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61 Soda Popper


Dude. Chill out. Why are you talking in caps? Are you 8 or something? - SanicHeghog123

This weapon was good back in the good ol' days, but it sadly got nerfed...pretty badly

62 Candy Cane

This weapons isn't bad at all, it drops health packs that are pretty usefull to stop burning and/or heal your pocket medic ( like you even have one as a scout )

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63 Dead Ringer

With this your, more slippery than a lubed up bar of soap being held with latex gloves.

I hate this weapon as it allows a hit and run domination weapon thanks to an escape mechanism not even houdinis ghosts could pull off. It gives the speed of a scout after burn immunity and minimum cloak shimmer and it roars a pun decloaking.

This weapon is great for escaping those pesky pesky enemies...and conbined with the eternal reward its pretty op

Attach a dispenser to it and you will never die.
(I'm joking, that isn't real.) - mattstat716

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64 Wrangler

Fun fact of the day: Wrangled sentry guns shoot about 50% faster (16 shots per second instead of 8), and it lets you take out snipers before they can nab you.
Fun fact of the day #2: Get a Fan or Buff soldier to mini-crit you. With the wrangler, which does about 22 damage per shot, that does about 448 points of damage per second. That's enough to take out a heavy and his butt buddy before he can even finish spinning up.

Why is this weapon here?!?! This weapon can have your sentry kill people out of the range of the sentry.

With this, you could shoot beyond the sentry's limits

Don't use it much but,it's still handy

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65 Enforcer

Horribly broken weapon that really needs to be reworked by valve. Its not underpowered or overpowered; its statistics LITERALLY do not work, after the new update Meet Your Match.

After the new update this weapon is useless

I am pretty sure everyone uses their revolvers once their disguse has been blown or as a last resort. I don't really think it's a bad gun but I honestly like it.

We already know the enforcer enforces jack diddly sht. it is very underpowered after the meet your match update which gave me 20 types of cancer

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66 B.A.S.E. Jumper

Allows you to become a sitting duck for people with a Reserve Shooter.

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67 Your Eternal Reward

The silent kill plus no dead body makes it a extreme stealth weapon for chain stabs

Guys, you don't go backstabbedmcbackstabben, you need to know when to backstab.

It's a decent weapon but not the best for some situations

Everyone spychecks everyone anymore.
This weapon is useless: craft into something useful, like the SpyCicle. Like I did! - mattstat716

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68 Splendid Screen

Compared to the other shields, is very weak.

Very powerful when used with either the Claidheamh Mor or the Persian Persuader. If used with the Eyelander or a reskin, charge damage is increased on each head taken.

69 Shotgun

Every class that uses the shotgun has an alternative that has better stats overall. Heavy has the family business (more damage per clip) and the sandvich (you can heal your team ESPECIALLY your pocket medic). The soldier can blast people into the air then crit with the reserve shooter or he can use buff banner to help his team with ambushes using the mini crits they gain. The engineer has both the frontier justice which gets crits when your sentry falls in case there is an ambush going on or you also have the pomson which has a HUGE hotbox as well as no flaws except a slower particle speed.

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70 Energy Sword from Halo

First of all, why is this here? Second of all the gravity gun is from half life 2 not Call of Duty. Third, it's a bad weapon anyways in halo

Easily the best weapon, so cool better than the gravity gun from Call of Duty of blops too.

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71 Manmelter

Situational. If the enemy team has a few pyroes, fine, but if not, it's just a weaker flare gun with infinite ammo

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72 Kritzkrieg

Excuse me? This is the second best medi gun - doodie

I think this weapon deserve to be a normal weapon not a weapon u receive from achimvents because it's so good

It's good, in mvm you can share it with a Scottish demo and demolish everything and crits help against something like a horde of scouts or any other class but a regular medigun has better usage

Sure it builds ├╝bercharge faster, but all the ├╝bercharge does with this medi - gun is give them a few crits and isn't like the invinisibility the others meds give

73 Ali Baba's Wee Booties

They are reskins and you have to sacrifice your primary slot for more health and hard-to-control moving while charging with chargin targe or splendid screen

74 Huntsman

The huntsman isn't really a bad weapon, but rather a weapon that supports a different playstyle

I apologize if this is already here.

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75 Black Box

What the hell this weapon is one of the best in soldier

This weapon heals you.
But it has less ammo.
So, therein lies the dillema.
If you're fighting a heavy/medic combo, you won't die. But uh, you won't live for long, either. - mattstat716

76 Scorch Shot

This weapon is great for tracking down spy's and annoying people from afar.

This is an okay weapon, the detonator is far better in my opinion. - mattstat716

Noob flare gun

Useful in MVM or spychecking, otherwise, not so much.

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77 AWPer Hand

Why the AWPer hand, saying this weapon is bad is like saying the stock rifle is bad. It's a re-skin, in fact I don't know why most of these are on here. For example, the charge n targe you can use this for so much more than demo knighting.

It does not have anything special, people think that has a buff because pros always kill them with it - SpicyMemeMan

Ok, no. Nobody thinks there's a special advantage, ok? Well, I mean, there is ONE special advantage, is that it looks cool, whereas the stock just looks derpy because of it's oversized scope. But other than that, nobody thinks there's a special advantage. If you're going to eavesdrop, eavesdrop correctly, good gawd.

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78 Beggar's Bazooka

Ok, this weapon isn't the best, I mean, you have to reload between each shot, but it can easily level most classes. I mean, not many people can run from 3 rockets, and I've only seen one pyro reflect all 3 of the rockets. But there is a downside to this weapon. If you load 4 rockets, it explodes on you, which will kill you painfully. And this weapon is terrible for defense, as it cannot be fueled by a dispenser.

I don't agree. This weapon is perfect for taking out a sentry because of the shoot three rockets in one click ability.

It just shoots 3 rockets that don't even go straight

This weapon is inaccurate and is a spam gun for people who can't play the soldier properly.

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79 Gloves of Running Urgently

This is basically a Heavy Escape Plan. It's useful as hell, considering the slow movement of the heavy.

How is this on the list of worst Tf2 weapons?
The Gloves of Running Urgently allow you to run at the speed of most other classes, which is great for the slow Heavy. You shouldn't be worrying about mini-crits because
A): you should be switching weapons before you get near the action
B): you will probably have a medic on you
C): only stupid people would attack enemies with this

When you use it you get critical hits
If you are running of a pyro or someone they use a long distance weapon and yothis weapon has haf damage from the stock fists
I don't recomend this weapon

80 Spy-cicle

In my opinion, the spy-cicle is the best weapon in tf2. It doesn't make a sound when the knife melts. When it does, just take out your gun and shoot the Pyro. This is the best use for the enforcer. This is just an upgrade from the stock knife with only very minor downsides.

Why would need this when the dead ringer makes the after burn vanish.

Dead ringer takes time to recharge now. If it's not 100% full, you have a 2nd fallback. - mattstat716

Pyro resist for limited time:Ok
Bad:50 50
Overall:Ok but not very sneaky

Probably one of the worst spy knives, for two reasons.
If a pyro, your main counter, is puffing flames everywhere, he will hit you.
Suddenly, your icicle melts, making a loud *KSSSH* sound that everyone within 2 miles of you can hear.
Cue you running away like a pansy.

Also, the backstab noise is atrociously loud and, despite, it not being shown in the killfeed, it leaves these massive ice sculptures around which give away your location to anyone with half a brain.
0/10 would not recommend.

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