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1 The Return of Slade

I totally understand where the hate is coming from. The writers of Teen Titans Go did a trope which I like to call "The Fishhook Effect".

Basically, a fish (viewer) is going along the lake (channel) and soon comes across a hook (show). Since the hook has a worm (a cool advertisement or title), the fish thinks that they are in for a treat if they interact with the hook. Unfortunately, once the fish realizes what the fisherman's (writer's) intentions really are, it's already too late.

Speaking in English, the writers did something they knew would attract fans of the original: state that Slade was going to return. Many old fans tuned in thinking that the Titans would finally get serious for once while others tuned in out of curiosity on how they would portray him. Sadly, not only were we conned out of our time with another worthless piece of garbage, but in the process, we are called out as being losers for enjoying something we should have outgrown.

In the ...more

I kinda saw the whole ratings trap from a mile away, but I don't understand why they hate us for yelling at it. Just because I'm a old fan and I hate it is not because of ITS NOT SERIOUS, or ITS NOT LIKE THE OLD ONE, its more of where is comedy? It's a comedy show, and there jokes are just awful, and there plots are just mind numbing. Look, old titans was a good comedy, not because of it being serious, just because it can be pretty funny in a while. And if this show thinks we want it to be like the old series and not the comedy then a fan could write better then this

This is a worse ratings trap than Truth Or Square. This is because the creators of SpongeBob didn't make fun of it's haters.

Despite the title stating that Slade would return, he doesn't even affect the episode. He's just mentioned in the first 2 minutes, and never brought up again. The rest of the episode is about clowns.

As you might have heard before, this episode was made specifically to repond to its critics. They used the title to lure them into watching what they think is an action packed episode, only to be tricked into watching Barney Neuterard.

Basically, the writers use a clown to represent kids cartoons. They go on and on about how those cartoons are only for kids and that we should stop criticizing something we should have outgrown. The problem? Many shows that people loved as kids are commonly still loved as adults. Ren and Stimpy, Samuri Jack, and mabye the old Looney Tunes shorts. They are still well known to this day. People will probably spend ...more


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2 Boys vs. Girls

This is the epitome of every "feminism episode" of a kid show, ever made. It seems that a children's show can not simply do a nice episode about women's rights, without using it to take shots at men. This has been going on for generation of television and this episode takes all the worst cliches and tropes from episodes with those themes and combining into "Boys vs. Girls". Everything from the boys being gross and stupid, to the girls being successful at everything is cranked up to 11 and finished off, with a speech from Robin, admitting that girls are better than boys, because they're smarter, stronger, more mature, etc.

It's amazing how whenever feminism is discussed in kids T.V. shows, the "issues that girls face in society" are always extremely archaic stereotypes that haven't been around, since the 1960's. At no point in the 2000's have I ever heard of it being "common knowledge" for men to be stronger than women, for men to be ...more

You know how you teach kids NOT to be sexist. By NOT doing anymore damn boys vs. Girls episodes for God's sake! You do it by placing the genders on equal ground in every episode, as they had been doing up to this point. The girls kick just as much ass as the boys, and they have their own personalities and flaws just like the boys. You teach kids to not be sexist by treating them like fellow human beings, not separating them into their own species as this episode seems to do.

Oh, and the girls always win thing... Yeah it's getting really effing old now. I remember when this show knew how to be subtle...

This episode is pretty much offensive to everybody. I laughed when Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg lost because they stink, but I know real boys are so much stronger than these dweebs. The girls on the other hand, are spoiled rotten. How can some stupid drawings prove anything? Boys and girls are both awesome!

By the way, I'm a girl so don't judge me about the spoiled rotten thing.

This episode was just so dumb. So much sexism and why would Robin infect the women with what looked like herpes to give them cooties? This doesn't make sense as Robin regularly flirts with Starfire so why would he believe something that we all grow out of by 6?

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3 Waffles

DO YOU LIKE WAFFLES!? Like seriously, this ruined waffles for me. - KingFab

As much I hate Robin, I was hoping he'd shoot Cyborg and Beast Boy for constantly saying "Waffles". These two clowns are always making up stupid games in order to aggravate everybody else! They should get life in prison just for this stupid episode!

To be honest, I think Robin is the best character out of the entire show. - LittleAwesomeApple

I remember when I was little, and I walked around school singing the 'Waffles' song. Looking back at that now, I realize how stupid I was. Being a child, the bright colors, goofy humor, and FINALLY getting cable had amused me. A year later (yes, I'm a kid that hates Teen Titans Go! ), the novelty wore off. School got harder. I got smarter, and became a cognitively superior gifted child (in math, science, and language arts), and learned to watch more sophisticated things (or, cartoons with better ratings), while those who continued to watch Teen Titans Go! got lower grades. It's begun. Parents, it's time to realize this show is only making children dumber, and who needs that? PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!

The whole point of a cartoon is to entertain and inform. waffles fails on all levels! I t now I want waffles!

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4 The True Meaning of Christmas

BETTER WAY TO END THE EPISODE: Before the Titans go to the North Pole, Santa suddenly stops by and says that he forgot to give them what they REALLY deserved. He then dumps an entire sack of reindeer crap all over them. The Titans then start to feel unloved as Robin asks Santa why he hates their guts. Santa then says that it's because their the worst human beings he's ever had the misfortune of learning about, and thinking that the Titans are too retarded to know what he's talking about, pulls up a T.V. monitor from out of nowhere and shows a clip show of all five of Titans at their worst moments in the series. The Titans then stand there, speechless, as Santa jumps into his sleigh, and tells them to not be such unlikable jerks in the future. He then flies away, not before dumping more reindeer crap of their spoiled fat heads.

