Worst Taylor Swift Songs

Taylor Swift is my favorite singer. I name her most unsuccessful songs.

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1 Look What You Made Me Do

This isn't that bad... - Firemist

I like her but this song ruined the alburn.

This song makes Taylor Swift look like a mad stranger in front of others that are acting mature. Taylor what is up with you? Have you been taking your meds or something? - LightningStrike

I didn't like the modern Taylor too much because that song is kinda boring and I didn't like her newer songs too much (Especially the songs from Reputation, some of them) - VeronicaMSP

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2 Bad Blood

I love Tay but she totally messed up on this song. She preaches to "not tear down other women" but tears down Katy Perry while her squad prances around in the background displaying how many cool friends she has. I feel a bit like she's had a change of personality after releasing 1989. A good album, but songs like Bad Blood and Shake it Off kind of suck and have VERY problematic music videos.

Saying "we used to be mad love" when she could have said "it used to be mad love" or "we used to have mad love".. just sounds like she's forcing lame slang that nobody's ever said..

Best song of today... it made my day and she hasn't changed still Taylor Swift is best and will always be best

Somehow this version was even worse produced than the Kendrick version, but I actually prefer this. At the very least, she didn't drag down more wasted potential with her. - WonkeyDude98

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3 We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

I can't believe Look what you made me do is on here. It's so catchy! We are never ever getting back together, however, is definitely not my favorite song.

No, I hate this one. - Firemist

If you want your ears to start bleading go ahead and listen to this song. You will hear just how anoying this girl can be! - trippingdove

Really, really annoying song. I'm tired of it.

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4 Shake It Off

I hate the racism in one part because she gets black women in short shorts and typical hooker clothing, which is a massive stereotype.

Laugh out loud. She can't even dance and this stupid songs suit on her. Just shake your stupid body. Who cares?
Shake it off shake it off shake it off. Oh please stop. My ear is burning.

I love this song, however near the end it gets repetitive and a bit annoying "Shake it off shake it off". I was disappointed with the music video. Taylor is starting to turn into Miley Cyrus! I'm so worried for Taylor at the moment because she's my favourite singer, always has been and always will, and if she turned into a pornstar like Miley I would cry! Ughhh I wish good singers stopped turning into immodest show-offs and stop wearing damn swimsuits to the big awards nights. Why don't they wear a beautiful dress? I miss the good old days when Taylor wore really pretty dresses! Now she has lost her feminine style and wears damn bikinis like Selena Gomez and Miley (Miley wears less than a bikini, to be honest). Why? WHY? Why can't we go back to the 2000's when the good singers wore beautiful dresses?

Agree didn't even sound like her

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5 ... Ready for It?

I think I'm gonna throw up when I hear this. I miss old Taylor Swift...

Should be #1, most faulty song by her

Someone said Taylor Swift was better than Freddie Mercury. Well, that hypothesis is wrong. Freddie was original, could actually sing, and do it with meaning. Taylor disses others in her music, and uses auto-tune to make her sound so good. She's not the best singer without. Freddie was one of the best.

I love Talor Swift, but this song, makes me want to puke. I love look what you made me do, and her latest song, gorgeous and I don't see why people have to hate on those songs so much. But this song, hate on it all you want cause it is belongs in the trash can with Justin Bieber, Donald Trump and the bible!

Wow. Saying the Bible belongs in a trash can is the most disrespectful thing you could ever do. I don't care if you are an atheist because I don't know you, but saying that online is so wrong and horrific. Wow. Just... wow. - Untildawn8

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6 Gorgeous

Time to go throw my device now... - MissRWBY202

The lyrics are so basic.

7 This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Phenomenal song, don't @ me. - TheEvilNuggetCookie2

This song should be number one, it copied "hard knock life from annie". And ready for it? Should not be on this list one of her best

What kind of song is this?

This song is so catchy and so shady! I don't care what "you kno who" fans are gonna say! This is a damn good track!

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8 End Game

First of all, bad song. Also WHOSE idea was it to put Ed Sheeran in this?! He can't rap, and I think he knows that, but he just keeps on trying to. It's pathetic. In addition, adding future just made it sound as generic as everything else released these days. This WILL be her end game, no doubt.

