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61 Hot Salad Water

They literally urniate carbonated water into the face of Great Britain, and figuratively deficate on history. Dear lord, this show is awful.

Made fun of the Queen of England! Seriously! Can this show get any worse! Oh,an episode where the titans go to North Korea,team up with Kim Jong Un,and destroys all the haters of the show! This might happen because the show is going that way. Cancel this show and it's movie now!

Teaches kids to make fun of brits...
... and racism

62 Dude Relax

In my opinion, this is actually a bad episode. - NotEpicJake

Surprisingly, I liked this episode. - Catacorn

There's an EpicJake, there's a NotEpicJake...I sense an obvious troll. But in all seriousness, I just found this episode okay. And a little weird. But mostly okay. - CantThinkOfOne

EpicJake VS NotEpicJake...I see what you did there

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63 Nature

Robin was downright crazy and disturbing in this episode. And the part where he eats Beast Boy made me want to puke.

Why the heck does Mother Nature look so young and looks like a teenager.

You Eating Beast Boy You bastard Robin!

Why is Mother Nature a teenager in this?!?

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64 Sandwich Thief

Robin acts like a sociopath because someone stole his sandwich, (which he can EASILY just fix another one). It's just stupid. So in this episode he searches far & wide to look for it & the other tell continuously tell him that he should just let it go, but he never does. So the moral of this episode is saying that "you should never let things go". It's one of the worst morals the show has done yet. If it's something stupid like THIS for example, yes, you SHOULD let it go, if it isn't something stupid, then you shouldn't. This show can't really do anything right.

This episode is about Robin telling about his "perfect" sandwich and about how he noticed that it was stolen, then the rest of the Titans were pissed off. They wanted Robin to "Let it go". But Robin REFUSED to do it! That was a bad episode. - EpicJake

This episode is anti letting go

Some people find that offensive, get the hint?

It's a stupid sandwich, who cares? Make another one!

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65 Hose Water

Am I the only one that thinks that the episode names are based off of extremely minor and irrelevant things? - aarond9010

Just like Breakfast Cheese, the title itself makes no sense and nothing to do with water coming from a hose or whatever.

The episode is bad and has nothing to do with the title.

What just happened? I only understand things that make sense. - toptenzen

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66 Cat's Fancy

Offensive to cat owners. - Discord1

This feels more like a rushed South Park episode that mocks cat ladies rather than a Teen Titans Go episode.

This was creepy, Robin is desperate for Starfire's attention! Offensive to cats and owners of cats!

Sigh...two dumbasses living in a dirty ass apartment together to fulfill their own desires. BEYOND stupid, but sad, to be honest

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67 The Croissant

Why is the episode called the Crossiant if Cyborg only said that's what it was once. And why does this have to be ugly

This episode teaches people that looks do matter and that if you're ugly your an outcast like WOW and I though the moral for boys vs girls was offensive

The moral sure was terrible. Looks matter? Pshht. But, sadly, stupid kids seem to have taken this moral too seriously and society totally BASHES people who look a little different. This is why I hate society.

bugs blech

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68 Scary Figure Dance

They ripped of the Ghostbusters with that music that was playing in the background.

Cough cough Scooby-Doo rip off

I wonder what would happen if the Ghostbusters came in the show.

Scary figure trip

scary figure dead


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69 Heroes vs. Heroes

I'm not surprised that I'm not the only one who thinks that this crossover is a bad idea. I mean, seriously, why Cartoon Network? Why can't you just accept the fact that nobody likes this piece of crap, and give it the boot already? Did you even watch most of the episodes? Can you even SEE why we're complaining about it? You're only making things worse for yourself!

Nickelodeon is improving because it recently airs less of the shows that make most people cringe, and now has new shows that actually feel like classic Nickelodeon (like The Loud House, Harvey Beaks, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and even the newest seasons of SpongeBob (because Hillenburg's back)). How have you improved, Cartoon Network? I can see that you've aired great modern shows, like: Regular Show, We Bear Bears, The Amazing World of Gumball, Adventure Time, Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!, Clarence, and Steven Universe. But,...how come we don't see them on that often?!?!? Yes, that is one thing that you haven't ...more

Wow! Two awful rip-offs of two awesome shows fighting each other. I hope they all die. Well, not die. That's too cruel. But I hope they get maimed or seriously injured!

The Powerpuff Girls will beat the crap out of these weaklings!

Even the Steven Universe crossover with Uncle Grandpa was better than this!

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70 Yearbook Madness

Robin imagines people who "adore" him, but these "people" are his hands. Geez, he changes voices, haircuts and demeanor, which he is so retarded to be in his members' books.

How do you have yearbooks if you never went to school? - naFrovivuS

This episode's ending scared me

71 TTG vs. PPG

I haven't seen it yet,but it's 2 ruined shows.

