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21 Holiday Punch

I'm surprised that this weapon is listed here. Sure, you can't get critical hits, but critical hits stun your opponent long enough to get a taunt kill. This is a nice weapon when your going one-on-one

I rarely use this in a lot of servers instead of Medical Servers. (You can actually make them start laughing by hitting them that means people can just kill him/her) - Mumbizz01

Its supposed to make the person laugh so you can finish them off, no crits but HEY heavy's melees were already strong

The most funny weapon in the game and weapon created for trolling...its good combo with showdown taunt.
First you force your enemy to laugh and then with showdown taunt kill him.

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22 Eureka Effect

Well, since the Love and War update, the Eureka Effect is a much better weapon. It lets you teleport, but at the price of 50% slower build time, and 50% more expensive upgrade. Now I'm the engineer that builds his sentry at spawn, and moves it when I have a heavy/medic in front of me. None of these debuffs are a problem to me.

The Eureka Effect Might be the worst, though it might be good for ambushing since the teleporting to the spawn thing. But it might be the worst wrench.

Huh? The Eureka Effect is awesome! This is the quickest way to get materials without grabbing ammo boxes. The Gunslinger is a worse Engineer weapon.
Oh, and no weapon is a direct upgrade? What about the Cloak and Dagger?

This is actually a really effective weapon...

It's a GREAT wrench. I don't know where you got the 2 50% increases, because I haven't seen either.

It's still 200 metal to upgrade, and its still the same build time. - mattstat716

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23 Panic Attack

This might have sucked before the Gun Mettle update, but now it deploys faster (similar to the Reserve Shooter, except the switch speed only works when switching TO the Panic Attack, and a 50% faster reload time. If that isn't enough for you to hate the concept, I don't mind.

When and why would you use this waste? Shotgun is more practical, it's always loaded, and it doesn't increase spread... Did Valve even test this piece of crap?

Watch as you load only 4 shells and die before you even deal 50 damage... Whee.

The panic attack is good

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24 Backburner

Its actually really OP, and its always used by a noob that barely even played this game...basicaly that means he never even heard of air blasting


This weapon is very useless! Come on,50 ammo for only 1 airblast? The critical bonus from behind only is useful for ambushing but a lot of times a pyro go front of enemy too, it may be good for experience players but, I think that loss 50 ammo for one airblast when the stock only loss 20?

Agree with me, is a terrible weapon in certain situations

This weapon is for more offensive pros since its not that hard to get behind someone slower in head on combat

W+M1 again. - mattstat716

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25 Brass Beast

Guys. Did you try this weapon on defense?

Hey, look! A walking sentry! No, it's Heavy. Heavy needs to be able to move at least a little bit.

Makes you slower than a tank. Easy death from snipers and spies.

This is the best mingun

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26 Rocket Jumper

The rocket jumper is not a good offensive weapon, but it is great for training your rocket jumping.

Useful once you master it, but you'll need quite a bit of practice to get anything out of it. Don't use banners or the Gunboats with it, or you're a moron.

The Rocket Jumper has double the ammo, and no damage from blasting yourself or to other players, there's a reason why it's called this. - iRocketGamer52

Great weapon to have fun with as long as you have the market gardener.

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27 Ghastly Gibus

This is a hat, not a weapon.

This is a hat, not a weapon.

The only way you could use it as a weapon is to make people underestimate you.

This is a hat not a weapon. Most people refer to this as a noob hat so unless you want to get insulted on public servers don't use it. Even pyro vision goggles are better.

This is a weapon, not a hat.

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28 Chargin' Targe

Why is this even on the list? It's a great and in my opinion it's the best shield

Useful against one third of the classes (4 if you count the Huo-Long Heater), but other shields are better in other situations.

This is the 2nd best weapon in the game, it isn't bad

This item is great. The resistance it gives you is insane! You are like a pyro when it comes to pyro, I mean you have NO AFTERBURN and the resistance on projectiles is great. If you combine it with the loch n load it is OP.

