Cartoon Crapisodes Rant: Episode 11 - The Return of Slade

ModernSpongeBobSucks Remember when I ranted on the episode Shuffleboarding from SpongeBob SquarePants? Well, like Mr. Enter said, that episode was very similar in structure to THIS one. Hated both by old and new fans, many consider this to be one of the worst, if not, THE worst episode of Teen Titans Go!. Being that this was a response to critics from the writers and nothing but a massive ratings trap, I can see why many people have panned this episode from left to right. People of TheTopTens... It's ya boy, MSBS! Back with the second season of my Cartoon Crapisodes Rant blog post series! For my 11th episode in the series, I'll be ranting on the episode The Return of Slade from Teen Titans Go! Now I actually didn't feel like ranting on this episode, but since a few of my friends on this website requested this, I had no choice but to oblige. Mcgillacuddy and Martinglez, thank you guys for requesting me to rant on Teen Titans Go! and The Return of Slade respectively. Now not only is this the first episode of the second season of Cartoon Crapisodes Rant, but this post is also the second of the last of my posts before the end of 2016 for the Christmas season. Let's start this episode now, shall we?

So The Return of Slade starts off with the Titans (excluding Robin), laying on the couch. Starfire, Beast Boy, and Cyborg are pretty much bored to death and Raven is seen watching an episode of Pretty Pretty Pegasus, which is an obvious rip-off parody of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Eventually, one of the ponies in the show starts to... TWERK HIS BUTT IN FRONT OF THE SCREEN?! This isn't funny, writers! Not funny! That scene is on the same level of bad as Blossom and Bubbles twerking with a panda from the 2016 reboot of The Powerpuff Girls!

Anyways, Robin eventually shatters the television screen by punching behind it and proceeds to inform the Titans about Slade returning. The Titans go back and forth repeating Slade's name in horror until Robin stops them and tells them to group up and take down Slade for good. From this point, it seems like the audience might get to actually see Slade in Teen Titans Go!. I mean, after all, if they can bring back the HIVE Five in Teen Titans Go!, why not Slade? Unfortunately, then we're shown this transition scene...


Those writers seem to REALLY be trolling the audience now. And not in the good way, either. So since we're never shown how the Titans took down Slade, the show transitions to them coming back and rejoicing from their victory against Slade. Gee, I sure wish I had as much enthusiasm as them. Also, I had to watch this P.O.S at 3:00 or 4:00 or in the morning when I could have been busy working at Poke Pelago in my copy of Pokemon Sun! That just adds insult to injury, am I right? Moving on, Robin offers the Titans the chance to let them choose whatever way they want to celebrate, and Beast Boy and Cyborg apparently say that they want... a clown. Of all things, why A CLOWN? The very people who even watch this show were expecting to see an episode featuring Slade, and all they get is a stupid clown? Man, I'd rather be watching Atlantis Squarepantis right now. At least that special showed Atlantis and I don't even like it that much (I did like the Patchy segments though)! Aside from that, Raven then reprimands them for wanting a clown since clowns are for little kids (and she's right! Then again, Beast Boy and Cyborg act like little kids) and Starfire is revealed to have a fear of clowns for no reason whatsoever. Beast Boy and Cyborg argue that they want a clown because clowns were awesome during their childhood...

I'm sorry. Awesome? You moronic deadbeats think clowns are awesome? Says the duo who demonstrated what a clown is by dancing around and saying:

Da-da-dadada-dada circus!

Da-da-dadada-dada Afro!

Circus! Afro! Circus! Afro!

Polka dot! Polka dot! Polka dot! AFRO!

Just kidding, they don't actually do that. They do something similar to it, but they don't actually go all Circus Marty on the audience (it would have been better if they did that). That aside, Beast Boy and Cyborg get their wish and are given a clown that proceeds to provide some silly slapstick comedy that is surprisingly a better effort at humor than the episode itself. However, then Beast Boy and Cyborg claim that the clown is not cool and that he stinks. Beast Boy and Cyborg, in the words of Raven...