This episode is bad! I mean... Can you belive it? Robin BLOWS up the factory and they just give the hat to santa and RUIN the true meaning of Christmas. Robins up to this stuff.

This episode is teaching kids that if they're being punished for doing something bad, they should be even worse to get what they want. - alphadan12

Moral: If Santa doesn't give you presents, go to his workshop, eat gingerbread homes, get an elf kicked out, make fun of Rudolph, and kill an elf. And then rage at Santa. Hey Titans, guess what? That wasn't the right thing to do. Christmas is about coming together and celebrating, not presents. - EpicJake

Worst Christmas episode special I have ever watched in my opinion! It's so bad and very mean spirited! Robin literally just blew up the whole entire factory and all Santa's Christmas presents. Christmas is about spending time with your family together and celebrating, not just presents! Breaking into Santa's workshop and raging at poor Santa isn't the right thing to do and after doing that, the titans really deserve to be on the naughty list and than Santa flies away on his sleigh and dumbs reindeer poop on the spoilt teen toddler's faces.

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5 Squash and Stretch

I hate this episode! I'm a child animal rights activist and I couldn't even watch this. He was just a squirrel for God's sake! Even the title is disturbing. "Squash and Stretch? " Seriously? It makes me sick! And violence is never the answer! Seriously Cartoon Network, get your crap together. This episode was so sickeningly stupid, I'm thinking of writing hate mail to Cartoon Network. No one deserves what happened to that poor squirrel. This is an animal rights activist's nightmare! PETA and ASPCA would never approve!

Ugh! This episode was too painful to watch. Violence is NEVER the answer to your problem! Seriously, Cartoon Network, you need to get your act together! This episode made me wanna throw toilet paper over Titans Tower (in TTG) and some eggs to throw on it as well. I mean, it was just a squirrel. Maybe he wanted the bowl of nuts, because he was hungry or something. Have the Titans ever heard of biology or environmental science? Probably not. Here are 2 messages...

Squirrel: I'm sorry that you almost got killed (and possibly molested as well). I know you are a squirrel, so you have a right to eat nuts. You did not deserve to die. I know the original Titans would NEVER do something like this. I wish you good luck and enjoy nuts for life.

Titans: What the hell is your guys' problem?! All of you were being complete jerks to that poor innocent squirrel! Squirrels eat nuts all the time for crying out loud! You guys are the ones that should DIE! I also wish the original Titans ...more - Stazemar000

After seeing this episode, I felt sorry for that poor squirrel almost getting killed. I would NEVER kill any kind of animal, even a squirrel!

Here are 2 messages...

Squirrel: I'm sorry to hear you almost got killed and molested (probably) and I know you maybe were just hungry and found a bowl of nuts which belonged to the Titans. I understand you enjoy nuts. I would give those Titans a piece of my mind!
I wish you the best of luck and enjoy nuts for life

Titans: What the hell is your problem?! You guys were being complete jerks to that poor squirrel! Squirrels eat nuts all the time for God's sake! All of you deserve to die for what you've been trying to do to that poor innocent squirrel! I really hate your guts and wish the original Titans were back! SCREW ALL OF YOU, TITANS!

Here's a REAL why violance is funny in cartoons but not in real life in fictional settings it's funny because they like to see the character suffer for doing something stupid or mean and deserved their karma in real life it's scary, offensive and wrong

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6 Friendship

Raven not only needs to learn act like a real goth, but she also needs to learn to act like GOD DANG ADULT! I really wanted to punch her in the face when she wouldn't stop talking about that stupid friendship crap. I also wanted to beat the living crap out of those stupid ponies (especially the one that sounds like Twilight Sparkle because she's the worst pony) for acting retarded and annoying! I also wanted to beat up the writers for killing comedy and Tara Strong for not only performing annoying voices over and over again, but for also allowing the writers to turn her ONLY tolerable character into a retarded, unlikable, selfish, annoying idiot (just like her)!

Why do we need an episode to mock My Little Pony? To mock bronies? Well bronies can just live with it. This is essentially revenge for all of their bragging all of these years. I can't even find Pixel Pinkie (one of my new favorite shows) without looking up a beeping pony. This is payback for all of you. And if you don't agree, then I don't want to hear it. GET A DARN LIFE BRONIES! PS, this episode sucks as well.

Yay, stereotypes keep getting flung at us! And why do you like Pixel Pinkie? It's horrible! - Puga

I have no opinion because I never saw this episode but I hate Ravens happy personality trait.

A good way to describe this episode:
The Teen Titans were stuck in the My Little Pony rip-off show. Raven becomes crazy about it and begins to scream about how important friendship was. Some sort of pegasi assists them and told them friendship was worth it/friendship was everything. Seriously, isn't that just completely My Little Pony-ish? And then they went into somewhere where there were some unicorns were using magic to summon music to stop a giant from awakening. The whole "friendship" thing was a little too overwhelming for me, and I immediately hated that episode. At the end the ponies were basically talking about how important friendship was and it links up everybody.
So... first of all. This... isn't serious. You know MLP had different types of ponies, right? Pure unicorns, pure pegasi... they all have "cutie marks", and they think friendship was very important. THEN, in the extremely cruel rip-off episode, there's were those ponies... with cutie marks on their faces... ...more

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7 Let's Get Serious

I have three issues with this episode:

First of all, brooding =/= serious. None of the melodrama portrayed in this episode is remotely funny.

