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21 Panda V 2 Comments
22 Nancy

Nancy is a girl, thank you, and an awesome one at that.

He is an overpowered boss that kills you, he fires unessary missiles and pushes you back and the bonus you get from him suckz

23 Craig Marduk

He's not my most hated but he annoys me to no ends when playing as him. He's really slow and is predictable as well. His story also died in tekken 4 and now he's just a show boating wrestler. His throws might be ok but other players like king have way better. He might be good if you master him but that can be said to all characters. Sorry Marduk fans

24 Jinpachi Mishima

Same with the comments below :/

He was an unnecessary boss for Tekken 5

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25 Paul Phoenix

I know I'm going to get a lot of hate for this but I hate Paul he was originally my number 1 until I saw Tiger but he's just annoying - GamerGirl

"You people only hate him because of his hairstyle and that is racist" lol what

You people only hate him because of his hairstyle and that is racist.

Boring boo

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26 Wang Jinrei

He's slow, weak, and just boring to play with.

I think Wang should be on this list because not a lot of people like him and stuff

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27 Kuma

Don't like his story. he is obsessed with panda. SHE REJECTED YOU GET OVER IT

He is slow
But in street fighter x tekken he was funny
Because one of his moves is sitting on the enemy face and farting
His face is
2.forcing out fart
But I feel bad for the enemy because it is very painful to die like that and they would be very unlucky if kuma had beans

28 Ling Xiaoyu Ling Xiaoyu

She is a 18 old girl acting like a crying baby...,like seriously grow up!

Shes stupid and I hate she. With Asuka I broke her face. Now I know why Jin isn't interested in her because I think she is 18 to 21 years old and she acts like a stupid 10 years girl. And her stupid moves AGHH I hate fighting with her and her stupid Shining Star move. I hate that move with a passion.

Xiaoyu is okay, she can be annoying, and she's kinda hard to use, but her moves do some good damage.

How she is that high? Worst moveset, personality and looks... She should have be #1.

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29 Combot
30 Eddy Gordo

I think Eddy is damn good as a fighter... Tekken could allow more moves in hand foot area... As well christie... Some real type of power hand or foot move to add up to the rest of the tekken characters... Tekken seems to be onesided when it comes to Eddy and christie... What a shame...

Eddy is the first capoeira character introduced in Tekken 3 and one of the most annoying, frustrating and the only character that button mashers find an advantage just by button mashing to win, which is cancerous in Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag 1 and that wasn't annoying enough there is also Christie the third capoeira character introduced in Tekken 4, which made the Matches in all Tekken games very cancerous and it's embarrassing to be humiliated by a button masher and we all have been through that experience before. When Tekken tag 2 came out for Ps3 they decided to bring Eddy, Christie and Tiger back and Oh boy it gotten worse, which made me want to turn off my ps3 without having to deal with a player who's playing as two capoeira characters just to button mash through the hall match, a BIG no from me M8 and I'll always hate Eddy, Christie And Tiger altogether and they're extremely overplayed too button mashers.

31 King

I really don't like his multiple moves when he grabs you. you probably know what I mean if you play him or watch his fighting style

He was very bad character of tekken

32 Marshall Law
33 Jun Kazama

I don't mind playing as Jun. But all tekken fans must remember Jin is the main protagonist since tekken 3 and that that's only happen through obviously Jun giving birth to Jin.

In my opinion kazuya should still be the main protagonist in the tekken series.

What is wrong with people, she's the coolest female character to play as, she has nice combos that deal a lot of damage plus she's fast

I wonder why she's here

Why put Jun she's awesome

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34 Gunjack
35 Lucky Chloe

Lucky Chloe in tekken 7 Might not be a offical character In the character roster so far but if she was Introduced then I won't play as her everything about her in s just weird.

36 Jack
37 Yoshimitsu
38 Angel

Angel is hard to use and she sounds like a demon

Her moves are strong af but she hardly has any moves. plus she gave up trying to stop the Devil Gene

39 Hwoarang Hwoarang

Why he was come in the list of worst characters in tekken he was good

I also think hwoarang should be on this list because he's kind of annoying and stuff

He is cheap he always uses his legs

This not his fault, ya damn weirdo. He practices Take Kwon Do, a martial art of Korea that used mostly feet and legs in their attacks. I even doubt that they wanted to include straight fists in his moves, as in this martial art, hands are mostly used for parry and blocking (by what I've heard, I'm friends with a Take Kwon Do medalist). Besides, the legs hold more power than hands and has a longer reach, so why not use them in fights to our advantage? - Mystearica_Fende

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40 Julia Chang Julia Chang
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