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1 The Return of Slade

I kinda saw the whole ratings trap from a mile away, but I don't understand why they hate us for yelling at it. Just because I'm a old fan and I hate it is not because of ITS NOT SERIOUS, or ITS NOT LIKE THE OLD ONE, its more of where is comedy? It's a comedy show, and there jokes are just awful, and there plots are just mind numbing. Look, old titans was a good comedy, not because of it being serious, just because it can be pretty funny in a while. And if this show thinks we want it to be like the old series and not the comedy then a fan could write better then this

I totally understand where the hate is coming from. The writers of Teen Titans Go did a trope which I like to call "The Fishhook Effect".

Basically, a fish (viewer) is going along the lake (channel) and soon comes across a hook (show). Since the hook has a worm (a cool advertisement or title), the fish thinks that they are in for a treat if they interact with the hook. Unfortunately, once the fish realizes what the fisherman's (writer's) intentions really are, it's already too late.

Speaking in English, the writers did something they knew would attract fans of the original: state that Slade was going to return. Many old fans tuned in thinking that the Titans would finally get serious for once while others tuned in out of curiosity on how they would portray him. Sadly, not only were we conned out of our time with another worthless piece of garbage, but in the process, we are called out as being losers for enjoying something we should have outgrown.

In the ...more

Do you know what the worst thing about Slade not being in this episode? The ABSOLUTE WORST THING ABOUT IT?!? Not only do we never see him in this episode...BUT WE NEVER SEE HIM KILL THOSE REATRDED TITANS!

Think about it! This even could've been the last episode of this God-forsaken show! If Slade showed up in this episode, the Titans would probably fight him by acting like their normal retarded selfs (in other words, they do noting to save the day). Since these versions of the Titans are the worst human beings on the entire planet, Slade does what he's best at and kill every single one of them, thus ending the series for good! What's also funny about this is that this would make Slade look like the REAL hero of the show!

Hey dumb writers! If you are going to make an episode about a villain from the old show coming, then do it! No rating traps anymore! GOD...

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2 Boys vs. Girls

This is the epitome of every "feminism episode" of a kid show, ever made. It seems that a children's show can not simply do a nice episode about women's rights, without using it to take shots at men. This has been going on for generation of television and this episode takes all the worst cliches and tropes from episodes with those themes and combining into "Boys vs. Girls". Everything from the boys being gross and stupid, to the girls being successful at everything is cranked up to 11 and finished off, with a speech from Robin, admitting that girls are better than boys, because they're smarter, stronger, more mature, etc.

It's amazing how whenever feminism is discussed in kids T.V. shows, the "issues that girls face in society" are always extremely archaic stereotypes that haven't been around, since the 1960's. At no point in the 2000's have I ever heard of it being "common knowledge" for men to be stronger than women, for men to be ...more

You know how you teach kids NOT to be sexist. By NOT doing anymore damn boys vs. Girls episodes for God's sake! You do it by placing the genders on equal ground in every episode, as they had been doing up to this point. The girls kick just as much ass as the boys, and they have their own personalities and flaws just like the boys. You teach kids to not be sexist by treating them like fellow human beings, not separating them into their own species as this episode seems to do.

Oh, and the girls always win thing... Yeah it's getting really effing old now. I remember when this show knew how to be subtle...

This episode is pretty much offensive to everybody. I laughed when Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg lost because they stink, but I know real boys are so much stronger than these dweebs. The girls on the other hand, are spoiled rotten. How can some stupid drawings prove anything? Boys and girls are both awesome!

By the way, I'm a girl so don't judge me about the spoiled rotten thing.

The worst

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3 Waffles

DO YOU LIKE WAFFLES!? Like seriously, this ruined waffles for me. - KingFab

As much I hate Robin, I was hoping he'd shoot Cyborg and Beast Boy for constantly saying "Waffles". These two clowns are always making up stupid games in order to aggravate everybody else! They should get life in prison just for this stupid episode!