Second of all, the "serious" faces. When this episode first came out, those horrific faces creeped me out. Those close ups at the end were what finally made me change the channel.

Finally, the writer's response to criticism. We just wanted these Titans to have better characterization, not to be more "serious" if you could call it that. If you can have these Titans adopt so many different attitudes and personalities over the course of the series, why is it so hard for you to stick with one individual personality per Titan? If it's because bad characterization is a part of TTG's foundation, I don't know what else to tell you, other than you're LAZY! - alphadan12

They deformed the Titans in this episode because of Beast Boy's stupid juice box. I mean nobody cares about your drink just get a new one for crying out loud.

Totally insults Young Justice.

problem 1: it is insulting the critics who call it corny and stupid, not in a subtle or funny way though.
problem 2? : insults other great superhero shows.
problem 3?! : the animation is HIDEOUS! I ALMOST GOT NIGHTMARES FROM THEM.
problem 4?! : regular episodes are better than this by a WIDE margin.

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8 Staring at the Future

Cyborg and Beast Boy prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are total lazy bums who have no intention of improving themselves whatsoever. For them to mock and ridicule the others for becoming better and responsible people is shameful. Cyborg and Beast Boy are a disgrace!

If the creators of this show want to make it stupid, then that's their problem. But in this episode, they went somewhere they shouldn't have gone. They destroyed one of their best episodes ever, "How Long Is Forever? ". Now it's a fact. The creators made Teen Titans Go just to tick off the fans of the original.

The way Cyborg and Beast Boy behaved in this episode made me so angry that I wanted to strangle both of those lousy bums with my bare hands and choke off their air supply until they passed away. But on second thought these idiots should be tortured instead.

This teaches kids to avoid responsibility like the word itself could KILL EVERYONE - Ikura

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9 Batman V Teen Titans: Dark Injustice

So, the creators did exactly what they did for the show's most infamous episode, "Return of Slade", and thought people would watch this episode if the title mentioned Batman? IT'S LIKE THOSE JERKS THINK WE'RE BOTH STUPID AND GULLIBLE!

I thought this would be a Titans vs Batman episode, but NOPE! Its about the titans hurting each other. I was SO confused that I thought the creators accidently out in a new episodeinstead of a batman battle. But this wasn't a mistake, it's real, this is the actual episode. I thought 'Hmm... I think someone accidently switched this april fools episode with a batman battle.' but that wasn't the case. It's not the worst... but it's not good.

I thought those idiots were going to attack batman for no reason. I knew it would suck, but it was WORSE than I thought it would be. The titans prank (not rly) each other aka getting mauled by werewolves getting beaten (by someone who always beats u) and crushing some ones spirit. And then there was the ending... I am not even going to spoil it...

At first, I thought: Batman would appear! I would want to watch it a LOT yes yes yes!
After I watched it... okay this is what I thought.
Umm, guys? That was weird. Those pranks were stupid. Where did Batman go? Where the heck did BATMAN GO? PLUS the pranks were annoying. I want to see Batman more than stupid pranks that involves hitting each other. And the end was the most irritating.
First of all, I do ship Raven and Beast Boy, but sometimes ships shouldn’t go too far, and I like it when two fall in love. But MARRYING?!?! My whole body was shivering at that part. If the two marry, then nobody can ship BBRae anymore. I hated the episode right away, but then...
Second, I hate when the characters turn their faces towards the camera to talk to us. And now the characters WERE LAUGHING AT US. They were screaming, “HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY! AHAHA! Did you see their faces? Ahaha! They freaked out, they were like...” And they pointed their fingers at us. I may as well point my ...more

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10 The Fourth Wall

The most vile and mean episode of the show in some time. In this episode, the writers thought to themselves to create an entire episode blatantly making fun of the haters of the show instead of creating a funny or innovative plot. So, as a result, we get tons of unnecessary fart jokes, jabs at other much better shows, and an obnoxious villain. The episode felt much more like the creators whining at us to stop hating the show than an actual, cohesive plot.

This is the worst episode of the entire show. Yes, worst than The Return of Slade & Let's Get Serious. It's terrible, the people explain every detail of what's wrong this show, & yet they aren't gonna do jack about it. Just like Mr.Enter says: "What I'm doing is wrong, I know it's wrong, but I'm gonna do it anyways". The show will continue to get worse in the future. The writers will never learn anything. They're gonna continue to make it worse.

Seriously, what really gets on me is the gross farting scene, and this needs to be on the top ten IMMEDIATELY! And when Beast Boy at least TRIES to say his line, Robin just SCREAMS at him unlike the rest of the Titans. And they already break the Fourth Wall in the BEGINNING of the damn episode! This shows needs to DIE! And Control Freak (the only good character in this episode) almost reboots them but his progress hit ROCK BOTTOM! And, they make fun of the haters (US! ) for just saying, NO MORE DOOKY JOKES! And they call us CREEPS!