Unsurprisingly, Beast Boy and Cyborg pay no attention to Raven's words and then they take the poor clown to a lab to convert him to a cool clown. Oh, and get this. They're going to make him cool by using the power of sci-

*Imitates Gabriel Iglesias impersonating a Disneyland police officer* Pfft! Hold on! Hold on! SCIENCE?! Those two don't even know what the purpose of a clown is and now all of a sudden, they're capable of being able to conduct scientific experiments?! What doesn't make more sense is how they actually managed to make the clown cool. By turning him into an edgy and evil clown... I can already tell that the annoying idiocy of Beast Boy and Cyborg can be comparable to that of SpongeBob and Patrick in the post-movie era. So Beast Boy and Cyborg then show off their new creation to the rest of the Titans, much to the dismay of them. To make things worse, Beast Boy and Cyborg propose that they're going to send the now edgy and evil clown into the world to entertain kids. Of course, Raven rightfully condemns them for even thinking about doing such a thing until the clown breaks out of the Titans' tower to wreak havoc in Jump City at a toy store full of kids, turning everything there is in the store into edgy and evil creatures like him.

Raven continues to scorn Beast Boy and Cyborg for their actions until they eventually learn their lesson in a boring and cliche fashion that isn't even hilarious in the sense that it's so bad that it's good. Raven then devises a plan for them to bring the clown back to his senses as the clown he once was by doing the very same routines he did for Beast Boy and Cyborg. This plan is put into action at the store where the clown is, where the clown is laughing hard as hell at their act, indicating that he might be able to turn back into an innocent and funny clown. Unfortunately, the clown isn't fazed and retains his edgy and evil form, so he approaches the Titans with the intent to possibly kill them. Honestly, I kind of felt sympathy for the Titans, but considering this was all Beast Boy's and Cyborg's faults, I was actually rooting for the clown to kill both of them. But, then the episode ends with Starfire apparently coming out of nowhere and knocking out the clown with a hardcore punch, as she seems to have conquered her fear of clowns.

Yeah... this episode would have been better had it centered around Starfire's fear of clowns. So I guess now I have to talk about the pros... Does the actual plot not being as bad as I thought it would count as a pro? Because if not, the only other thing I would consider to be a pro would be the unexpected plot twist with Starfire overcoming her coulrophobia at the end of episode and punching the clown right in the face. Other than that, this episode pretty much stunk! The title of the episode clearly stated "The Return of Slade" and both fans of the original Teen Titans and fans of Teen Titans Go! were highly expecting to actually see Slade for real in the episode. However, as Slade never even makes an actual appearance, let alone a cameo appearance, this was a huge disappointment for both sides. And while I don't think the actual plot revolving around the clown isn't THAT bad, it's not that great either. Plus, like I said earlier, it probably would have been a better episode if it revolved around Starfire's fear of clowns and Starfire herself trying to overcome that fear. Oh, and let's not forget that pony twerking scene... That part was just dreadfully deplorable.

All in all, while I think there are worse episodes of Teen Titans Go! out there, I can understand why an overhyped ratings trap like this one was disdained to the point that it has a score of less than 2.5 on IMDb. So here's the score I give for The Return of Slade:

3.0 out of 10.0 stars

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Once again, thanks for requesting me to rant on this episode, Mcgillacuddy and Martinglez.

Until then, peace!


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And this is what makes me appreciate Teen Titans so much (other than it's great writing and characters) : the sheer stupidity of it's reboot. - Elric-san

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I think the clown is supposed to represent the Teen Titans franchise. Many people say that the original is cool and TTG is stupid (which is true), and they're representing it with a clown. This episode is just a lying ratings trap and the creators can't take criticism - visitor

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"mr enter"

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"Da-da-dadada-dada circus!

Da-da-dadada-dada Afro!

Circus! Afro! Circus! Afro!

Polka dot! Polka dot! Polka dot! AFRO! "
Reminds me of Madagascar 3 - PeeledBanana