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1 Robin Robin

In almost every episode robin does an evil deed like cheating in a race, taking a couch away for fun, he's the worst character in the show he should be number one he is a terrible leader. He thinks just cause he's a leader he can ruin his friends lives they r having fun robin then u come around a say STOP HAVING FUN

Robin was completely ruined in teen titans go. He is either annoying, greedy, malicious, and destructive. He used to be a great leader who was likeable and had a few flaws but now I can't see anything good about him anymore.

He botched up time so he could be president of the United States

2 words: BIG. EGO

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2 Beast Boy Beast Boy

I HATE BEAST BOY! He doesn't care about anyone or anything but Cyborg and his stupid video games! Plus, he doesn't do any real crime fighting.

With the top 5, Beast Boy is the worst. He's so annoying. He doesn't care about anything. In the episode gorilla Beast Boy as a gorilla sits on top of Robin! I mean, how crazy is that!

Beast Boy has the greatest sense of humor, he loves burritos and is an AMAZING dancer and singer.

In TTG Cyborg and Beast Boy are annoying cretins who always make dumb jokes and annoy everyone. - Lunala

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3 Starfire Starfire Starfire is the name of several fictional comic book characters appearing in books published by DC Comics.

If feel like they dumbed down Starfire. She always uses the word "the" before every word she says. Well at least she doesn't play with little ponies like Raven does.

Starfire is wonderful! She's sweet, she has a caring side, she loves animals and treats them well, and she is awesome, and she has really cool powers!

A very clueless character. Hell even Raven is better

She licks bugs she is dumb she too sweet AND SHE TALKS TO WARTS

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4 Raven Raven

Raven is so stupid! I mean, look, she has a crush on Beast Boy and what does she do, she punches him all the time. I mean, she doesn't care about anyone but herself. She should be the one getting punched all the time.

Babyish! Dumb! She is basically the most hated character in my opinion!

She tortures her friends just because she can't play with her stupid baby toys, eats the teeth of children, allows her friends to turn into senior citizens because of her stupid old people fetish, shoves her hideous legs into everyone's face, and destroys a baseball field just because someone HIT HER ON THE GOD DANG HEAD WITH A GOD DANG BALL ON ACCIDENT! Yep, she's pretty much the worst.

Her personality constantly changes throughout each episodes. Some episodes she acts like an anti-social emo. Some episodes she acts like an idiotic fangirl. It's like the writers have no idea what to do with her!

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5 Cyborg Cyborg

Cyborg is probably my favorite. He has more sense than the other titans and, while he is loud, he has personality. Beast Boy is boring and annoying, while Cyborg is really awesome.

Cyborg and Beast Boy are so annoying when together. They are annoying cretins who make bad jokes. - Lunala

Cyborg is SO loud and SO annoying!

I LOVE Cyborg. He is no doubt my favorite. I HATE. HAAATTEE Beast Boy. He creeps me out and is scary. I hate him so much. Go Cyborg. - Untildawn8

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6 Terra Terra

Terra went from one of the most complex and interesting characters on Teen Titans to such a deceitful, evil loser. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

They turned such an awesome, epic character with tons of depth into an evil, bratty jerk!

Terra is ruining bbrae! She is the worst! She should not be number 8, she should be number 1,000

7 Wally T

He's so damn annoying

He's ugly

8 Sticky Joe

He's kinda funny

DR! I absolutely HATE Sticky Joe! All he does is lay around and does nothing! He only says this 1 word--- "HOWDY! "

I'm sick of hearing it over and over again! I know he is a homeless hobo and all that-- but get real. Sticky Joe is one of the worst characters on this show. Plus, he's voiced by the same actor who voices Cyborg

In one episode, Rose Wilson (Ravager) tried to hit him using one of her swords!

9 Kid Flash Kid Flash

They made a great and awesome young hero into one the most biggest jerks ever.

He should be second he's a bitch

10 Jinx Jinx

In my opinion, I actually think Jinx is a pretty cool character. I mean, she hates the Titans and so do I!

In Opearation Dude Rescue, she was blasting her hex's around and she shot one out of her booty! What?

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11 Silkie

Silkie should not be in the list! He is dang cute and is very resilient as he can endure Starfire's stupidity and licking. Starfire is the second worst with Robin being the WORST!

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12 Trigon Trigon Trigon is a demon, a comic book character published by DC Comics. He is one of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe, having enslaved many worlds.

Best Demon ever into a lame daddy


13 See-More
14 Billy Numerous

I heard Billy Numerous talk in "Snuggle-Time"

15 Aquaemane

Lol I hate everything - SushigirlO6

16 Blackfire

I don't think Blackfire is really that bad. I feel kind of sorry for her to have a little sister who is an "Alien Princess Psychopath"

In The Titans Show, I saw Blackfire using her lilac fiery lasers! I was actually glad she turned against her sister (Probably revenge of what happened in "Mr. Butt")

17 Gizmo
18 Mammoth Mammoth

When ever the titans battle the Hive, he just stands there freaked out and lets himself get beat up. Aren't you supposed to be the strong one, Mammoth?

19 Aqualad
20 Speedy
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