Why is this number 10? I, so much, hate this episode that I want this episode sued. This episode had no plot. All that happens is that the titans insult the audience claiming that the audience are in the fourth wall. And the titans say mean things to us because Control Freak tells them we think they are garbage. In the end of the episode, the Titans try to kill us by breaking our T.V. (the fourth wal) (it's fake, actually)

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? The Best Robin

All the clones of Robin were competing to see whose worse at angering the viewers. I guess all of them have won. - Hellohi

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11 Two-Parter

This episode is just sad. I already knew it was going to suck after seeing the promos for it. It's just the Toddler Titans trying save the Justice League by dressing up like them and showing us why they suck at being superheroes. This episode would've been funny if the Justice League got free and beat up the idiots for messing up their fortress, stealing their outfits, and crashing the Invisible Jet. And by Thor's hammer, Weird Al, what on Earth were you thinking when you signed up for this!?!

Weird Al was forced to do it when he was promised a Snickers bar by one of the executive producers of Teen Titans Go I think he hates this show too.

Why is weird Al in this show?

Honestly, he should've stuck with music instead of being in animation.

Raven says you keep saying that today is special but nothing has happened that’s pretty much the episode

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12 Smile Bones

Ugh! This episode was downright disgusting, unpleasant, and nauseating. Who would make a joke about teeth?

So, the plot is basically Beast Boy and Cyborg showing Robin, Starfire, and Raven how to eat their food without using their teeth (beware though, because that could be a choking hazard in real life). However, Robin does have a point about how savoring food and using your teeth is more beneficial than wolfing it down at once. So, apparently, Cyborg and Beast Boy steal their food and squish their bellies around in happiness. I couldn't believe Robin, Starfire, and Raven gave up and joined their bandwagon.

Later, Beast Boy and Cyborg grow extremely fat and their bellies come to life. The Belly Bros go on an eating rampage. I was shocked when Cyborg's belly ATE a LIVE goat in one scene. Then, 2 minutes later, the bellies grow up to the size of a giant over the city, consuming everything in their paths. From food to buildings. They're stopped when Beast Boy and Cyborg ...more - Stazemar000

This was the most disgusting, foul, and unpleasant episode of almost any cartoon I've seen ever. What kind of person thinks "hey, lets make jokes about eating teeth? " This show has many crappy episodes, but this one has to be the most downright revolting.

This episode was so unbelievably stupid! The plot basically consists of Cyborg and Beast Boy persuading the others to not chew their food when eating (A choking hazard! ) and stealing their friends' food before becoming so fat that their stomachs LITERALLY COME TO LIFE and eat everything in sight until they become kaiju-sized, even going as far as to eat LIVE ANIMALS in one scene! They're stopped when Cyborg and Beast Boy slowly eat a meal given to them to stop the rampage of the "Belly Bros". This episode would've at least had a good moral among the lines of "Don't wolf down food" going for it if it wasn't for the ending where Robin declared "BIGGEST BELLY IS IN CHARGE! " and he was fat and without teeth at the end. How this episode was greenlit is beyond me. - WindWakerFan

Disgusting piece of trash...nobody wants to eat teeth and what idiot makes a episode about eating people teeth? Nasty.😷

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13 Gorilla

This episode sucked!

I would never harm an animal but in beast boys case I'm making a very big exception

Beast Boy was the biggest jerk in this episode ever.

This made Beast Boy into a complete jackass. Oh wait, he always was jackass. - Gehenna

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14 Hot Garbage

This show in a nutshell. - DCfnaf

Watching this episode made me wanna puke! Beast Boy is such a disgusting sloppy pig! (No disrespect to actual pigs with the curly tails.. they're far more cleaner and have way more dignity and class than Beast Boy.)

Calling garbage hot is just weird. That gross


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15 Kicking a Ball and Pretending to be Hurt.

Oh crap this is bad because my para educator in 5th grade got HURT when playing soccer he hurt his ankle and he was screaming in excruciating pain. Titans go die in a hole

Teen Titans Go, please leave the satire to The Simpsons and South Park.

In this episode the Titans act like total rotten jerks as they abuse their opponents and just display the same old despicable behaviour that I've come to hate them for. They can't seem enjoy ANYTHING without being complete dirtbags about it.

Brazilian football in the nutshell.

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16 Second Christmas

Did anyone notice that robin was smiling when starfire was about to kill the titans WAIT DOES ROBIN WANT THE TITANS DEAD?

This episode ripped off gumball. Why do that you might ask? Well, gumball is liked by 95% of people who watch it and Teen Titans just decided to be itself. Here's the truth, Second Christmas was just made to fool Starfire in the end she punches Robin for, get this, telling her the truth and being "the grouch" to be honest I was done at the Dignity of Teeth, let's get serious and Return of Slade. Drop the mic, we want to see you in the show killing the Titans and bringing back the old ones Slade. Peace

The titans should have gotten kohl for Christmas.

Not as awful as "The True Meaning of Christmas", but it's still stupid.

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17 Burger vs Burrito

The writers seem have to completely forgotten that Beast Boy is a VEGETARIAN!

Um, guys, you do realize that they are veggie burgers, not meat burgers. - Chaofreaks1

It teaches kids to say that one food is better than the other and to have a fight over which food is better.

If I wanted to see a cat dancing, I would watch Cats Don't Dance

Once I was eating a burrito and my brother was eating a burger - Ikura

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18 Oil Drums

They just ripped of my favorite sitcom Alf what monsters!

Oil drums is creepy and its gross

I'm not sure whether I should be bored or annoyed when I watch this episode. - alphadan12

My favorite part is when they were conplaining about the parade.

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19 Hey You, Don't Forget about Me in Your Memory

Cartoon Network has a program called "Stop Bullying, Speak Up". The irony is that they have an episode like this where Robin bullies everyone and gets them kicked out of the school. It should've been Robin getting kicked out due to him hurting people for no reason! And he thinks that he should be the student body president? Look at how awful he behaves!