I remember when I was little, and I walked around school singing the 'Waffles' song. Looking back at that now, I realize how stupid I was. Being a child, the bright colors, goofy humor, and FINALLY getting cable had amused me. A year later (yes, I'm a kid that hates Teen Titans Go! ), the novelty wore off. School got harder. I got smarter, and became a cognitively superior gifted child (in math, science, and language arts), and learned to watch more sophisticated things (or, cartoons with better ratings), while those who continued to watch Teen Titans Go! got lower grades. It's begun. Parents, it's time to realize this show is only making children dumber, and who needs that? PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!

Evil beware. We have waffles. - phillysports

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4 The True Meaning of Christmas

BETTER WAY TO END THE EPISODE: Before the Titans go to the North Pole, Santa suddenly stops by and says that he forgot to give them what they REALLY deserved. He then dumps an entire sack of reindeer crap all over them. The Titans then start to feel unloved as Robin asks Santa why he hates their guts. Santa then says that it's because their the worst human beings he's ever had the misfortune of learning about, and thinking that the Titans are too retarded to know what he's talking about, pulls up a T.V. monitor from out of nowhere and shows a clip show of all five of Titans at their worst moments in the series. The Titans then stand there, speechless, as Santa jumps into his sleigh, and tells them to not be such unlikable jerks in the future. He then flies away, not before dumping more reindeer crap of their spoiled fat heads.

This episode is bad! I mean... Can you belive it? Robin BLOWS up the factory and they just give the hat to santa and RUIN the true meaning of Christmas. Robins up to this stuff.

This episode is teaching kids that if they're being punished for doing something bad, they should be even worse to get what they want. - alphadan12

Moral: If Santa doesn't give you presents, go to his workshop, eat gingerbread homes, get an elf kicked out, make fun of Rudolph, and kill an elf. And then rage at Santa. Hey Titans, guess what? That wasn't the right thing to do. Christmas is about coming together and celebrating, not presents. - EpicJake

More like The True Meanies Of Christmas

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5 Friendship

Raven not only needs to learn act like a real goth, but she also needs to learn to act like GOD DANG ADULT! I really wanted to punch her in the face when she wouldn't stop talking about that stupid friendship crap. I also wanted to beat the living crap out of those stupid ponies (especially the one that sounds like Twilight Sparkle because she's the worst pony) for acting retarded and annoying! I also wanted to beat up the writers for killing comedy and Tara Strong for not only performing annoying voices over and over again, but for also allowing the writers to turn her ONLY tolerable character into a retarded, unlikable, selfish, annoying idiot (just like her)!

Why do we need an episode to mock My Little Pony? To mock bronies? Well bronies can just live with it. This is essentially revenge for all of their bragging all of these years. I can't even find Pixel Pinkie (one of my new favorite shows) without looking up a beeping pony. This is payback for all of you. And if you don't agree, then I don't want to hear it. GET A DARN LIFE BRONIES! PS, this episode sucks as well.

Yay, stereotypes keep getting flung at us! And why do you like Pixel Pinkie? It's horrible! - Puga

I have no opinion because I never saw this episode but I hate Ravens happy personality trait.

Raven made the ugliest faces when she went into annoying fangirl mode.

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6 Squash and Stretch

I hate this episode! I'm a child animal rights activist and I couldn't even watch this. He was just a squirrel for God's sake! Even the title is disturbing. "Squash and Stretch? " Seriously? It makes me sick! And violence is never the answer! Seriously Cartoon Network, get your crap together. This episode was so sickeningly stupid, I'm thinking of writing hate mail to Cartoon Network. No one deserves what happened to that poor squirrel. This is an animal rights activist's nightmare! PETA and ASPCA would never approve!

I hate the fact that Titans are so greedy. Killing a squirrel for a pile of nuts? They might make kids have no respect on nature over food. Titans go climb a tree and fall and hit the ground & die

This episode was just mean. They act like huge jerks over a SQUIRREL and NUTS. That's stupid. This episode teaches kids to get violent over anything bad that has happened to you. And these Titans need to learn that not everything is gonna go their way. - EpicJake

Actually, the squirrel didn't die. But how the rodent easily defeated the titans reminds me of how Sandy and SpongeBob can take down the teen titans in just 10 minutes.