I hate this song because the music is electronic and that's not Tay Tay plus the lyrics make no sense.
Don't turn into copycat Lady Gaga

What I tryed dancing to this song but the only movements I made were on my chair

Her new album IS her end game. Glad she noticed that. - idksoleavemealone

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9 22

You guys are crazy.This song is good and catchy.This song is my favourite song.

You were good. I was kind a like you but now whenever I see you in T.V. I just wanna slap your face. What kind of music you making? You attitude is so disgusting. You act as if you are a great singer. But you know what you are so bad in inside. And this song is totally stupid like you. You looks so cheap in this video. Huh! Good singer. Wake up!

You are so cheap and your songs also. This song is so disgusting. Your all song are too bad and I hate you also your annoying face. Wanna slap. Go have some honourd from Adele cause she is the real country singer.

Worst song by far. Your all the songs are sucks. This is the worst in the world

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10 Better Than Revenge

I like this one! - Firemist

Untalented girl's untalented song.

This is in my top 5 Taylor songs! It's so catchy and has memorable lines! - KcSunshine1

I dream of singing this song to my enemy

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11 I Did Something Bad

Yeah, this album - DaisyandRosalina

12 I Don't Wanna Live Forever

Oh no, Tay and Zayn do NOT go together. - Firemist

Taylor and Zayn's voice sound really odd.

Taylor did well in this song but Zayn made it so annoying. - DaisyandRosalina

Why On Earth Is this low? , It Should Be In the Top 5, It Got Overplayed To death

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13 Look What You Made Me Do

Come ON Taylor. WHY do most songs this year have to suck? I understand that it's satire for her image in the industry or whatever but HOLY HELL does it sound awful. If you thought that the chorus of "Out of the Woods" was terrible, you will want to die from listening this one. It's just her speaking "Ooh, look what you made me do" over and over again. SPEAKING. Who are you, Meghan Trainor? Is this your attempt at recreating "Me Too" and "Blank Space"? That was a good song, this? No. Also, this one lyric destroyed the song for me, joke or not:

"I'm sorry, the old Taylor can't come to the phone right now...why? Oh, cause she's DEAD."

It's probably a joke, but seriously...I hate the lyric. Considering people are so literal these days, people will consider that an attack on the fanbase. - DCfnaf

So bad its here twice - idksoleavemealone

So bad that it's on the list twice. - The01Bro

I don't care if this song dissed Kayne, he was so mean with her for no reason so he deserves it, however not only it dissed Katy for that stupid war again but it's not... Taylor... too creepy and weird. - DaisyandRosalina

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14 I Knew You Were Trouble

PUT IT AT number 1! It Sounds like she is constipated! People obviously don't know good music!

My ears bleed when I hear this

This song is so annoying in my opinion. It hurts my ears. Especially the chorus. It's my opinion though. - MissRWBY202

I was curious to heard about this song but when I play my brother started to laugh and said why she was saying the same word in a line?

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15 Blank Space

This song is overrated but not bad. - Firemist

Isn't it funny she's making such as annoying songs just like her. The video tells that she was a useless and most horrible person that no one could stay with her so longer. And she's just making her boyfriend oops ex boyfriend list. Poor child

I am shocked! Taylor has changed so much. She was an amazing singer and nice to everyone now she is a annoying singer. She loose one of her fan. Bye taylor.

She is not a country singer. She is a freakie women who is trying to be cool though she is not. Truth is she is annoying like her songs and will be.

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16 Dear John

How dare she write about a great singer like that? This one neither has a good melody nor good lyrics. She just went on taking revenge on John in the entire song. I'm a Taylor Swift fan in fact, but this song is really not good.

I like john and taylor... John more, and tay went a bit far. He might be a bit of a narcissist but he's not this bad... Also the song is just annoying...

