Congratulations, Taylor! You just made me hate you even more with this stupid song! I didn't even know that was possible! I'm not kidding! This song is atrocious! I literally started making this list right after I heard the song for the first time! Why does she still have a career!? As I'm typing this, I haven't seen the music video yet. But I'm not sure if I want to. I find it ironic that her new album is called "Reputation" considering Taylor's reputation has been ruined for years. Jacksfilms pretty much stated it best when he said that this song has no melody. Seriously! Where's the melody!? The way she constantly says "look what you made me do" drives me crazy! But there is one line in the song that really made me mad! "I'm sorry, the old Taylor can't come to the phone right now. Why? Oh. 'Cause she's dead! " Yup! She actually said that! She has changed so much and not in a good way! Wow! What is wrong with her!? Terrible song! Terrible artist! There ...more - MegaSoulhero

The worst song of 2017. How it made it number 1 on charts it was bought for the label. Terrible lyrics and beat. Very repetitive and unoriginal. Just very bad. Worst song ever

Getaway Car deserved to be the lead single than this... coated piece of garbage that I can't stop listening to. Oh no.

2 Shake It Off

This song was the bane of my existence when it came out. Remember when people started hating Let it Go because it was overplayed? This is pretty much Taylor Swift's Let it Go! It was constantly overplayed! I kept on hearing tons of people singing it over and over! Why? It's not even a good song! Yet it seems to have fans. I honestly don't see why. I'll give it this. It's energetic. But it's a little too energetic. Also, one of the lyrics is "I go on too many dates." Which is absolutely true. And it pretty much proves that Taylor Swift needs to stop dating! And surprisingly enough, the music video is actually much worse than the song itself! I have no idea what I watched! There's a part where Taylor is crawling underneath a line of twerking girls! Lol. This song sucks! - MegaSoulhero

When I sing this's better on the first lyrics but when the chorus came it makes me play tongue twister which is I hate it! tongue twister is the worst!...and my mouth was like full of water when I don't really drink water

Yeah, this is not great. Just very, very annoying. - DCfnaf

Annoying as hell - Randomator

3 Out of the Woods

This song has such an annoyingly repetitive chorus! It sounds kind of lazy! She was probably like "I can't think of any good lyrics for the chorus, so I'll just sing 'are we out of the woods yet' a bunch of times! " This song really needs a better chorus! I remember listening to this song during 2015's New Year's rocking' Eve. My sister and I were both looking at each other thinking "Really? " The song is very poorly written! I feel like she's run out of ideas! I've heard better lyrics from preschoolers! Even though most of Taylor's songs are bad, they're usually not THIS lazy! And trust me. She's had some pretty lazy lyrics before. - MegaSoulhero

The problem with 1989 is that literally anybody could've made it and it would basically be the same album. This literally sounds like Taylor Swift singing an Imagine Dragons song. That's not a good thing. - DCfnaf

4 Bad Blood

I really hope the Lego Ninjago movie ends up being good. I feel bad that this song was used in the trailer. I like the idea for this song, but it sounds like crap and it makes me want to rip my ears off! Taylor Swift's singing in this is just awful! It sounded like she was shouting her words rather than actually singing them! The chorus sounds very bad especially! The only saving grace to this song is Kendrick Lamar. Because he's awesome. I actually kind of enjoyed those two rap verses in the song. The parts sung by Taylor Swift are just unbearable to listen to! This is probably her worst singing ever! Both the original song and the one with Kendrick are pretty terrible! Again, this could've been a great song, but even Taylor managed to ruin this one! - MegaSoulhero

Jesus Christ does Taylor sound terrible on this song. And her voice is usually pretty nice. The production doesn't help matters because it sounds so petty and obnoxious. - DCfnaf

5 22

I hate 22! The title of this song is very ironic! She's singing about what it's like being 22 and yet the song makes her sound very immature! She is shown to still complain her ex boyfriends! She's still acting like a teenager! When you enter your 20s, you should be passed this kind of stuff! I also don't understand the lyric in which she says she's going to fall in love with strangers. So she's just gonna go up to some random guy and ask him out? Also, what kind of 22 year old does this? I actually have a sister who's 22 and she is much more mature than this! For the most part. Taylor really needs to grow up! - MegaSoulhero

She could have made "All Too Well", one of the best songs in her discography, a single, but instead she went with the safer, radio-friendly option. I don't think this song is actively bad, but it's really not a highlight in her discography. - DCfnaf