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29 Concheror

The speed boost and life steal effects when active are useful, the passive regeneration can be nice when rocket jumping (for both the damage dealt from the jump if you're not using the Rocket Jumper, and fall damage either way), and it has the quickest charge time out of all the banners if I remember correctly.

Why is this weapon even on this list? Its great, And did ANYONE FORGET THIS HAVE A BANNER?!?!? Well the Banner increase your speed, (which the soldier is the 2nd slowest class) this weapon is great

Yes. The charge time is WAY too slow for it to actually do anything. Waste of weapon

Just use buff banner? - marmalade_skies

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30 Baby Face's Blaster

This weapon started on my personal worst weapons list (When Scout had halved starting speed, and losing all boost on ANY jump), to getting off it (When starting speed was lowered, and only 25% on AIR jumps ONLY), to being very close to getting back on it (75% lost on air jumps, but now you lose boost when damaged, and quite a bit of boost too.)

This used to be the best weapon in the game, until the recent nerf in the Gun Mettle update. Losing boost upon taking damage? REALLY? This weapon used to be the best in the game, but now it's probably the worst.

It's pretty good if you want to distract people or get behind enemy lines quickly, for anybody that uses it can see that it only resets one quarter when you DOUBLE jump

This is a good weapon for people who can aim perfectly...its ok

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31 Family Business

People do have a point, but now there's a faster firing speed in addition to the clip size.

More ammo but less damage? What? That's like same as the normal shotgun, but it takes longer to kill someone! Would you rather shoot 3 shots from Shotgun or 6 shots from this? Where you have bigger chance of surviving? If you are shotgun heavy, go with the stock one.

The Family Business... where do I begin? Well, let's ask why nobody uses the shotgun as a heavy. They don't use it because the minigun has a 200 clip size, does a ton of damage at close range, and rapid fires. However, Valve decided to add a shotgun that they thought people would use. AND THIS IS WHAT THEY DID WITH IT:
+33% clip size
-15% damage penalty
Clip size. CLIP SIZE? WHO GAVE A CRAP ABOUT CLIP SIZE? The only weapon where clip size is an issue is with the scatterguns and rocket launchers!

Great for fat scout

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32 Buffalo Steak Sandvich

First, it doesn't heal you when you eat it. Second, you are forced to switch to melee, and have to take 20% more damage. It only pairs well with Fists of Steel because then you have bullet resistance, but with Heavy's speed, you usually can't get any kills.

Secondary weapon for Heavy. It's a raw beef steak that gives you minicrits for a short time. Unfortunately the heavy is too slow to even get to anyone and hit him in close range. By the way you are forced to switch to MELEE weapon. So... It's useless. Use sandwich instead.

So after a major update, this one now hold the title of worst food item in the game. Because when you use it you are forced to switch to melee mode and take 20% more damage, even if you got crits. Now the ONLY useful use of this thing is on medieval mode, just like the Sharpened Volcano Fragment...

This weapon is very good in MEDIEVAL MODE in combo with buffalo steak sandvich

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33 Natascha

The reason its down is that it takes LONGER for you to bring out, and less damage. heavy is already SLOW and POWERFUL, why make him weaker and even more slower?

Slower spin of time, and less damage, but 20% damage resistance while speed up, and slows down enemies. Nice.

Great weapon to stop charging demoman to your face

Good weapon to pin down enemies.
Extremely useful in MvM against giant scouts. Their sonic-fast speed gets turned into something akin to a soldier and your teammates destroy them while they're crawling through. If unattended by you, a giant scout can easily slip past without being slowed down by milk or jarate.

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34 Overdose

The overdose is a great weapon, and here's why:
If you're attacking with your syringe gun, you're doing medic wrong. The overdose does about 1 point of damage less per syringe (2-3 per shot) AND lets you move faster if you've been healing your allies like a medic should be doing. It allows you to get out of tight spots very quickly.

Stock syringe gun does 12 damage on a hit. Overdose only does 1 damage less.

The Medic is the second fastest class already. Why would he need to go faster?

Useful for getaways and a speed boost when nobody else is around. Nerfed into the grave with Meet Your Match because all mediguns now match the speed of faster healing targets.