Dear John, make this taylor swift nightmare STOP! - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

This song makes all John Maher fans mad. It reminds me of sad times. - Topten1010

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17 Wildest Dreams

Calvin what is wrong with you? This girl is not marry material, and this song right here (as well as the fact that she is more than likely just using you for a divorce song), is the reason you should stay away from this. If a more handsome guy whose better in bed than you are comes along... Then you're good as gone.

I don't know, something about this song makes me like it...

I like this song.

If you want to heard inoying lisen to this song it is catchy but cruel it gets stuck in your head. And at every school you'll hear kids yelling or screaming it.

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18 Last Kiss

WHAT? THIS IS IN MY TOP TEN FAVORITES OF ALL TIME TAYLOR SONGS! how dare anyone Criticise these beautiful heartfelt emotions that she sings. Her heart is all in this as she vulnerably pleads her experiences. This song is amazing and I know all the lyrics. Haters gonna hate, this song is gold - YOUnique253

You don't know what you are talking about last kiss and all of the other songs that you wrote as bad songs on this, they are really good songs. But I do really love this song. Taylor is the best songwriter ever.

I really love Taylor but this song is just not my type. The only songs I don't like by her are this song, Innocent and Dear John. Sorry Taylor... I still love your music!

I love Taylor Swift but not this song. Number one should be never grow up every time I listen to that song I cry... And I'm in love about 5 of the songs on this list!

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19 September
20 White Horse

This one so boring. Taylor if you can't sing and can't rid of same music why you made this worst song. This song should be banned.

I know... A lot of people love this song. I don't know what they see in it. - swiftie22

Theirs song has feeling which is better than some dogs on the radio...it is to slow? TOO SLOW?!?!

This song is slow but, it reminds to many people that taylor probably won't get married. Boys are to worried that she will write about them. Taylor is a really great artist though! - Topten1010

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21 Fifteen

When you are fifteen and somebody tells you they love you, you believe them! What!

I love this song!

I like this song.

I love this one! Take it off!

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22 Sad Beautiful Tragic

I do not like Taylor Swift at all but this song is quite silent!

Taylor Swift is my favourite singer, but damn, I hate this song so much.

This song is just so... Boring. Taylor Swift can do better, I know she can, she's done WAY better.


23 Thug Story

I never heard this song but the name of this song is too silly.

I think that she just wrote it for fun. It's funny!

What love story SHOULD'VE been named

What the hell? what sort of a person names their song 'Thug Story'?

24 Cold as You

Ugh this one is REALLY annoying and uncomfortable to listen to

I don't enjoy listening to this song. It has some weird details. The cold part makes my brother uncomfortable. It wasn't a big hit. - Topten1010

She is very ugly. This song made her uglier.

Can anyone explain what the "weird details" are? I'm a teenager and I STILL don't get the meaning

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25 Our Song

It's just too country for my taste.

It's really sweet!

26 Tied Together with a Smile

This song is so boring.

Ahh! It's just like a song that helps you sleep.. Should be #1! It's so boring!

This is not a favorite of a lot of people. I sorta like it but it has a 1 star rating out of 10. - Topten1010

Sooo beautiful! This song is meaningful. Songs don't have to be fast to be good. I like slow songs better!

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27 Mean

That hurts because I'm 8! And this song at school I'm bullied a lot and it always makes me feel MUch better go taylor I don't think this list should have ever been made anyway its mean! Taylor worked hard on her songs!

Tripping dove, this song is her only one that is not about a relationship, it's about some journalist who completely insulted her after that horrible grammy performance.

I used to like this song, but not anymore. It says that all bullies are completley mean and selfish and are always going to be like that and the victim is always going to be the sucsessful one and the bully is going to be in prison or something. And in the video the victims never actually stand up to the bullies, they just sit down and cry. Taylor can never be positive or nice, can she?

Exactly. And some bullies bully people because of certain reasons or maybe they're just misunderstood... I understand cause I've met really annoying people before (REALLY annoying not just normal annoying) and I just wanted to punch them.

This hurts me, too! I go to school everyday, and the same mean kids show up. This song gives me the chance to make that hurt heard. The music video for it is good relief for that, too.