Of all the episodes, this is by far the worst. Robin ruins everything by straight up bullying the other Titans with his stupid-ass "Crane Kick" and gets them expelled from school. WHAT THE EFFING HELL? Is this show trying to say, "stay out of school and promote bullying".

Can Executive: "Hey! I have an idea! Let's make the sponsor for "Stop Bullying, Speak Up" someone who's always been bullying his friends in most episodes of the show he's in! "

Only Robin was out and beating people up in the hallway, so why did ALL the Titans get expelled? That's what I wanna know. - Popsicles

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20 No Powers

Just about NOT using powers. And that's it! What a boring episode. - EpicJake

This is one of the episodes where all of the Titans were completely unlikable. Robin was incredibly selfish and the other Titans were incredibly lazy. This has to be one of the most dysfunctional superhero teams I have ever seen. Why haven't they disbanded yet? - alphadan12

Robin was right about getting his stupid team to stop being lazy with their powers!

Robin does have a point about his teammates being lazy asses. - Gehenna

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21 The Dignity of Teeth

This episode is nothing but a giant vomitfest! Never show your children showing people knocking each other's teeth out or someone eating teeth! Ed, Edd n' Eddy, Sharon and her friends from Braceface and Peter Griffin come and kill them with an AK47 Bazooka Holy Hand Grenade M16 etc. etc. etc. and then they nuke their headquarters.

Chewing with mouths open, eating teeth, yep this is gross

Not only does this show make The Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon look watchable, but it even makes the modern episodes of Family Guy look watchable! That's how bad it is to me!

That episode was a kind of Scary and gross and can someone give me a teddy Bear for bed please

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22 The Hive Five

The Hive Five are the only Likeable characters in Teen Titans Go!, they do deserve a relaxed, peaceful day. The Titans have to ruin everything and they were so out of character. Cyborg was an annoying jerk, in the original he would've left See-More alone and happy. Starfire was a selfish jerk, in the original she would've let Jinx have the cat because Starfire is NICE! Beast Boy was a competitive jerk that only wanted the spotlight, in the original Beast Boy would've probably cheered for Mammoth or dance WITH him. Raven was a complete villian, in the original she would've just left Billy alone and not get angry. Robin as usual was a complete jerk, in the original he would have listened to Gizmo and understood him. This was just terrible.

The HIVE Five Rules! Titans Drool!

Jinx is a pretty cool character. Maybe she should've attacked Starfire for stealing the cat from her. If I was there, I would beat up Starfire and give the cat to Jinx

See-More was out somewhere doing caricatures from people. Cyborg just had to ruin it by calling him a "terrible artist" If I was there, I would disable his body parts and throw them into the ocean

Beast Boy just had to ruin Mammoth's groove by stealing the spotlight

Raven ruined everything for Billy Numerous by destroying by destroying a baseball field

I felt bad for The H.I.V.E Five's day getting ruined. Thanks to the Titans.

Those jerks are the true villains in this episode, including the show!

This is just terrible. I felt bad for Jinx's cat getting stolen by Starfire

I also felt bad for See-More's drawing getting ruined by Cyborg

Robin wouldn't leave Gizmo alone, I felt like kicking Robin's ass after watching this

Raven wouldn't stop bothering Billy Numerous for some reason. What a terrible thing to do

Beast Boy was a jerk to Mammoth. I felt sorry for him when Beast Boy was either making fun of him or attacking him (I don't know which one is which)
Poor Mammoth

In TTG, The H.I.V.E Five is way better than the Titans. I was glad that they got cheered-on in "Artful Dodgers" they're awesome & more likeable. You go, H.I.V.E! WO

Jinx and See-More are two of the only decent characters in this show. - Popsicles

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23 Think About Your Future

No, let's think about the teen titans of the PAST. The present and future ones are REPULSIVE

Who could forget, "Oh, you know this looks good." No, we don't. Again, why are they trying to sexualize *cough cough* Raven *cough cough* like that?

I hated this episode

The opposite would actually be "live your life to the emptyest". In other words, get rid of all meaning in your life.

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24 Arms Race with Legs

I hate deez damn lady legasus episodes. they're the worse ones ever

What's worse about this about episode is that it's just like the same as the previous leg-themed episodes.

Raven dresses in an ugly outfit, she doesn't act like a real goth (you probably know that already), she shoves her hideous legs in everyone's faces for an uncomfortable amounts of close ups, she acts nothing like a goth, she never shuts the heck up about how their "so special," and, to top it all off, her ugly legs get muscles that also get uncomfortable amounts of close ups.

Why? Just...WHY?!? Why do we need a third one of these?!? Someone please make some hate art of Raven dressed as Lady Dumbass getting killed or brutally mauled by a much better cartoon character!

Worst episode of any show I have ever seen, this show makes me want to shove pins in my eyes. - Stevenuniversefangirl

The only good thing about this episode is that it's the last leg-themed episode.

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25 Finally a Lesson

So, I'm guessing that this is the writers defending the awful, AWFUL way they satirize and teach morals in TTG. "Hey, this is what it would like if we told a serious moral or not! It would be extremely boring! "

1. You're right, this is extremely boring to not only us, but also to your target deomographic: CHILDREN. You do realize you're shooting yourself in the foot if you make an episode like this, right? Where you abandon your target audience to address people THEY DON'T KNOW?

