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41 Widowmaker

Miss one shot and you used up more than a quarter of metal used to build a dispenser since one shot is 30 metal out of your 200 metal engineer body along with the ability to hit people and gain back up to 50 metal but only at close range but it is funny to use up nothing but metal on a heavy while he runs out of ammo but the weapon really does look quite ugly - happywheelz600

This gun downsides is that well... Using metal to shoot at enemies... Really that is the only downside for using this gun. The gun makes that you will never reload, and got back a amount of metal for how much damage you did to the enemy, making if you are a great shot that you will never run out of ammo if used correctly, this is my favorite shotgun in all of TF2 and one of my favorite shotguns in the whole game... Even though I love this gun, the thing is if used with the gunslinger, This weapon combo makes you have:
-25 extra health
-It allows you to build mini sentry, (Think of it as an level 1 sentry but fires faster and cost 30 metal less than an normal sentry. ) for the cost
Of building big intimidating sentry.
-And have unlimited ammo, (If used with 100% accuracy. ) and makes you
Able to build them over, and over, and over, and over again.

In my opinion this is one of the best guns in the game but used by the
Right person it can just get a little unfair ...more

42 Rainblower

The rainblower is just a resin of the default flamethrower. Why is this on here? The default weapons are some of the best in the game!

This is just a better looking version of the flamethrower, so it's the best

You have taunt kill effects duh! - SwampertBABY

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43 Sharp Dresser

This weapon is a straight downgrade, no taunt kill.

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44 Rocket Launcher

Why is this on the WORST list? This is one of the most high damaging weapons and you have 4 rockets, you can pretty much handle anything with this stock weapon.

The rocket launcher is a terrible weapon. FOR THE OTHER TEAM.

This is stock, stupid. They aRe best weapons, stupid

Best upgrade from this is the air strike *mic drop*.

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45 Loch-n-Load

That would just make it overpowered. I mean, try to vision it, when that happened. Nobody would even look at all the other demo grenade launchers anymore! Just Loch, load, BOOM all the way.

Used to be the most OP weapon in the game. They murdered it in the new update. Only does extra damage on buildings, and still explodes on contact and has small clip.

If you're bad at aiming with this, you're going to have a hard time hitting your mark - iRocketGamer52

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46 Killing Gloves of Boxing

Dude,I think your looking for the gloves of running urgently

Heavy doesn't need melee unless it's the holiday punch, plus this makes heavy go faster.

The best melee weapon for heavy...in combo with buffalo steak sandvich its pretty great...good thing is that when you have crits on KGB you can swich KGB with minigun and you will ahve crits on minigun for several seconds

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47 Fists of Steel

It's useless if the enemy has the common sense to stay away from the heavy and not shoot when the heavy is in melter range. Also useless in medieval mode

Have an enemy up close. Use these! You have more damage under your belt in exchange for more melee damage taken...
If the enemy is up close, they probably have a melee weapon.

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48 Bazaar Bargain V 2 Comments
49 Power Jack V 2 Comments
50 Tomislav

The tomislav isn't that bad of a weapon really. It spins up faster and is silent when your not firing, but there is the 20% damage rebuff. But there is a statistic that many people don't know about because it isn't listed. The tomislav is a very precise mini gun, and can dominate another heavy from medium range, as it suffers from much LESS bullet spread.

This weapon in my opinion is actually pretty good. Sure the firing speed is a problem and you need to play the heavy a different way but hey. It's pretty fun to use! - SanicHeghog123

Precise with lower damage can outgun high damage with high spread quite often. It's like a pistol for a Fat Scout.

This weapon is made for heavies that try to kill people without people noticing (at least not that much)

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51 Liberty Launcher

Since the update, the liberty is one of the worst soldier rocket launchers I mean-30% damage in return with faster rockets? I'm sticking with the direct hit

The Liberty Launcher... has no niche. It's just like the Direct Hit and Rocket Jumper had a failed abortion or something. It's not anything special - it's the one you always forget.

Its for a market gardener man tread load out that gives you a head on chance

This weapon feels like a Direct Hit for someone who can't aim.

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52 Cleaner's Carbine

It's pretty much all negatives. The stock smg is bad enough, but the carbine is offensively so. The only buff is that you get mincrits for 3 seconds after 1 kill. If you're fighting multiple people up close as a sniper then you're going to get killed. Especially if your you're using a weapon with less damage and slower firing rate.

Hard enough as it is to get kills with the normal SMG. Let alone an SMG that has slower firing speed and smaller clip. The mini-crits are also useless because you can't actually get a kill with it.

Just worst crap but you can start rampage if you can kill somebody with this crap

There is no good reason why you WOULD use this weapon

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53 Loose Cannon

It's more versatile its counter parts. You can jump with this. You can push medic heavy pairs away with ease. You can push people off a point, or into a sentry nest. This grenade launcher is a personal favorite of mine.

I love this weapon deals a lot of damage whenever you want! - SanicHeghog123

In my opinion,it's more for skilled demo-men than average demo-men like me because of the timing gimmick

The Loose Cannon is the best weapon I have ever seen for the demo man.

Timed Explosions? Yes.
Knockback? Yes.
Double Donk? Gimme.

This weapon is great when you pair it with the tide turner, as if you can double donk an enemy, you can take them out with a charge.

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54 Righteous Bison

This weapon sucks, the lasers or whatever you want to call them are REALLY easy to dodge, it only does 20 damage at point blank range, USE SHOTGUN

This is awful weapon after the update, hitting the enemy multiple times was a feature, but Valve recognised this as a bug. Also projectiles are the slowest in the entire game.

The bullets are easy to dodge, and it's damage isn't that great.

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55 Tide Turner

This... Is one of the BEST shields out there if you ask me! Sure, you don't get afterburn invulnerability or the ability to smash people into walls on contact, but you actually are able to turn 180 degrees, something you couldn't do before without the Wee Booties

A nice shield for combo charges (Especially when comboed with The Claidheamh Mor for maximum recharge on a melee kill)

56 The Cow Mangler 5000

The only major downside of this is reduced damage to buildings, but other wise I don't know why this is here. You get free mini-crits whenever you want with a charged shot, and it inflicts after burn.

Only way to use it decently is with the ghost soldier or the Cow Manger, Panic Attack, Escape plan load out(Sentry Murdering).

Deals a good amount of damage, has unlimited ammo, and free mini-crits whenever you want them. This shouldn't be here.

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57 Solemn Vow

This weapon is a useless melee for medic. "Oh great, I can see enemy health and tell my team which ones to kill..." but how do you do that? Your voice commands won't work, chat is often ignored during a firefight and you get slower firing speed. When you are using a melee as medic, the entire point is to save your skin or be using the ubersaw. This needs to be BANNED in MvM because medics already see robot health without it and morons still equip it.

THIS IS FOR BATTLE MEDICS. And battle medics are useless. Therefore, by the transitive property, this is useless.

It removes 25% of your damage, just to see enemy health bars, which is rarely useful, I would know from experience.

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58 Khukuri

Worst? This is the best melee for sniper!

59 Soda Popper


Dude. Chill out. Why are you talking in caps? Are you 8 or something? - SanicHeghog123

This weapon was good back in the good ol' days, but it sadly got nerfed...pretty badly

60 Candy Cane

This weapons isn't bad at all, it drops health packs that are pretty usefull to stop burning and/or heal your pocket medic ( like you even have one as a scout )

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