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7 Staring at the Future

Cyborg and Beast Boy prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are total lazy bums who have no intention of improving themselves whatsoever. For them to mock and ridicule the others for becoming better and responsible people is shameful. Cyborg and Beast Boy are a disgrace!

If the creators of this show want to make it stupid, then that's their problem. But in this episode, they went somewhere they shouldn't have gone. They destroyed one of their best episodes ever, "How Long Is Forever? ". Now it's a fact. The creators made Teen Titans Go just to tick off the fans of the original.

The way Cyborg and Beast Boy behaved in this episode made me so angry that I wanted to strangle both of those lousy bums with my bare hands and choke off their air supply until they passed away. But on second thought these idiots should be tortured instead.

This episode was horrible because beast boy and cyborg have cruel intent

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8 Batman V Teen Titans: Dark Injustice

So, the creators did exactly what they did for the show's most infamous episode, "Return of Slade", and thought people would watch this episode if the title mentioned Batman? IT'S LIKE THOSE JERKS THINK WE'RE BOTH STUPID AND GULLIBLE!

I thought this would be a Titans vs Batman episode, but NOPE! Its about the titans hurting each other. I was SO confused that I thought the creators accidently out in a new episodeinstead of a batman battle. But this wasn't a mistake, it's real, this is the actual episode. I thought 'Hmm... I think someone accidently switched this april fools episode with a batman battle.' but that wasn't the case. It's not the worst... but it's not good.

I thought those idiots were going to attack batman for no reason. I knew it would suck, but it was WORSE than I thought it would be. The titans prank (not rly) each other aka getting mauled by werewolves getting beaten (by someone who always beats u) and crushing some ones spirit. And then there was the ending... I am not even going to spoil it...

OK, if you TTG haters hate this show, I LOVE it! I hate friendship, but this episode was BAD! It involves the titans doing April Fools jokes, Like saying they don't even feels their BUTTS! It turns out they were plastic. Ten there is the ENDING! I hate the ending. After being attacked by a snot monster, they say the show will end, but it turns out to be a prank!

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9 Two-Parter

This episode is just sad. I already knew it was going to suck after seeing the promos for it. It's just the Toddler Titans trying save the Justice League by dressing up like them and showing us why they suck at being superheroes. This episode would've been funny if the Justice League got free and beat up the idiots for messing up their fortress, stealing their outfits, and crashing the Invisible Jet. And by Thor's hammer, Weird Al, what on Earth were you thinking when you signed up for this!?!

Weird Al was forced to do it when he was promised a Snickers bar by one of the executive producers of Teen Titans Go I think he hates this show too.

Why is weird Al in this show?

Honestly, he should've stuck with music instead of being in animation.

Not to mention the fact the made fun of Spider man

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10 Hot Garbage

That's right kiddies. Hoarding is no big deal, despite causing isolation and anxiety.

Calling garbage hot is just weird. That gross

Ok this disgusting episode is about compulsive hoarding. If anyone has seen those types of shows on T.V., they will know that is horrible, and not a joke as this episode says it is. by the way Beast boy may have had an untidy room in the 2003 show, but this is just blown out of proportion, and he is not damn stupid.

This makes to sense
The magic is to stupid and kids throw
Out your garbage

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11 Smile Bones

This was the most disgusting, foul, and unpleasant episode of almost any cartoon I've seen ever. What kind of person thinks "hey, lets make jokes about eating teeth? " This show has many crappy episodes, but this one has to be the most downright revolting.

Seriously, gross, and uncalled for episode.

This episode was so disgusting!


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12 Let's Get Serious

They deformed the Titans in this episode because of Beast Boy's stupid juice box. I mean nobody cares about your drink just get a new one for crying out loud.

Totally insults Young Justice.

The serious titans r not amusing so please just get this one out!

More like Let's Get Ugly.

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13 Oil Drums

They just ripped of my favorite sitcom Alf what monsters!