2. If I recall, episodes like "Return of Slade" argued that TTG is for kids. But this is obviously not for kids! Not in a moral sense, but in an ENTERTAINMENT sense. I wouldn't be surprised if kids stopped watching your show because of this episode. If anything, it makes you look like HYPOCRITES.

3. So it would be boring if you tried to teach your morals correctly? Guess again. There are a lot of good T.V. kids show episodes that taught a moral correctly and were entertaining at the same ...more - alphadan12

Can anyone see how this is another episode like "Pyramid Scheme" that gets your kids worried about their future that "$100,000 is more than anyone in the world has ever had." WRONG!

Even though the states that we finally get a lesson, we still learn NOTHING!

At least they tried to make a good episode. That's a MAJOR achievement! - Pokemonfan10

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26 The Cape

The most despicable Teen Titans go episode ever, it is a huge middle finger to everyone who likes the original Teen Titans.

Basically and extended, no ENTIRE EPISODE on robin's dream sequence in "Dreams" except a different episode. It sucks.

The Cape is a huge ripoff to the Teen Titans episode "Divide and Conquer"! I hope the writers die!

This episode completely makes fun of the original Titans divide and conquer episode. It’s all about a stupid cape!

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27 Caged Tiger

Robin Beast Boy and Cyborg acted like complete idiots in this one and savagely attacked Dr Light who was about to join the Titans after getting along so well with Raven and Starfire and was actually prepared to change his ways. Those stupid jackasses Robin, Beast Boy and Cyborg were also too retarded and stupid to realise their massive screwup I this episode! These idiots need to get the beatdown of their lives in the worst way possible!

To be completely honest, this episode started off with an interesting premise, plus a rare instance of the Titans actually being like a family. It was good until the ending, which pretty much ruined any sense of positivity the episode had.

This episode would have been good if Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy weren't complete jackasses to Doctor Light, but instead this show basically says (bleep) YOU! - Gehenna

I like TTG but this is by far the worst episode. The episode wasn’t so bad until the end. Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Robin trying to destroy Dr. Light almost made me rage. The worst part is Cyborg shooting at this innocent dude. Instead of Robin being my least favorite character, now it’s Cyborg. - Gabo147

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28 Breakfast Cheese

I hated Starfire in this episode. Does she really think that resolving your problems using peace and love means letting yourself get bit by a spider, get your head zapped off, get punched on every end of your face, and get busted by bricks and missiles? She deserved getting smashed into that wall by Jinx! Plus, I hated her Peace and Love song at the end. Cheese for breakfast? What the heck? Seriously, girl, gotta get to know how these situations really work.

Starfire, don't YOU know, that mean beats nice? You almost killed Robin when that spider bit him. Why the heck is this called Breakfast Cheese anyways? It would be about something else. This absolutely is the most annoying episode of all time

This episode is just plain stupid. Why? Because, it has absolutely NOTHING to do with breakfast and cheese. In the ending, Starfire and the others are singing about "Peace and Love". Then, the episode ends with the others and the HIVE Five (except Starfire) singing "We want the cheese for breakfast! " Which is stupid - Stazemar000

They make the least relevant things the title. Applesauce (applause), audience. (sarcastic lauter) (referencing how I said words when I was little) - Ikura

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29 Multiple Trick Pony

The most repulsive display of poor sportsmanship that Robin has ever displayed! Whats even worse is that the other idiot titans congratulate him for it instead of condemning his despicable actions! Anybody who thinks that bashing your opponent in the knee as your about to start a race is hilarious and ok needs to have his or her head examined! Robin should be stripped of his position as leader for life and the other titans severely disciplined!

One of the worst Robin torture episodes. None of the jokes hit their mark, there was some rather apparent filler, and the ending felt tacked on.

Can you name some other torture episodes of robin, beast boy, cyborg, starfire and raven, please?

The writers of this stupid show are scumbags for creating this despicable episode and the people running Cartoon Network are even bigger scumbags for airing the rotten son of a bitch! Id kick the crap out of Robin for what he did to Kid Flash and then Id kick the crap out of the other idiot Titans for letting Robin attack Kid Flash! Go to hell titans! Cartoon Network is a piece of crap!

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30 Artful Dodgers

Cheating is OK? Ok. *hacks into school grading system and gives himself straight A' s* I didn't know cheating would actually HELP me in life. Now my little brothers, sisters, and cousins can learn how to cheat in life to succeed, thanks to this inspiring episode of the best show EVER.

These Titans are Cheaters!

The Titans just ruin the whole point of dodgeball in this episode. - EpicJake

I never the character (Artful Dodger) from Oliver Twist was a Nazi soldier.

(NOTE: I'm saying that this is a joke but believe me. That episode was named after a character from Oliver Twist. And the word "Nazi" means TTG (I'm not being offensive) and the "soldier" means episode. Yeah, it's about The Titans goes on dodgeball with The Hive. And plus cheating is bad and it's a huge insult to humanity. That is why I called TTG a Nazi because it teach kids how to be Nazis.)

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31 Real Magic

The only funny thing is this episode was seeing Raven get tortured because I hate her being stupid.

Take Spongebob's stupidity out of A Pal for Gary and add it to everyone besides Raven. That's the premise of this episode.

I see this as Raven getting what she deserved after watching Nose Mouth.

This is a Raven torture porn. - alphadan12

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32 Scary Figure Dance

They ripped of the Ghostbusters with that music that was playing in the background.

Cough cough Scooby-Doo rip off

I wonder what would happen if the Ghostbusters came in the show.

