Bloody Hatred #1: Good College Football Teams

Welcome, one and all to my brand new rant series, Bloody Hatred! Here is where I will hate on everything and explain why I hate this garbage so much. However, this isn't going to be your ordinary rant series. Not only will I be hating on a huge variety of things from sports, to games, to music, to everyday life, and stuff like that. I will also try to make this one of those rant series unlike any other, by probably doing some random twist or turn in nearly every episode. Anyways, the very first episode of Bloody Hatred will be hating on most good College Football teams.

So we all know that my favorite College Football team is the Tennessee Volunteers. They are pretty good, but the reason why I like them is because a lot of you know that I live in Tennessee, and my family also used to live in Knoxville just before I was born. I was born in a family whose favorite team was the Tennessee Volunteers, and that is why I like them. However, there are some teams that have done a lot better than Tennessee, either historically, and/or recently. Most of those teams I despise, not because they have done a better job than Tennessee, but mainly because of their rude, obnoxious fans. I am not a bandwagoner, and you won't see me selling my soul for these teams that I'm about to talk about, as these are the teams I hate the most.

Alabama Crimson Tide: Honestly, I absolutely despise the Crimson Tide, and if anything, they are by far my least favorite team out of all College Football. Not only is it annoying that most of their fans are bandwagoners who only like the team because they're good, but also those fans are huge narcissists thinking they are the kings of the world, and whenever they lose one small game, they freak out and start beating people up. The same thing happens when they're winning, as they tend to bully other teams thinking they're the best. I, however would like to see Alabama never win another championship under Nick Satan, but it looks like that they're probably going to win at least 2 or 3 more before he retires. If anything, I'm going to say that the Crimson Tide are basically the Justin Bieber of all sports.

Miami Hurricanes: All Florida football teams are bad, but Miami takes the cake for the worst of them. Miami fans and football players seemed to be just as bad, if not worse than Alabama. Apparently, they tend to make fun of other teams a lot more than Alabama fans have, and so much that they had to make a new penalty called the "Miami Rule" just to stop them from doing so. However, other Florida teams started doing the same thing, which explains why I hate Florida football so much. They aren't the worst team because they aren't nearly as annoying as they were in the 80s and 90s before I was born, but one time I asked my dad why Miami was one of his least favorite teams, and he basically said the same thing I have just said about this stupid team.

Ohio State Buckeyes: This team makes Michigan look like a great team, and I hate to say it to you but Michigan is also a really stupid team. The reason why I hate Ohio State more is because of their stupid fans, which seem to be very obnoxious as well. Kirk Herbstreit used to be a quarterback their, but moved all the way from there, to where I live in Tennessee, all because of their stupid fans. I suggest you never move to Columbus, or really anywhere in Ohio unless if you want a bunch of people to start screaming at you for hating on Ohio State, or even worse, being a fan of Michigan. This just makes me want to say,"Oh How I Hate Ohio State" more by just ranting about this pathetic abomination of a team.

USC Trojans: Ok, so maybe USC has some pretty cool uniforms, a pretty nice stadium, and one of the best fight songs in the entire country, as well as more NFL players than any other team. That is not going to make me like USC, not even a tiny bit. These football devils let Lane Kiffin, the stupidest, most narcissistic, idiotic coach ruin their team, like he did to Tennessee. He's even worse than Derek Dooley who just made Tennessee even worse during his three years coaching, until Butch Jones, a much better coach made the team great again. Not only that, but USC is a team in Los Angeles, which seems to be the craziest town, in the craziest state of the entire country. Still do I pull for them when they're playing against the Crimson Tide.

So now that I'm finished hating on my four least favorite College Football teams, I hope this gives you an idea of why I hate all the good teams on here, and why you should hate them as well. I also heard Tennessee is supposed to play Alabama next week, and they better beat them, or else Alabama will go undefeated and easily win the National Championship again, and I'm pretty sure a lot of people do not want that to happen. I was even pulling for Clemson last year, but they decided to be stupid and let Alabama win the Championship, and the same can be said for Michigan State, Notre Dame, and LSU. Ohio State did beat them that one year, and that is the only reason why they are probably the least bad out of those four teams I went and hated on. That was a good year, because Alabama didn't win, and the year before in 2013 was even better, because Auburn made that play at the end of the game and returned the ball for a touchdown, ruining Alabama's chance to win three-straight national championships. Sure I don't like Florida State or Ohio State, but I'd rather see them win than Alabama, under their coach, Nick Satan. Alabama may be the worst team out there, but I also hate Miami, Ohio State, and USC, and if one of those teams end up becoming the next big showoff team that wins every year, then maybe I'll hate them probably just as much as I hate Alabama. I could've made this rant just about Alabama, but I also wanted to hate on other teams, because that way, half of the episodes in this new series wouldn't be focused on hating College Football teams.

Anyways, that is all I have to say for now. Thank you for reading the very first episode of my brand new rant series, Bloody Hatred! I hope you enjoyed this blog post, and I will be seeing you later.


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