Worst Teams of the 2014 FIFA World Cup


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1 Australia

I'm living in Australia but I was born in bosnia and we are definitely the worst

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2 Iran
3 Algeria
4 Honduras

All matches lost in the group stage, a -7 goal difference, and an OWN GOAL, definitely makes them the worst of the 2014 FIFA World Cup! - SelfDestruct

5 Costa Rica

Costa Rica was really good in the world cup. They made into the quarter finals. - SelfDestruct

6 Cameroon
7 Ghana

Are you out of your mind!? Ghana and Japan are really good teams! Try learning a little more of football before making these lists! And what is Bosnia - Herinia? Perhaps you meant Bosnia - Herzegovina! - keyson

Sorry Keyson but I do agree with Ghana and Japan being in the list. They were in last in the group tallies with ONE point each. - SelfDestruct

8 Japan
9 Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hey. It's our first year and we did way better man we almost beat Argentina which has Messi

10 Greece

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11 Spain

According to the statistics they were in last place.

12 Russia
13 Italy

Crazy Balotelli is about to go on a rage. - SuperBacca

14 Brazil
15 England
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