Oil drums is creepy and its gross

I'm not sure whether I should be bored or annoyed when I watch this episode. - alphadan12

The Lesson Is the worst in The Series - ChiefMudkip

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14 No Powers

Just about NOT using powers. And that's it! What a boring episode. - EpicJake

This is one of the episodes where all of the Titans were completely unlikable. Robin was incredibly selfish and the other Titans were incredibly lazy. This has to be one of the most dysfunctional superhero teams I have ever seen. Why haven't they disbanded yet? - alphadan12

Robin was right about getting his stupid team to stop being lazy with their powers!

Let's be honest robin won because the titans all used their powers at the very beginning of the bet!

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15 The Dignity of Teeth

This episode is nothing but a giant vomitfest! Never show your children showing people knocking each other's teeth out or someone eating teeth! Ed, Edd n' Eddy, Sharon and her friends from Braceface and Peter Griffin come and kill them with an AK47 Bazooka Holy Hand Grenade M16 etc. etc. etc. and then they nuke their headquarters.

Chewing with mouths open, eating teeth, yep this is gross

Not only does this show make The Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon look watchable, but it even makes the modern episodes of Family Guy look watchable! That's how bad it is to me!

This is the worst episode of Teen Titans Go! I have ever seen in my life! Who the hell makes up jokes about a person knocking another person's teeth out? Obviously, nobody!

At first, Raven thought that eating teeth was very gross. But after taking a bite of only one tooth, she starts to stuff most of them in her mouth. Then, she goes on a tooth-eating binge. I bet she would want to throw up after eating all those

This is even worse than Smile Bones. - Stazemar000

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16 Second Christmas

Did anyone notice that robin was smiling when starfire was about to kill the titans WAIT DOES ROBIN WANT THE TITANS DEAD?

The titans should have gotten kohl for Christmas.

Second Santa looks nothing like Christmas. Second Christmas is probably a totally different holiday.

Not as awful as "The True Meaning of Christmas", but it's still stupid.

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17 Kicking a Ball and Pretending to be Hurt.

Oh crap this is bad because my para educator in 5th grade got HURT when playing soccer he hurt his ankle and he was screaming in excruciating pain. Titans go die in a hole

Teen Titans Go, please leave the satire to The Simpsons and South Park.

In this episode the Titans act like total rotten jerks as they abuse their opponents and just display the same old despicable behaviour that I've come to hate them for. They can't seem enjoy ANYTHING without being complete dirtbags about it.

In elementary school, one of my friends got hurt from playing kickball. I just started my Sophomore year in high school and yet I find this episode to be downright revolting. I hate this episode, because it tells us how the Titans are criticizing everything about soccer and other sports - Stazemar000

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18 Gorilla

This episode sucked!

I would never harm an animal but in beast boys case I'm making a very big exception

Beast Boy was the biggest jerk in this episode ever.

I hate Robin and would love to see him get but kicked, but this episode felt unsatisfyed

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19 Hey You, Don't Forget about Me in Your Memory

Of all the episodes, this is by far the worst. Robin ruins everything by straight up bullying the other Titans with his stupid-ass "Crane Kick" and gets them expelled from school. WHAT THE EFFING HELL? Is this show trying to say, "stay out of school and promote bullying".

Can Executive: "Hey! I have an idea! Let's make the sponsor for "Stop Bullying, Speak Up" someone who's always been bullying his friends in most episodes of the show he's in! "

If nobody gets why the kids were acting this way, it's a spoof of the movie "The Breakfast Club". The title is even a parody of the theme song of the movie. This was part of a trend where Breakfast Club came back in style due to, of all things, a parody of Inside Out where Bing Bong sings it. - mimitchi33

This episode is the worst one ever, because Robin ruins everything by bullying the other Titans with his stupid-ass "Crane Kick" and where the hell did he come up with that name? - Stazemar000

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20 Think About Your Future

No, let's think about the teen titans of the PAST. The present and future ones are REPULSIVE

I hated this episode

I think this episode is not all bad I think it's funny and kinda of smart but still not great

NO! You haft to live life to the fullest not the shortest! And Raven was right befor but than all of a sudden she says " guys! I was wrong, were young, we should be making the worst decisions ever." what Raven what!?

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