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81 Max's Severed head V 2 Comments
82 The Atomizer

The atomizer is useful for dodging rockets.
It's still useful even If you don't have the set.
Sandman is good but the problem is the 15- max health one rocket to your face at close range and you're dead.

You can jump three times. But it hurts you, and it's weak. Get Sandman or Boston Basher instead. Or a Pan

83 Force-a-Nature

Knock back kinda screws your aim up but not too bad if your good at aiming while moving - LolUrAF2pNoob

Thank God it's 76. I love this weapon! Very useful and does good damage! If you have the crit-a-cola, then a lot of enemies are going to have a bad Tom! (Underpants reference! Lol) - SanicHeghog123

This is like, my #1 weapon!

You can jump with this...?
JUST SHOOT BELOW YOU! - mattstat716

V 2 Comments
84 Wanga Prick

If YORK is here that means this must be here because it has the same stats

V 2 Comments
85 Tribalman's Shiv

The only use this weapon gives is spy checking and the classic "i need a weapon to do my job for me"

This should only be used for spy-checking.

86 Huo-Long Heater

Well huo-long is useless for offense, but it's an ok weapon for defense (preferably brass beast)

1. You run out of ammo incredibly fast, and unless your standing next to a dispenser then it is utterly useless for offenese.

2. The backstab protection basically sucks

A. A spy can literally just shoot at you instead of stabbing you.

B. You can basically wait until the heavy is done shooting and then backstab.

Useful while capping, you become a walking sentry

This is actually a joke but I like brass beast (on defense) and sometimes omislav more.

This weapon is god but the problem iss-it SUCKS ammo...if you know where on map is ammo,there is no problem to use this minigun...it is a basicly flamethower+minigun=huo long heater

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87 Flamethrower

Whoever made this list must've put every weapon here. And they don't realize stock have no downsides.

Use the degreaser for good combos, or backburner for ambushes. The regular flamethrower is never used in highlander.

88 Bonk! Atomic Punch

Great for trolling a sentry though.

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89 Ham Shank

A reskin of every stock melee weapon. If the stock melee for the class sucks, the ham sucks, but looks cooler.

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90 Iron Bomber

It's more for demo-men that want direct damage instead of rolling pills

Doesn't roll and less explosion radius... What is the point? Wouldn't the stock be better?

How do good weapons end up on this list?

It lot more better hit enemies easily

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91 Rescue Ranger

Amazing weapon for sentry nests

Pretty much different to every other engie shotgun.
Very good if used correctly and can be used to get INSANE sentry spots like on the map Egypt.

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92 L'etranger

Its great if you know how to use it

This, + dead ringer, + spycicle.

I'm coming for you! HON HON HON! - mattstat716

93 Manmelter

Situational. If the enemy team has a few pyroes, fine, but if not, it's just a weaker flare gun with infinite ammo

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94 Persian Persuader

A nice weapon, good with demoknight loadouts (especially with the Splended Screen), but not recommeded for demolition loadouts.

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95 Kritzkrieg

Excuse me? This is the second best medi gun - doodie

It's good, in mvm you can share it with a Scottish demo and demolish everything and crits help against something like a horde of scouts or any other class but a regular medigun has better usage

Sure it builds ├╝bercharge faster, but all the ├╝bercharge does with this medi - gun is give them a few crits and isn't like the invinisibility the others meds give

96 Ali Baba's Wee Booties

They are reskins and you have to sacrifice your primary slot for more health and hard-to-control moving while charging with chargin targe or splendid screen

97 Axtingusher

A weapons look does not indicate whether its bad or not.

Ever since the nerf, its been a shadow of its former glory. I can see why they nerfed it. Pyros would just use this and push the other options to the side. Plus with the degreaser its kinda overpowered. Its not a bad weapon you do flare gun damage with the mini-crits and can easily one shot 125 health classes. But its not the same for most including my self.

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98 Beggar's Bazooka

Ok, this weapon isn't the best, I mean, you have to reload between each shot, but it can easily level most classes. I mean, not many people can run from 3 rockets, and I've only seen one pyro reflect all 3 of the rockets. But there is a downside to this weapon. If you load 4 rockets, it explodes on you, which will kill you painfully. And this weapon is terrible for defense, as it cannot be fueled by a dispenser.

I don't agree. This weapon is perfect for taking out a sentry because of the shoot three rockets in one click ability.

It just shoots 3 rockets that don't even go straight

This weapon is inaccurate and is a spam gun for people who can't play the soldier properly.

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99 Sticky Jumper

I'm actually pretty decent with the sticky jumper. I can jump over sentry nests and then use my grenade launcher to take them out. The weapon really allows you to go wherever you want very quickly, flanking enemies and getting to insane heights. Of course it can't deal damage, but the grenade launcher from strange angles usually makes up for it.

I hope you realize almost your entire list is wrong.

Fun to use but not very useful in combat. Go with the Scottish resistance - SanicHeghog123


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100 Degreaser

After the major 2015 nerf, the Degreaser has become a useless, weak flamethrower that has become a shadow of its former self.

I think it is amazing a quick switch so you can jump of of a ledge or some thing set them on fire them quickly smash them with the power jack

You lose a lot of damage for a better weapon switch? Your flamethrower should be equipped almost always and you shouldn't have to change your weapon when someone tries to blast your face out, your flamethrower should already be equipped.

This is really effective with a flare gun

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