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61 If This Was a Movie
62 Mary's Song (Oh My My My)
63 Ours

Worst song by her but she was good in the video.

Sweet and innocent

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64 Starlight

I love taylor's songs but why did she sang this kind of crap?!

Taylor wrote this song after seeing a picture of a US senate at a dance party in the '40s in a book or whatever.

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65 Stay Stay Stay

The starting music is like "jingle bells"
I love TAYLOR SWIFT but some of her songs are to weird.
But why did you put the song- love story, you belong with me, we are never ever getting back together, white horse in this list?

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66 Tim McGraw

This was (I think) her very first song! Give her a break!

67 Style

Tots with the person that said what the hell is this doing here. Ya my gym teacher plays this song for jogging and ya I'm a kid. - Princess Post

Who is that idiot who it this song in worst

This song is decent, how this on the list? - 05yusuf09

Hate on Harry, her ex
Sometimes she should just leave her break ups and move on...
Like Perrie moved over Zayn..
Mariah over Nick
But apparently..
This time it's Harry over Taylor

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68 Thug Story

I never heard this song but the name of this song is too silly.

I think that she just wrote it for fun. It's funny!

What love story SHOULD'VE been named

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69 Fearless
70 State of Grace
71 Stay Beautiful
72 Come Back... Be Here
73 I Know Places

This song is pretty cool, you just have to listen to it enough to know.

74 The Way I Loved You
75 Untouchable
76 Jump Then Fall
77 Superstar
78 Clean

Hey who put this here? It's a beautiful song

I love this song! Whoever put this on here has no sense of beautiful music.

Reminds me of Lorde

79 Sparks Fly
80 Wonderland
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