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21 Think About Your Future

No, let's think about the teen titans of the PAST. The present and future ones are REPULSIVE

I hated this episode

I think this episode is not all bad I think it's funny and kinda of smart but still not great

I loathe this episode. It OFFENDS me to see a show for KIDS teaching them this!

What they "taught" us in this episode:
If you're a kid, make bad decisions
Endanger your future
Do bad hobbies, like riding a motorcycle inside
Do nothing all day but watch T.V., because as I quote from Cyborg in Oil Drums, "T.V. keeps your brain from rotting by feeding it information and good times."
Don't care about your money by buying expensive things that you most likely don't need (Yet they already taught the opposite in Finally A Lesson)
Eat unhealthy, eating apples and such is bad. Instead eat fattening foods, like fried chicken!
Save yourself from old age

Lets talk about some.
If you're a kid, make bad decisions: Yeah, I'm a kid! So whats a bad decision? Oh yeah, arson! Or grand theft auto! Or homicide! Thanks Teen Titans Go! Now I can become a child delinquent!

Live your life to ...more - johntheaddictive

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22 The Fourth Wall

The most vile and mean episode of the show in some time. In this episode, the writers thought to themselves to create an entire episode blatantly making fun of the haters of the show instead of creating a funny or innovative plot. So, as a result, we get tons of unnecessary fart jokes, jabs at other much better shows, and an obnoxious villain. The episode felt much more like the creators whining at us to stop hating the show than an actual, cohesive plot.

This is the worst episode of the entire show. Yes, worst than The Return of Slade & Let's Get Serious. It's terrible, the people explain every detail of what's wrong this show, & yet they aren't gonna do jack about it. Just like Mr.Enter says: "What I'm doing is wrong, I know it's wrong, but I'm gonna do it anyways". The show will continue to get worse in the future. The writers will never learn anything. They're gonna continue to make it worse.

Seriously, what really gets on me is the gross farting scene, and this needs to be on the top ten IMMEDIATELY! And when Beast Boy at least TRIES to say his line, Robin just SCREAMS at him unlike the rest of the Titans. And they already break the Fourth Wall in the BEGINNING of the damn episode! This shows needs to DIE! And Control Freak (the only good character in this episode) almost reboots them but his progress hit ROCK BOTTOM! And, they make fun of the haters (US! ) for just saying, NO MORE DOOKY JOKES! And they call us CREEPS!

This converts TTG lovers, likers, neutralers and fans into TTG haters! - BorisRule

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23 Arms Race with Legs

I hate deez damn lady legasus episodes. they're the worse ones ever

Worst episode of any show I have ever seen, this show makes me want to shove pins in my eyes. - Stevenuniversefangirl

Wow! I am now convinced that the writers are literally trying to convince people to make Rule 34 art of their crappy characters. Think about it. This is like the third episode that stars Raven in her hideous jumpsuit, and it still temps people to make pictures of that hideous abomination! Not even shows with female characters that are ACTUALLY cute would do something like this!

In the words of Professor Farnsworth, "I don't want to live on this planet anymore."

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24 The Cape

The most despicable Teen Titans go episode ever, it is a huge middle finger to everyone who likes the original Teen Titans.

Basically and extended, no ENTIRE EPISODE on robin's dream sequence in "Dreams" except a different episode. It sucks.

The Cape is a huge ripoff to the Teen Titans episode "Divide and Conquer"! I hope the writers die!

This concept of the episode itself was lazy, and the redubbing was just AWFUL. - alphadan12

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25 Breakfast Cheese

I hated Starfire in this episode. Does she really think that resolving your problems using peace and love means letting yourself get bit by a spider, get your head zapped off, get punched on every end of your face, and get busted by bricks and missiles? She deserved getting smashed into that wall by Jinx! Plus, I hated her Peace and Love song at the end. Cheese for breakfast? What the heck? Seriously, girl, gotta get to know how these situations really work.

