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41 Serious Business

The Pee-Pee Dance gave me nightmares. Why? Well, they ignored someone who needed to pee and let him wet himself. Something like that happening to me is my worst nightmare! I have dreams once a week where I am desperate to go and have to wait in a very long line. Then, when I get to the toilet, it's either a squat toilet or there is nothing there at all! Thanks a lot, stupid writers. - mimitchi33

Actually, the only uncomfortable thing with squat toilets are that It's a bit awkward/hard to use it to poo. My house has western toilets, so there aren't any squat toilets. But my school uses squat toilets, so I can be custom to both kinds. - MLPFan

In this episode, the creators were trying to tell us that serious cartoons are bad, and that if their show was serious all the time, then it would be stupid. This obviously points out their own flaw, always being silly (and not in the good way). They also hold the middle finger to not just the fans of the original Teen Titans, but the fans of the shows this abomination replaced.

The episode you're talking about is Let's Get Serious. This one is about a bathroom. - mimitchi33

Whatever the titans do when they go to the bathroom..I don't want to know either! I can only imagine what Starfire DOES when she's in there. It would obviously be too disgusting to even mention!

I agree. Robin should just not be that alert on the five-minute standard of the bathroom.

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42 Salty Codgers

Thank god this episode is in the list, Is the same thing over and over, And the idiot writers make Death himself look like an idiot. - GenoKenneth

Raven turns the rest of the gang into old people, then they die and come back as zombies, THE ORIGINAL RAVEN WOULD NEVER DO THAT!

Why does Raven adore senior citizens?

Why is Raven so obsessed with old people anyway? - Stazemar000

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43 The Hive Five

The Hive Five are the only Likeable characters in Teen Titans Go!, they do deserve a relaxed, peaceful day. The Titans have to ruin everything and they were so out of character. Cyborg was an annoying jerk, in the original he would've left See-More alone and happy. Starfire was a selfish jerk, in the original she would've let Jinx have the cat because Starfire is NICE! Beast Boy was a competitive jerk that only wanted the spotlight, in the original Beast Boy would've probably cheered for Mammoth or dance WITH him. Raven was a complete villian, in the original she would've just left Billy alone and not get angry. Robin as usual was a complete jerk, in the original he would have listened to Gizmo and understood him. This was just terrible.

When the villains are better characters than your heroes, you FAIL. Seriously, I want more of Gizmo, Jinx, Mammoth, See-More, and Billy Numerous as the main characters, but ONLY if they get a well-deserved happy ending. At least Scary Figure Dance exists. - CantThinkOfOne

Cyborg ruins See-More's drawing job because he didn't like the way See-More began drawing. When Jinx made a friend that is more like her, Starfire comes and steals her CAT. BURN IN HELL STARFIRE! Beast Boy ruined Mammoth's groove! Raven was alright. Robin ruined Gizmo's day. They should've killed the Titans. Mostly BURN IN HELL STARFIRE!

Why are we supposed to like those five idiots again?!?!? (I'm referring to the Titans, of course.)

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44 Beast Man

The Titans want to see Death Toilet 3, Death Toilet? Seriously? That sounds like the worst movie ever! They can't see it because, it's R or M40+ (I forgot the rating). After they realize they can't see the movie, they play "random animal rally", where the Titans request animals for Beast Boy to turn into. During the game, Beast Boy turns into a man when he says "give me a sec, man" and the Titans. They get away with adult stuff and The Man finds Beast Boy (mean Beast Man). And they work a boring job. After they save Beast Man and the employees and Robin says that he doesn't know what to do with them and doesn't care because, he's a kid. That episode is horrible and they basically teach kids that work is boring, which is not true, some jobs are pretty fun, just ask the cartoon creators and writers and video game designers. How could they teach kids that work is boring and horrible?

This one was clearly one of the stupidest episodes of the show. I wonder what the writers are working for? Oh yeah! TEEN Titans Go!? This against the TEEN Titans! The ending was also complete rubbish. This is not as bad as Hose Water but almost!

At least they got the satirized moral (somewhat) right at the end. - alphadan12

45 Island Adventures

In the pure protein episode Robin behaves like an egotistical jerk to his teammates. I hated the part when he are the bugs so gross X(

OK I change my mind. I only episode I like is Pure Protein because Robin died at the end of the episode. All the rest? They stink.