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35 Classic

Where do I start with this thing...? The Classic is a weapon introduce in the Love & War Update on June 17th of 2014. The weapon is a reference to the Team Fortress Classic, because it shares a similar design and the same shooting sound effect. On the plus side, you can Headshot even if you are not scooping, on the other hand...this is where things get way worst than you can imagine: Its HOW you use this THING! You can only do a Headshot only if you charge it to 100% and to do that you have to hold the trigger and release it when it gets fully charged. It hurts your finger and even if you are a good sniper you can be a easy target to spies and other classes if you keep focusing on the target you want to kill. The Classic, why you look so cool ad at the same time you suck? You should be ashamed of yourself...

The only way you can headshot is by holding the trigger, IT HURTS YOU KNOW

Great weapon. Especially if you don't to zoo in.

Why not just use the stock?

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36 Diamondback

A good weapon when used correctly.

Only for really pro spies

The Diamondback is a fair and balanced weapon.

Useful for having crits stored up for when you're too panicked to aim at the head with an ambassador or if you're not a great shot.

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37 Cloak and Dagger

Only useful for trolling snipers by standing right in front of them so when they line up that perfect headshot on a medic and they shoot, they kill the Cloak and Dagger spy standing right in front of them.

Unless you are waiting for a specific player to kill, it's useless. Every time I use it I'm discouraged to move because I'm afraid of a Pyro sneaking up before I get a stab.

It's perfect for camping for Capture The Flag Servers and if you wanna be a camper and piss off snipers by backstabbing them (Sure you can) - Mumbizz01

How did this get here? it's a great weapon for hiding in a corner until enemies can't see you

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38 Gunslinger

A mini sentry can be a VERY powerful sentry. It fires faster than a level 1 sentry, but slower than a level 2 sentry. It has less health, but it's so small, this isn't that big of a problem. You can put this up outside the enemy team's spawn and watch the kills go up. and when you pair this with the frontier justice, well, you better start praying.

This weapon can turn your large, Overpowered Sentry, into a tiny little sentry with an alarm, this weapon is actually useful in quite a few ways. It gives +25 health on wear and fires faster than a normal sentry. However, it can't upgrade so it make it very bad on defense, but it makes a very powerful offense engineer. I hate the Gunslinger, but I love it so much.

Very powerful but gets a lot of hate of people using it. People with gunslingers will disable scouts and pyro from helping the team because they are not effective against mini sentries.

The mini sentry can shoot from a mile away so that's why its only level 1, if it wasnt...it would break the game

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39 Cozy Camper

This befits people who love camping as the sniper as the name suggests, but the befits very little and is useless compared to the holy 'JAR OF PISS! ' Just please valve, try and make an item that will befit an different type of play style, like the shields for the demo-knight, and the gunslinger for the engineer.

Snipers, if you are getting shot at you should probably run away, not continue to try and sniper a rocket jumping soldier.

The effect you get when you obtain less recoil from getting shot at is completely useless. Snipers are (one of) the lowest health classes in the game. You can't sacrifice the time to try and run back to supply to try and shoot someone.

The only thing this monstrocity does is to... Heal you 1 health per second. Yepee... It is a secondary for the sniper. A bag. that's it. It takes your secondary slot. So no more Jarate or SMG. You also take 20% more damage from EVERYTHING. So if you have one life it heals you in 2 MINUTES. How long does it take you to get to resupply closet? 10 seconds? 12?

This is very useless, the befit of getting a mindbogglingly 1 health per second while staying still, why couldn't you get an med-kit or call an medic to help you when your injured?

40 Righteous Bison

This weapon sucks, the lasers or whatever you want to call them are REALLY easy to dodge, it only does 20 damage at point blank range, USE SHOTGUN

This is awful weapon after the update, hitting the enemy multiple times was a feature, but Valve recognised this as a bug. Also projectiles are the slowest in the entire game.

The bullets are easy to dodge, and it's damage isn't that great.

Nerfed to the ground so now it is garbage - LolUrAF2pNoob

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