Starfire, don't YOU know, that mean beats nice? You almost killed Robin when that spider bit him. Why the heck is this called Breakfast Cheese anyways? It would be about something else. This absolutely is the most annoying episode of all time

Starfire, there is quite a few reasons on why you are NOT leader of the teen titans. THIS IS ONE OF THEM. The peaceful ones usually don't make it far. The violent ones usually do not make it far, either. Balance matters, which is something this whole team lacks a lot of.

This episode revolves around Starfire trying to get the titans to be more peaceful. It's just painful and ridiculous. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

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26 Real Magic

The so-called Magic God was not impressed with Raven's amazing magic, but he was impressed with Robin's simple magic tricks!

If I was Raven, I would say to the Magic Fraud, "What kind of Magic God are you?!? ". - ConnorBanjoper

The only funny thing is this episode was seeing Raven get tortured because I hate her being stupid.

I see this as Raven getting what she deserved after watching Nose Mouth.

This is so trippy! - mimitchi33

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27 Mr Butt

Oh my god, Starfire burned the doll of her childhood!

I bet that Starfire wanted to look like these tough prison dudes, bald, tons of violent tattoos, buff arms, prison jumpsuit sleeves torn off. I thought Starfire loved her hair, that's why I hate her so much though the only good part is her suffering and ROBIN being punched. This tamara- whatever it is called, whats to look normal so bad it justs make her very hatable

Man,I HATED the ending. StarFire was a monster.

I'd actually call this one of the better episodes, as it isn't too crazy or trying to mock anything. But wow, was that ending bad. - naFrovivuS

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28 Caged Tiger

Robin Beast Boy and Cyborg acted like complete idiots in this one and savagely attacked Dr Light who was about to join the Titans after getting along so well with Raven and Starfire and was actually prepared to change his ways. Those stupid jackasses Robin, Beast Boy and Cyborg were also too retarded and stupid to realise their massive screwup I this episode! These idiots need to get the beatdown of their lives in the worst way possible!

To be completely honest, this episode started off with an interesting premise, plus a rare instance of the Titans actually being like a family. It was good until the ending, which pretty much ruined any sense of positivity the episode had.

I hate the ending of this episode because Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy beat up Doctor Light before he was about to join the Titans.

The peeing in the elevator scene is STUPID! - mimitchi33

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29 Multiple Trick Pony

The most repulsive display of poor sportsmanship that Robin has ever displayed! Whats even worse is that the other idiot titans congratulate him for it instead of condemning his despicable actions! Anybody who thinks that bashing your opponent in the knee as your about to start a race is hilarious and ok needs to have his or her head examined! Robin should be stripped of his position as leader for life and the other titans severely disciplined!

One of the worst Robin torture episodes. None of the jokes hit their mark, there was some rather apparent filler, and the ending felt tacked on.

Can you name some other torture episodes of robin, beast boy, cyborg, starfire and raven, please?

Robin should be killed and die in a fire

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30 Artful Dodgers

Cheating is OK? Ok. *hacks into school grading system and gives himself straight A' s* I didn't know cheating would actually HELP me in life. Now my little brothers, sisters, and cousins can learn how to cheat in life to succeed, thanks to this inspiring episode of the best show EVER.

These Titans are Cheaters!

The Titans just ruin the whole point of dodgeball in this episode. - EpicJake

Defenders of this show actually called this episode a "masterpiece". - alphadan12

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31 Teen Titans Go vs. The Powerpuff Girls

I like the new Powerpuff Girls, but having people calling them babies? Seriously, what? - mimitchi33

When I first heard about it I thought, hahaa NO. - mayamanga

Welcome to Whole Foods to get your tomatoes.

PPG Reboot > TTG - BorisRule

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32 Truth, Justice, and What?

To me, the creators are putting these stupid slaps in the face to other (more better) shows because they're trying hard to claim that their comedy-killing piece of crap is better than any other cartoon or movie in the world.

This Episode Is So Offensive!

As a TMNT fan, I didn't like the episode mostly because of how the mock the Turtles' obsession with pizza.