They ripped off The Monster Mash.

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33 Lazy Sunday

I just found this episode to be BORING. Plain and simple. This was the only episode that I almost fell asleep to. - CantThinkOfOne

Cyborg & Beast Boy are so lazy and I think kids will mimic them. Who caused the Fs on grades for laziness? /

This episode is SUPER dumb. BB and cy try to save a dumb sofa on a public community center!

My lil bro does LS like whaaa?!

34 Legs

This episode just ruined Raven! How did they ruin Raven, you ask? Well, when the Titans were looking at her legs, she turned herself into some karate person or something. She was wearing a yellow tank top instead of her cloak. - EpicJake

This was A VERY DISGUSTING episode. Beast Boy liked it when Raven showed her legs. And they call this crap a kids show? The original Teen Titans would be ASHAMED to see this! - Catacorn

The way Beast Boy lusts after Raven upon seeing her show off her legs is really disturbing and disgusting! Did the idiot writers of this show not understand that kids would be watching and be exposed to this kind of inappropriate behaviour?! Apparently not! They were too stupid to notice!

What's even so special about Legasus anyway? She's slutty, unattractive, and doesn't even have real powers. Before you say, "Neither does Batman," at least Batman has gadgets and a tragic backstory. All Legasus has are her legs and found out that people are crazy for them. That's it! In my opinion, she is the absolute worst superhero in the entire DC Universe (if she's actually cannon, which I hope not).

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35 The Date

Makes fun of schizophrenia

This episode sucked. Starfire punched Robin for a tiny mistake. She is so stupid. I HATE THIS EPISODE! - s10484

36 Serious Business

The Pee-Pee Dance gave me nightmares. Why? Well, they ignored someone who needed to pee and let him wet himself. Something like that happening to me is my worst nightmare! I have dreams once a week where I am desperate to go and have to wait in a very long line. Then, when I get to the toilet, it's either a squat toilet or there is nothing there at all! Thanks a lot, stupid writers. - mimitchi33

Actually, the only uncomfortable thing with squat toilets are that It's a bit awkward/hard to use it to poo. My house has western toilets, so there aren't any squat toilets. But my school uses squat toilets, so I can be custom to both kinds. - MLPFan

In this episode, the creators were trying to tell us that serious cartoons are bad, and that if their show was serious all the time, then it would be stupid. This obviously points out their own flaw, always being silly (and not in the good way). They also hold the middle finger to not just the fans of the original Teen Titans, but the fans of the shows this abomination replaced.

The episode you're talking about is Let's Get Serious. This one is about a bathroom. - mimitchi33

Whatever the titans do when they go to the bathroom..I don't want to know either! I can only imagine what Starfire DOES when she's in there. It would obviously be too disgusting to even mention!

I agree. Robin should just not be that alert on the five-minute standard of the bathroom.

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37 Mr Butt

I bet that Starfire wanted to look like these tough prison dudes, bald, tons of violent tattoos, buff arms, prison jumpsuit sleeves torn off. I thought Starfire loved her hair, that's why I hate her so much though the only good part is her suffering and ROBIN being punched. This tamara- whatever it is called, whats to look normal so bad it justs make her very hatable

Oh my god, Starfire burned the doll of her childhood!

Man,I HATED the ending. StarFire was a monster.

Starfire demonstrated that she does not forgive anyone who does her wrong and then tries to apologise and reform themselves like her sister Blackfire. Starfire is completely hateful in this episode.Burn in hell Starfire!

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38 Teen Titans Go vs. The Powerpuff Girls

I like the new Powerpuff Girls, but having people calling them babies? Seriously, what? - mimitchi33

What were you THINKING, Cartoon Network?! All three of them could easily beat every single one of them up if they're called babies ONE. MORE. TIME!

After watching this episode, I was really disappointed. It would've been better at the end if the Powerpuff Girls beat the crap out of the Titans - Stazemar000


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39 Sandwich Thief

Robin acts like a sociopath because someone stole his sandwich, (which he can EASILY just fix another one). It's just stupid. So in this episode he searches far & wide to look for it & the other tell continuously tell him that he should just let it go, but he never does. So the moral of this episode is saying that "you should never let things go". It's one of the worst morals the show has done yet. If it's something stupid like THIS for example, yes, you SHOULD let it go, if it isn't something stupid, then you shouldn't. This show can't really do anything right.

This episode is about Robin telling about his "perfect" sandwich and about how he noticed that it was stolen, then the rest of the Titans were pissed off. They wanted Robin to "Let it go". But Robin REFUSED to do it! That was a bad episode. - EpicJake

This episode is anti letting go

Some people find that offensive, get the hint?

Don't say that or the song will play again!

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40 Truth, Justice, and What?

To me, the creators are putting these stupid slaps in the face to other (more better) shows because they're trying hard to claim that their comedy-killing piece of crap is better than any other cartoon or movie in the world.

This Episode Is So Offensive!

As a TMNT fan, I didn't like the episode mostly because of how the mock the Turtles' obsession with pizza.

There just jealous because TTG fails to be a good show while TMNT succeeds. - Pokemonfan10

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41 Money Grandma

I use to be a Teen Titans Go fan...But THIS EPISODE WAS WHAT FINALLY BROKE THE CAMELS BACK FOR ME! And on the Fourth of July no less.
Now I'm waiting for Everything the Titans did throughout the entire run of this god awful show to come back and bite it in the ass. (Like in the Gumball Episode "The end", But more satisfying & justified.)
I swear if this show starts worshiping Hitler & Nazis, That should be the wake up call for everyone to Cancel this show & ban it worldwide forever.