Is there anyone here who loved the episode The Titans Show? Anybody? Anybody at all?

I wonder how much this would make if it was put in theaters... - mimitchi33

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46 Body Adventure

I think Osmosis Jones is better!

Why does Robin want to go in Cyborg's stomach so bad?

Ironically, most of the episode isn't even in Cyborg's body. I think the writers were trying to use the "Reality Ensues" trope, but we have a shapelifter, an alien, a trained-to-the-bones kid, a cyborg, and a demon spawn. Sometimes you have to cut corners to make a good episode. - alphadan12

Why did Cyborg's body get reattached?

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47 Black Friday

They are treating BLACK FRIDAY as a national holiday. I mean, you know, the day where PEOPLE BEAT EACH OTHER UP FOR GIFTS AT BARGAIN PRICES. That is NOT a holiday, that is the opposite of Christmas.

There are lots of other holidays that are a LOT more important than Black Friday, including Thanksgiving (duh), Christmas (duh), Easter, etc. I get that buying stuff at a low price is nice, but other holidays are more important and better. - EpicJake

I know they're trying to be sarcastic with the moral for this episode, but it was just a snooze. No innovations here, just A Christmas Carol with Black Friday glued on every utterance of the word Christmas. Just really bland.

Hmmm...Black Friday or Teen Titans Go? Dad, I'm coming with you to get that 50'' Flatscreen 3D T.V.! No, I am not going to watch Teen Titans Go on it! If I watch that God awful show again, I would die on the suede blue couch mom is getting for us on Black Friday to go with the T.V..

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48 Mouth Hole

This is Slide Whistle Stooges accept more annoying. - toptenzen

Sorry if I put a comment that had nothing to do with this episode. The reason I said that this episode is where Raven is at her worst is because I mistook it for the episode, "Nose Mouth". Speaking of which, WHY ISN'T THAT HORRENDOUS PEICE OF CRAP OF AN EPISODE ON THIS LIST?!?!?

Raven was just at her worst! I hate that brony who I refuse to call Raven!

Raven is a total bitch in here.

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49 Power Moves

A perfect example of why Robin in this show is completely crazy and my second least favourite animated character of all time!

True, The sidekicks (Dave, Silky, Birdarang) Are more likable than the mane characters... that's a problem...

Buuut on the plus side, it created Birdarang. Birdarang is a better character than ANY of these clowns. - CantThinkOfOne

Robin was an unbelievable asshole in this episode!

50 Lazy Sunday

I just found this episode to be BORING. Plain and simple. This was the only episode that I almost fell asleep to. - CantThinkOfOne

Cyborg & Beast Boy are so lazy and I think kids will mimic them. Who caused the Fs on grades for laziness? /

This episode is SUPER dumb. BB and cy try to save a dumb sofa on a public community center!

My lil bro does LS like whaaa?!

51 Bottle Episode

That episode literally sucked.

You can tell the writers were running out of ideas.

They just spent the whole episode in a bottle.really...is that all they were thinking.

52 I'm the Sauce!

They make the clouds act like people and they say rain is the clouds crying and indoor activities is the only thing to cheer them up and thunderstorms means the cloud is angry and dancing is the only thing to calm it down. I know it's the writers expressing their creativity but be realistic.

They make the clouds act like people and they say rain is the clouds crying and indoor activities is the only thing to cheer them up and thunderstorms means the cloud is angry and dancing is the only thing to calm it down. I know it's the writers expressing their creativity but realistic.

Why are Kitten and Jinx here? They deserve better!

Clouds don't cry. Plus, Raven was right about how clouds pour rain... - EpicJake

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53 Grube's Fairytales

Beast Boy, Cyborg, Starfire and Raven hurted Robin's feelings by telling the true lesson that he wears "man diapers", despite Robin being a bossy dumbass.

Why does this show still air?

54 Rocks and Water

Raven and Beast Boy showed just what rotten people they truly are. They way they used, abused and turned Terra and Aqua Lad against each other just because they felt like it was beyond disgusting! My sympathies lie completely with Terra and Aqua Lad cause they didn't deserve to be treated like this! Raven and Beast Boy should be mistreated in the same way and let's see how THEY like it! They're the two biggest jerks on the show second only to Robin! I'm finished with both of these loathsome creeps!

