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81 The Cruel Giggling Ghoul

I already don't like Scooby Doo as it is, but seeing that episode was awful. Oh, and SERIOUSLY, Lebron James?! Yep, I guess I can say that football is better than basketball now. At least the football players have sense enough to NOT guest star on awful (cartoon) shows. But then again, Jordans and Kobe's are some pretty awesome shoes to wear.

I thought the Scooby Doo gang would come and beat the crap and hell out of them for being such idiotic role models.

Please LeBron, don't let this episode get to you. You're a great player. - EpicJake

Even Johnny Test did a better parody of Scooby-Doo! How low is that when someone states that God dang Johnny Test did a better job that something else?!?

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82 Obinray

Robin was a complete stalker in this episode. Plus, I don't get why the writers didn't put what the Titans were saying in English version on the bottom of the screen. - EpicJake

This episode has to be the dumbest and most annoying episode I Have ever seen.

Insulting - mayamanga

83 Rad Dudes with Bad Tudes

First of all, why does Robin want to bandwagon people who BULLY him? He thinks it'll make him more "rad"(why did I say that? ). Actually, it makes him worse. Second, why does he imagine his PARENTS are in the show? He pretends to be them. This episode makes no sense. At all. - EpicJake

This makes Wild Grinders seem like the best show ever, and still that show sucks.

Is that an 80's or 90's parody?

84 Head Fruit

Why would make Beast Boy stupid. The original he was smart but now he is just a idiot.

Robin, Starfire, Raven and Cyborg were such ignorant dicks to Beast Boy despite him being the less intelligent of the group.

85 Garage Sale

They just ruined the 60's Batman T.V. series when the Titans thought that Robin was an elf

I kept getting rumors saying Return of Slade was the worst eipside. LAUNDErY DAY IS THE WORST!

86 No Cloak Is an Island

This episode didn't come out yet.

Another Raven episode... oh boy.

87 Who's Laughing Now

Who's laughing now? It's obviously not us!

88 Animals, It's Just a Word!

To me, it's sad that Raven didn't actually die, because just like Robin and Beast Boy, I wanted to see her die for being one of the worst human beings on the face of the Earth!

Its very annoying when they think Raven died... IT SHOULD BE BEASTBOY YOU SATUPID CREATORS (even though Raven returned as a mutant I liked her normal self better). I'm nver watching teen titans go ever again after that.

89 Caramel Apples

They only named It that because when Raven was playing with her Pretty Pretty Pegasus toys, she was giving one some caramel apple flavoured jelly beans to let go of her envy of her dad spending time with her friend because she herself doesn't care or love her dad. But then, she gets jealous. Make up your mind, Raven - MLPFan

90 In and Out

This episode showed me who the REAL villains are! Robin and the rest of the titans were just plain awful in this one!

This episode is disgusting, cruel, stupid and just abysmal. Waste of my life.

This episode is just gross

Teen Titans villain

91 Vegetables

Have you guys noticed everyone chews with their mouths OPEN in this abomination of animation? Why else did I put In and Out on the list.

They're teaching kids to eat just meat, and just vegetables. Don't YOU know, that people will get heart attacks if they don't eat a balanced diet?

This episode was trying to get kids to eat vegetables like they were trying to get kids to read books more.

Popeye ripoff! - BorisRule

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92 Puppets, Whaaaaat?

They just ripped of the greatest entertainers of all time and those are The Muppets and I thought the muppets would come and kick their butts for being such miserable heroes.

The titans act like jerks yet they think they are right

A perfect example of why Robin is my least favourite character in the show. He just acts down right crazy and creepy in this episode. Scratch that. Almost every episode Robin is in has him act crazy, creepy, and sometimes dick like.

They copied the episode Switched in the original. Funny thing, the creators of TTG never even SAW the original. - mayamanga

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93 I See You

I think if kids can copy"I see you"(possible) it would be very annoying. WHO TEACHES THESE CHILDREN THIS STUFF?

Why is it called "I See You". Stakeouts with SCOOBY and SHAGS?!?! P.S. Jeff is weird and GROSS.

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94 Two Bumble Bees and a Wasp

No guys. Bumble Bee isn't here! Sorry!

The title alone was enuff to convince me that this is a stupid episode!

Robin may be abusive, but not condemned to use bees as a deadly coin.

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97 Uncle Jokes V 1 Comment
98 Staff Meeting

Robin is being a complete jerk to his friends and beating them up for no reason!

Why is this show representing Anti-Bullying again?!?

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