Look. Bad Blood is bad, but at least it had an ok Kendrick verse. Shake It Off is annoying but at least it was catchy as hell...Ready For It is obnoxious but at least it is poses itself as likeable. This song is everything I hate about pop music- obnoxiousness, filler, blandness, hypocrisy, and just being a chore to listen to. - ProPanda

I hate this song. My second least favorite behind look what you made me do - Randomator

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6 We are Never Ever Getting Back Together

We get it, Taylor! We get it! You have guy issues! Shut up about it! This song is annoyingly bad! It's just Taylor, once again, complaining! And it's very hard to take her seriously during this song! The way she says "we" makes it sound like she's on a roller coaster! Is she supposed to be angry or is she supposed to be having fun? It's hard to tell! The parts of the song where she's supposed to be talking on the phone feel very unnecessary! They should've cut those parts out. It wouldn't have changed the song in anyway! This is the worst song to be released in 2012! Regardless of what you think of that one Nicki Minaj song from that a lot of people hate from that year, this song is much worse! - MegaSoulhero

How is this worse than Stupid Hoe? At least the lyrics here are harmless - B1ueNew

This is actually a really good album, but of course, she had to pick the worst song from it to be the big single. - DCfnaf

7 I Knew You Were Trouble

I miss the days when Taylor was a kind and loving country singer and not a pop sell out. Because she didn't come out with songs like this! I absolutely despise this song! This is another reason why she shouldn't be a pop singer! Taylor does not sound good in this. I remember liking this song for a short while, but after listening to it a few more times, I started to get sick of it. Plus, if you knew the guy was trouble, why would you date him? The song doesn't make a lot of sense. It's terribly written and terribly performed! The only good thing to come from it was the screaming goat remix. That was hilarious! It actually made the song worth listening to! Kind of sad when the screaming goat remix is better than the actual version. - MegaSoulhero

This song isn't anything great, but I do find it fun to listen to on occasion. But yeah, the writing is pretty insipid here, especially considering that you'd be stupid to date someone if you knew he was trouble from the beginning. - DCfnaf

8 I Don't Wanna Live Forever

I was trying to avoid putting this on the list, but I just had to! And it's not just because it's from the worst movie of 2017! This is a legitimately bad song! It's just Zayn and Taylor trying very hard to see how high their voices can go! And I don't feel like these two work well together in a duet! But they still have better chemistry than Ana and Christian in the actual movie. I honestly can't listen to this song without being reminded that it's from such an awful movie! That honestly ruins the song for me even more! And besides that, the tone is very bland, Zayn and Taylor's singing is bland, pretty much everything about it is bland. But it's better than the movie it's from. - MegaSoulhero

Garbage. - DCfnaf

9 ...Ready for It?

This is such a worst song in my opinion

And this didn't end up on here why? - DCfnaf

Should be number one

10 Welcome to New York

There's not really a lot to say about this song. It repeats the title way too much, it has a very boring tone, and it's easily forgettable. This isn't one of her more well known songs, but that's kind of a good reason. It's just a very forgettable song that not a lot of people think about when talking about Taylor Swift songs. - MegaSoulhero

Ugh, songs like this are the reason 1989 was so bad. The majority of them are empty and worthless. - DCfnaf

Isn't this song in the beginning of the secret life of pets?

Yes this song is in the stupid pet movie

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11 Blank Space

I know people really like this song, but I personally think it sucks! Seriously! It's just another song in which she's complaining! Something about Starbucks lovers? It doesn't make any sense! Oh wait. Never mind. She didn't say Starbucks lovers. She said she has a list of ex lovers. Which is even worse! Because who keeps a list of their ex lovers? No one! No one does! It's songs like this that show how terrible of a person Taylor Swift is! I guess it's a little understandable why people like it, but I can't stand it! - MegaSoulhero

You're taking this song way too literally. It is meant to be a self parody of her persona from the media. "Oh, I hate my exes and I write songs about them! " It's a joke. Even the music video is a joke. She's not being a terrible person by making this, she's joking about what the media says about her every day. I don't really like this as much as I used to, but it's still a parody. - DCfnaf

Honestly, like DCfnaf, I like this one. It's about making fun of yourself the message is great to pair on with the lyrics.

12 Dear John
13 End Game

Was this how Iron Man dies...I always knew Taylor Swift and Endgame were both crap but You Need To Calm Down and Infinity War and Fortnite are all unforgivable.

14 If This Was a Movie
15 Innocent
16 Last Kiss
17 The Last Time
18 Long Live
19 Starlight
20 Thug Story
21 Delicate
22 I Did Something Bad
23 Gorgeous
24 You Need to Calm Down
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