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28 Style

Tots with the person that said what the hell is this doing here. Ya my gym teacher plays this song for jogging and ya I'm a kid. - Princess Post

Who is that idiot who it this song in worst

This song is decent, how this on the list? - 05yusuf09

WHAT THE HELL IS THIS DOING HERE? Style is the best song on 1989 and one of Taylor's best. Can someone really tell me that this songs smooth melody and great lyrics don't blow your mind. Aww humanity, this song is pure GENIUS - YOUnique253

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29 Picture to Burn

It reminds me of some angry girl throwing microphones at her ex but really, it's not bad. - Firemist

I agree that it is extremely harsh on the boyfriend. It sounds like his girlfriend wasn't very nice to him if she does all that stuff to him after they broke up. However I will admit that I sing it sometimes when I'm angry.

My sister sung this at the school talent show. My ears almost started to bleed. THIS IS THE WORST SONG EVER

I like this song but it's really whiny

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30 Welcome to New York

It's ok but it's kinda boring. Nothing special with it at all

I like this song, maybe because I want to live in New York.

This song is a bit boring.

I love you taylor

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31 Stay Stay Stay

I love this song because it's so cute and happy sounding

The starting music is like "jingle bells"
I love TAYLOR SWIFT but some of her songs are to weird.
But why did you put the song- love story, you belong with me, we are never ever getting back together, white horse in this list?

32 Out of the Woods

If the record is broken when you are playing this song, you won't even notice until the 27th
"Are we out of the woods yet". - CrabShell

The chorus is lazy and repetitive as hell and what is wrong with that annoying sound at the opening and throughout? Don't get me wrong, I love Taylor Swift, but this song is just really bad.

Like I said with Wildest Dreams, this song is lyrical genius.

"Are we out of the woods yet? Are we out of the woods yet? Are we out of the woods yet? "

I really hate this song.

Annoying. It's literally one damn line over and over again. I can't believe that this song can actually be considered a song. Like one cool line sang repetitively is so damn unoriginal. It's so lazy, she probably wrote it in about 15 minutes. I love Taylor but this song is hands down the worst.

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33 The Outside

This is the best song ever!

This is a song about a girl in Taylor's class who's having a hard time. It makes me stressed though. - Topten1010


34 Breathe

This song is about without you I can't breathe. It makes people scared. I prefer Red. - Topten1010

I prefer red

35 The Last Time

Bit too repetitive. My mom always skips this song when we play it in the car.

I thought this song would be upbeat because of the title but it's not.

It is so good it nearly brings me to tears

I like this song but all the others are better

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36 This Love


37 You Are In Love

Come on, this one is easily one of her best...and a positive song at that!

This song is not my type. I can't even hear the beat

Love this song

This is definitely one of the best on 1989. I don't know what yall are thinking

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38 A Perfectly Good Heart
39 All You Had to Do Was Stay
40 Forever & Always


Hurts in a good way

No that's not true don't worry Tay

It hardly has a tune all words and Taylor practically screams instead of singung

41 I Know Places

Oh yeah, my fave. - Firemist

This song is pretty cool, you just have to listen to it enough to know.

42 The Lucky One

Um this song is amazing

Crap crap crap


43 I'm Only Me When I'm With You

No, even I have to admit this is...horrible. Sorry Tay. - Firemist

Taylor is my queen, but this song is trash.

This song is so bad!

44 Today Was a Fairytale
45 Hey Stephen
46 Babe
47 Change

This is one of my favorite songs by Taylor but, the ratings of America, show it wasn't a hit. - Topten1010

No the final blow will hit ya

The video is so boring

This song definitely sucks.

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48 Safe & Sound

Boring song like taylor

This song is a bit too eerie for my liking.

One word: Creepy.

Best song ever...

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49 Treacherous

This song is not about love. It's about lust. Seriously I wish Taylor wouldn't write this kind of song. UGH.

This slope is treacherous so good you mean


What? BEST SONG EVER IN RED! - swiftie22

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50 I Heart Question Mark

Taylor you are my favourite but this song sucks.

Cute... She was young

I know this song sucks but I can't help but love it. 😂😂😂

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