Raven and Beast Boy ruined Terra's and Aqualad's relationship because they were jealous or something? They went too far, now Aqualad and Terra hate each other so much! I hate the ship of Raven and Beast Boy in this show!

I hated this episode because of cyborg. He destroyed any character development of star fire or robin he was just annoying.

This is the episode that made me hate this ship (the TTG version).

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55 Operation Dude Rescue

The chivalry idea is so bad

This is at least the second sexiest episode in the series because the males treated the females like any normal human being would, but then retarded Raven HAD TO step in and say their idiotic for doing that. Later in the episode, the female characters tried to save the titans, but they were lazy pee pee holes and left them in jail! I want to jump in the T.V. with an AK-47 and shoot Raven, Starfire, jinx, terra and all the other female characters involved in the episode

I liked this episode! It was great, funny and involved air horns in Jinx's scene.

The writers obviously didn't learn anything after "Boys vs. Girls".

56 Parasite

The dumbest titan loves getting her nutrients sucked by a deadly parasite and Starfire is not considered secondary antagonist even though she defended Parry from poor, poor, poor unlucky, selfish, arrogant, insane, evil Robin. All die in the end! What a nice way to end!

Is this the one where Starfire had that talking zit? If so, then that episode was just gross. It was actually satisfying when the zit transformed into a spider monster and crushed those Toddler Titans. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I don't know who was worse, Starfire for treating the zit like a pet, or Robin for acting in his usual insane and selfish ways. - alphadan12

This one was disgusting. - themets05

57 Money Grandma

I use to be a Teen Titans Go fan...But THIS EPISODE WAS WHAT FINALLY BROKE THE CAMELS BACK FOR ME! And on the Fourth of July no less.
Now I'm waiting for Everything the Titans did throughout the entire run of this god awful show to come back and bite it in the ass. (Like in the Gumball Episode "The end", But more satisfying & justified.)
I swear if this show starts worshiping Hitler & Nazis, That should be the wake up call for everyone to Cancel this show & ban it worldwide forever.

This insulted the 1st president.

Robin was crazy and the episode pretty much was saying "F you America! " the whole time. Especially when Beast Boy called GEORGE Washington, the first president of America, of all people "Money Grandma". If I showed my politic obsessed classmate this episode he'd call Cartoon Network and tell the staff to tell the TTG staff to go to hell.

Nope. Even if this show starts worshipping Hitler and/or Trump, they'll still keep on airing the show and shoving it in all of our faces.

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58 Leg Day

The part where the Titans obsessed over their muscles was pretty disturbing and when Robin started licking his muscles I felt like calling CN and asked why this part got past the censors. Same with the part in Legs where Beast Boy howls at Raven's legs.

A truly disturbing episode where Cyborg and the other titans get so pumped up after working out that they admire their muscular arms to the point where they start kissing them...AND IN A GROUP WHERE THEY ARE SHOWN PILED UP TOGETHER as they continue kissing their arms! Robin took it a step further by licking his! It was beyond disgusting..they do the same thing toward the end of the episode with their legs as well! I was so disturbed by this episode that I had to switch channels..absolutely gross!

Okay, now I think this crap is better off at Adult Swim. Wait, heck even the people who watch adult swim won't like It either! - MLPFan

I want take Raven's legs and see if they snap if I twist them backwards; then the third leg-themed episode would never had happened!

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59 Dog Hand

How Was This Episode Not On The List Any Sooner?! This Episode Made Me Want To Throw Up!

One word: pointless.

Don't get me started with this episode!
It ruined Trigon BIG TIME! First a scary villain to a lame and stupid dad! First, He made Starfire acting and speaking like a teenager, then he made BB turn into anything (rips off amethyst from Steven universe) Third, he made Cyborg a puppy for his left hand and worst of all, Robin into a body builder ( not hot at all! ) Then Raven kind of turns into a demon.

Or six letters: I-D-I-O-T-S.

60 Thanksgiving

Um, that's Black Friday?

Here is a reason to hate this episode. The Dark Knight himself is a roast Turkey dinner!


They made it seem like Thanksgiving is all about Black Friday shopping. That it sending a bad message to kids.

Good thing someone made a picture of Batman getting revenge on Raven by kicking her in the privates on Deviantart.

This proves that the Titans are killers and cannibals and villains

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