Not only reduces the titans down to psychos, but reduces the TMNT to pizza eating skateboarding hip teens.
Fun Fact: Greg Cipes and Scott Menville voice Mikey and Donny. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

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33 Burger vs Burrito

The writers seem have to completely forgotten that Beast Boy is a VEGETARIAN!

Um, guys, you do realize that they are veggie burgers, not meat burgers. - Chaofreaks1

It teaches kids to say that one food is better than the other and to have a fight over which food is better.

If I wanted to see a cat dancing, I would watch Cats Don't Dance

At first I thought it was only the burger part of the song and all the titans were doing it including beast boy

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34 Pyramid Scheme

Beast Boy can't lay an egg for crying out loud! HE IS A BOY! And pretending he was a pregnant woman wasn't funny at all!

Beast Boy pretending to be a pregnant chicken was not funny at all!

So disturbing and inapropriette!

I actually learned somethings from this episode. First, I learned about how pyramid schemes worked (sort of). And secondly, I learned how TTG gets away with stealing a beat for their song from a popular song in the mid 2000s. smh

35 Pie Bros

I hated this one.

I hated this one...gets positive feedback
I liked this one...gets negative feedback


This sounds like someone trying to say pewdiepie bro army for the first time ever

Not gonna lie, but this episode was better than most TTG episodes - EpicJake

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36 Legs

This episode just ruined Raven! How did they ruin Raven, you ask? Well, when the Titans were looking at her legs, she turned herself into some karate person or something. She was wearing a yellow tank top instead of her cloak. - EpicJake

This was A VERY DISGUSTING episode. Beast Boy liked it when Raven showed her legs. And they call this crap a kids show? The original Teen Titans would be ASHAMED to see this! - Catacorn

The way Beast Boy lusts after Raven upon seeing her show off her legs is really disturbing and disgusting! Did the idiot writers of this show not understand that kids would be watching and be exposed to this kind of inappropriate behaviour?! Apparently not! They were too stupid to notice!

The fact that BEAST BOY loved Raven's slutty looking legs just bothers me.
And this is why I hate this reboot.

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37 40% 40% 20%

This is the only good episode in the entire series.

To me, this was the best episode of the series

This episode was far annoying, "The night begins to shine" I was getting used to for a while, until it kept on playing a lot of times! I wanted to break that song with my own hands.

I agree with you, but I want this episode to be banned in the world - BorisRule


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38 The Date

Makes fun of schizophrenia

39 Knowledge

This episode really isn't THAT bad... But don't you see. Knowledge doesn't make you a bummer... And it's not possible to know all of the world's knowledge... But think about it... IF you did know all the world's knowledge you're brain would not bulge so big that you couldn't wear a hat. It would stay normal. And animators think about this. How did a girl get inside Stars head? Try answering that and saying it five times fast!

Being smart does not reduce your fun side.

There are smart AND creative people simultaneously.

The only thing that was funny thing in this episode was when Starfire told Raven that her pony toys were for babies. Somebody finally said it!

This episode made me lose faith in Starfire - EpicJake

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40 Wally T

They could have done something good here but instead of making it about their fans they make it about the "haters" and anytime they do that it comes off as "WE ARE COOL"

Robin's desperate. Beast boy is dumb. I forgot what Cyborg is in this episode. Starfire is irritating. Raven is a creep. Wally T is a loser that chose to be a fan of Teen Titans Go, rather than something else widely known, but kind of pathetic, like One Direction.

William Walter Thompson was probably so retarded that day he wanted to be on the worst cartoon in cartoon network history. They made him 12 years old instead of his real age, and they made Raven look like a pedophile.

This is a morally questionable episode concerning the writers and how they handle criticism. The writers are basically using an innocent boy as a shield for criticism. And get this, Wally T was actually a boy dying in real life, and his final wishes were to be in an animated show AND be a voice actor. The former was pretty much pissed
on in this episode and the latter was disrespected. Wally T's character barely said anything. - alphadan12

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