Top Ten Worst Teams in English Premier League


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1 Manchester United Manchester United Manchester United Football Club is a professional football club based in Old Trafford, Greater Manchester, England, that competes in the Premier League, the top flight of English football.

Manchester United is one of the most successful teams in the world. How are they the worst team in the premier league? Look at Aston Villa, where are they the whole time? Oh wait, they're at the bottom.

As a liverpool fan, I'm obligated to say that either everton or man u are the worst, and to be honest, that's the easiest decision I've ever had to make

Manchester is bad because this year thy are seventh place

Man utd is nearly winning the fa cup Manchester United is not the worst team😡 to the person who made this website

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2 Derby

By far the worst team ever in premier league history 11 points that's pathetic

Derby County. 11 points in 38 matches. What a record.


3 West Brom

if you want to learn how to suck at soccer these are the best people to do it

I watch this team If I want to laugh extremely hard

West brom means west team ever

4 Liverpool

They invented the word rubbish

They used to be good but nowadays they are crap

This team used to be amazing but what's happened to them?!?!?! About 13 years ago they were winning everything, and now they're struggling, a lot.


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5 Manchester City Manchester City

Man city are so rubbish because they lost against Liverpool and some people say Liverpool invented the word rubbish... man you lost against them LOLOLOLOLOL! - Shamo24

They are the stupidest

Man city is the best not the worst

They're an English team with barely any Englishmen shameful

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6 Arsenal Arsenal

Arsenal are the best ever!

Greatest team out there

Will win the title

I hate arsenal like the only descent players are Sanchez Ozil Laccacete

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7 Stoke

Stoke are awesome

They play boring football

Peter crouch is ugly

8 Chelsea Chelsea

Chelsea sucks. They can't keep a manager because every season the current one runs off seeing how disgusting they play. Suarez had a reason to bite Ivanovic! And Manchester United RULE!

What idiots voted CHELSEA they are the best team of all time and have lots of history

Why chelsea is here? I mean 2 European final in 2012 and chelsea got quality young players like hazard, oscar etc. They should be respected.

They are the best yes they are

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9 Sunderland

Twice relegated with the lowest ever points (until Derby saved them). Always 1000's of empty seats at their stadium
They would love to be Geordies haha

The second worst ever team in the premier league only too Derby

Sunderland are so cheap

I think we've got a good team but our defense is not very good we need to work on our full backs

10 Norich

They suck as seb supports them

They suck because seb sucks

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11 Reading
12 Crystal Palace Crystal Palace Crystal Palace Football Club is an English professional football club based in South Norwood, London, that plays in the Premier League, the highest tier in English football. V 1 Comment
13 Fulham Fulham

I think Fulham is good

14 Wigan Athletic

Wigan are my teams main rivals! Support Bolton Wanderers, hate Wigan Athletic.

Well wy are Wigan suck they don't because they never get regalted because they fight

15 Blackburn
16 West Ham
17 Birmingham
18 Hull City
19 Tottenham Hotspur Tottenham Hotspur Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, commonly referred to as Spurs, is an English football club located in Tottenham, Haringey, London, that competes in the Premier League.

When was the last time when they won the league

At least they don't buy trophies

20 Everton Everton

Are a mediocre team

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