Top 10 Worst Teen Wolf Characters

Teen Wolf is one of my favorite show, but some characters are just awful...

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1 Gerard Argent

He is so unimaginably evil. On top of that, he is a liar.

At least, Gerard was a great villan, unlike Jennifer. However, he became really cruel and manipulative with the time. I lost respect to him at the season finale (of the season 2) and started to despice him - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Hate this bitch

2 Jennifer Blake (Darach)
3 Jackson Whittemore

While I really like Colton Haynes (the actor who plays Jackson), I hate his character. Jackson is very full of himself and overrated - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

He is a bad friend and a romance stealer from scott

He is so full of himself and so annoying - SkylarDawn

He sucks

4 Kate Argent

I hate her because she manipulated Allison and Derek

I hate her because she manipulated Allison and she offent lies to everyone - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

I hate this bitch shes useless and annoying

5 Allison Argent

The most basic stereotypical white female in a T.V. show really. Pretty but stupid. In the first season shes super annoying with the "new girl, misfit, move around too much and have problems but I'm just a white teenage girl with more money than I can count and perfect skin". And in season 2 shes got this superiority complex that's not just annoying but also dumb. Shes basic there is no deepness to the character, its super badly written. Too bad for the actress cause shes so beautiful. And also all the romantic scenes and minutes upon minutes of just kissing and bad relationship time on screen is agonizing, this show could have been so much better without all this!

She's so irritating. She expects everyone to forgive her for turning on them in seasons 1+2

She is one of the most generic female characters ever made like jeez she's so basic

She is so stupid
I don't liked her from the first episode

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6 Matt Daehler

He is so boring and creepy. I hate how he stalked Allison. - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

7 Victoria Argent

I hate her. She is so mean to Scott and tried to kill him. She kind of looks like Kris jenner to me also

She was really boring and cruel, just like Gerard - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

She was the scariest character in whole series

8 Kali

Ugh her stupid toe nails

She wasn't an interesting character at all. - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

9 Kira Yukimura

Words don't express how much I hate this idiot

She's just so whiny and annoying

She is awful she is the worst character on any show ever she is an Asian version of allison and she is obnoxious and her character is so dumb are you kidding me a kitsune how dumb! She makes me want to rip my face off and bleed to death!

The most boring and corny character ever to destroy T.V. screens: she has no chemistry with any of the cast, she has managed to ruin any potentially good storylines, and her whole 'outcast who just wants to fit in, but is too awkward and clumsy and whatever until an attractive counterpart comes along and pulls them out of the ground' is a) just a cheesy, recycled and watered-down version of the least interesting part of Scotts original character arc and b) so poorly acted and written that it genuinely reads like fanfiction come to T.V. screen, like, Wattpad's the famous 'My Immortal' fanfiction bad. Seriously the worst thing that ever happened to Teen Wolf, so glad she wasn't there for season 6 (so far, fingers crossed! )

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10 Erica Reyes

While she is beautiful, her personality sucks. She is so rude and I hated how she used Scott to get Allison mad - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Shes a stupid useless character

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11 Malia Tate

I hate that she was a pushover they make her look like she is super strong

Hate this irrelevant bitch.

12 Bobby Finstock

Bobby isn't really interesting and is a bit cruel to his students as a teacher - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

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13 Scott McCall

I just find him so annoying and full of himself, he's also an idiot.

I hate Scott, like a damned weak puppy in a world of pitbulls. Some True Alpha he is when every episode he's pretty much getting flung across the screen. His power levels make no sense at all, and are never consistent. I feel like scott should just die and jump off of a roof.

Reasons why I hate scott mccall -

1) He lost his woman to another wolf

2) gets beat in every episode

3) Isn't allowed to kill anything

4) loses his wolf pack

5) at everyone's mercy

Why does this guy have to be the main character? Can't we just let peter do it. Peter was one of the most badass Alpha's I've ever seen. Guy pretty much revived from the dead, his alpha form destroyed several buildings while on a casual chase. Would love to see a fight between Alpha pete and Deucalion.

Scott is in many forms, the example of an overachiever. Whoever wrote this show watches too much anime and are affected by the beta male mentality. I realized this show was gonna go ...more

14 Chris Argent

While Chris is loyal and smart, I still remember how cruel he was during the first season. - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

15 Stiles Stilinski

I love stiles he's halarious


I cannot stand this ugly disgusting man. he has flared nostrils and I CANNOT STAND dylan o'dyin.

16 Liam Dunbar

He's a beta who doesn't listen to his alpha. Impulsive idiot who doesn't think things through.

Liam is a whiny drama queen...

He is the worst

17 Lydia Martin

Season 6 Lydia is like season 1 lydia. She kissed Scott in season 1 even though Allison loved him, she's doing it to Malia now

18 Deucalion
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