This is just stupid. Of course cyborg and beats boy act like total dumbasses while raven robin and starfire act like total f@$#s to the ppgs I really don't like this episode and these guys should've done something better like get off the air cause teen titans go sucks

72 Ghostboy

Oh my God! The Toddler Titans actually died in this episode! WHY DIDN'T THEY STAY DEAD AND END THE SERIES?!?

This beast boy clone deserves to die with fire.

They all DIE at the end

How did they get there bodies back after they died.

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73 Terra-Ized

Terra's sacrifice and death in the original Teen Titans was one of the memories from my favorite childhood cartoons that I remembered the most. It was so sad that such a good character like Terra died. But then this episode had to go and shatter that memory. Not only did they make her an evil villain, but they also made her an unlikable one as well! Wow, this is a primary example of how to ruin the childhoods of many people who loved such an awesome character! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Those idiot writers made Terra evil and mean! Of course they made Beast Boy really clueless and stupid in this episode!

The only redeemable character is the butt of the joke in this episode but then again that character often is just as bad as the rest of them

This just shows how little the writers know about the original Teen Titans. - alphadan12

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74 Missing

Starfire was weird, creepy and disgusting...first by licking Silky and then by licking Raven! The other irritating part of the episode was, of course, Robin, Beast Boy and Cyborg's nauseating self-righteousness as they returned Silky to Moth Man as being the "right thing to do" all the while they stand there grinning and smiling like the brainless imbeciles that they are! They did get the daylights scared out of them as they were chased by Raven and Starfire riding an overgrown Silky and it was great watching them tremble in fear..so this was the only part of the episode that I enjoyed! Seeing Robin Beast Boy and Cyborg getting taken down a peg or two!

A DuckTales reference...woohoo.


This episode not only tried to ruin DuckTales, but it also tried to ruin The Neverending Stroy as well! (Hasn't The Neverending Stroy 3 done that enough? )

I don't know why Starfire thinks that silkie was always her's. In original, Beast Boy gave Silkie to Starfire so that the others wouldn't catch him. Oh yeah I feel really bad for Silkie because Starfire licks him and feeds him chewed up berries. So disgusting.

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75 The Spice Game

I hate this episode because it teaches kids that hot sauce and pepper are the only things you can eat and kill yourself by using a really hot pepper and I hate it when the titans overdosed on spicy things when Robin was telling them not to and I thought firestorm would come and beat the crap out of them because he's the only hot one around here.

This flat out STATES that these Toddler Titans would KILL themselves with a hot pepper.

They're acting like spice is a drug

Your average TTG episode. The Titans do something, Robin says it's a bad idea, the Titans ignore him, they get punished, they learn their lesson even though I doesn't feel like they did, the end. That's basically this episode in a nutshell.

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76 Legendary Sandwich

My only real problem is that Robin brags about how he makes the best sandwiches. Who gives a crap about legendary sandwiches, anyways?

The episode is mediocre at best, but that doesn't save me from hating this show. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This may came from an awful show, but at least it wasn't that bad at first.

This was the first episode, it actually wasn't too bad. - Catacorn

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77 The Cruel Giggling Ghoul

I already don't like Scooby Doo as it is, but seeing that episode was awful. Oh, and SERIOUSLY, Lebron James?! Yep, I guess I can say that football is better than basketball now. At least the football players have sense enough to NOT guest star on awful (cartoon) shows. But then again, Jordans and Kobe's are some pretty awesome shoes to wear.

I thought the Scooby Doo gang would come and beat the crap and hell out of them for being such idiotic role models.

Please LeBron, don't let this episode get to you. You're a great player. - EpicJake

Even Johnny Test did a better parody of Scooby-Doo! How low is that when someone states that God dang Johnny Test did a better job that something else?!?

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78 Obinray

Robin was a complete stalker in this episode. Plus, I don't get why the writers didn't put what the Titans were saying in English version on the bottom of the screen. - EpicJake

This episode has to be the dumbest and most annoying episode I Have ever seen.

Insulting - mayamanga

79 Rad Dudes with Bad Tudes

First of all, why does Robin want to bandwagon people who BULLY him? He thinks it'll make him more "rad"(why did I say that? ). Actually, it makes him worse. Second, why does he imagine his PARENTS are in the show? He pretends to be them. This episode makes no sense. At all. - EpicJake

This makes Wild Grinders seem like the best show ever, and still that show sucks.

Is that an 80's or 90's parody?

80 Head Fruit

Why would make Beast Boy stupid. The original he was smart but now he is just a idiot.

Robin, Starfire, Raven and Cyborg were such ignorant dicks to Beast Boy despite him being the less intelligent of the group.

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