This insulted the 1st president.

Robin was crazy and the episode pretty much was saying "F you America! " the whole time. Especially when Beast Boy called GEORGE Washington, the first president of America, of all people "Money Grandma". If I showed my politic obsessed classmate this episode he'd call Cartoon Network and tell the staff to tell the TTG staff to go to hell.

Also, did you know that in a later episode, Robin PATRONIZED America? Yeah. That's reasonable after Robin fought with George Washington.

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42 Pyramid Scheme

Beast Boy can't lay an egg for crying out loud! HE IS A BOY! And pretending he was a pregnant woman wasn't funny at all!

Beast Boy pretending to be a pregnant chicken was not funny at all!

So disturbing and inapropriette!

OK. Pyramid scheme used to be my favorite. The only super weird and embarrassing part was when Beast Boy laid an egg. WHAT!?! HOW? he's MALE! he's MALE! That was crazy and embarrassing. Another sad part was when Robin threw the baby chick on the ground. How sad!

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43 Pie Bros

I hated this one.

I hated this one...gets positive feedback
I liked this one...gets negative feedback


This sounds like someone trying to say pewdiepie bro army for the first time ever

Not gonna lie, but this episode was better than most TTG episodes - EpicJake

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44 Salty Codgers

Thank god this episode is in the list, Is the same thing over and over, And the idiot writers make Death himself look like an idiot. - GenoKenneth

Raven turns the rest of the gang into old people, then they die and come back as zombies, THE ORIGINAL RAVEN WOULD NEVER DO THAT!

Why does Raven adore senior citizens?

TL;DR: Raven sacrifices her friends to fulfill her old people fetish.

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45 I'm the Sauce!

They make the clouds act like people and they say rain is the clouds crying and indoor activities is the only thing to cheer them up and thunderstorms means the cloud is angry and dancing is the only thing to calm it down. I know it's the writers expressing their creativity but realistic.

Why are Kitten and Jinx here? They deserve better!

Clouds don't cry. Plus, Raven was right about how clouds pour rain... - EpicJake

Robin: Rainy day activities aren't supposed to be fun.
Me: You just wanna suck the joy outta everything, don't you?

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46 Knowledge

This episode really isn't THAT bad... But don't you see. Knowledge doesn't make you a bummer... And it's not possible to know all of the world's knowledge... But think about it... IF you did know all the world's knowledge you're brain would not bulge so big that you couldn't wear a hat. It would stay normal. And animators think about this. How did a girl get inside Stars head? Try answering that and saying it five times fast!

Being smart does not reduce your fun side.

There are smart AND creative people simultaneously.

The only thing that was funny thing in this episode was when Starfire told Raven that her pony toys were for babies. Somebody finally said it!

This episode made me lose faith in Starfire - EpicJake

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47 Operation Dude Rescue

The chivalry idea is so bad

This is at least the second sexiest episode in the series because the males treated the females like any normal human being would, but then retarded Raven HAD TO step in and say their idiotic for doing that. Later in the episode, the female characters tried to save the titans, but they were lazy pee pee holes and left them in jail! I want to jump in the T.V. with an AK-47 and shoot Raven, Starfire, jinx, terra and all the other female characters involved in the episode

I liked this episode! It was great, funny and involved air horns in Jinx's scene.

It creeped me out the way Raven was looking at Rose Wilson as they were complimenting each other. It looked like they were gonna have sex together...that wouldve made me puke!

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48 Hot Salad Water

This episode worships communists, fascists, and nazis

Hot Salad Water (Teen Titans Go) sucks Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy Loves Tea. They Not Supposed be Drink Tea, Only Drink Soda. If They Drink Tea, They All Still Grounded for Drink Tea

This trash is offending British people. Titans wanted to drink tea, but Robin says that it Tea is evil and that the Americans must drink Soda. It looked like Family Guy, South Park And American Dad episode.

This episode was the most offensive thing ever. I tried to ignore this show for a while, but this episode was to far. I’m an American and I was offended on behalf of the people of the U.K. It was a monstrosity and deserves to be at least number 3.

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49 Super Robin

This undoubtedly one of the most mean spirited endings I have seen. laughing at robin as he's on his death bed, what the hell is wrong with these people? On second thought don't answer that, that was a stupid question

This is my least favorite episode.

Why is this at the bottom of the list? There are arguably worse episodes, but I've hated this one for as long as it has existed.

Worst ending ever - xandy

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50 Black Friday

They are treating BLACK FRIDAY as a national holiday. I mean, you know, the day where PEOPLE BEAT EACH OTHER UP FOR GIFTS AT BARGAIN PRICES. That is NOT a holiday, that is the opposite of Christmas.

There are lots of other holidays that are a LOT more important than Black Friday, including Thanksgiving (duh), Christmas (duh), Easter, etc. I get that buying stuff at a low price is nice, but other holidays are more important and better. - EpicJake

I know they're trying to be sarcastic with the moral for this episode, but it was just a snooze. No innovations here, just A Christmas Carol with Black Friday glued on every utterance of the word Christmas. Just really bland.

Hmmm...Black Friday or Teen Titans Go? Dad, I'm coming with you to get that 50'' Flatscreen 3D T.V.! No, I am not going to watch Teen Titans Go on it! If I watch that God awful show again, I would die on the suede blue couch mom is getting for us on Black Friday to go with the T.V..

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