Worst Television Channels In Malaysia

If you hate these selected channels in Malaysia, you will never watch it all day all night.
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1 Astro HITZ (Malaysia)

Overplayed outdated music videos and not even good music.
MUSIC FACTORY, SHOT BY SHOT (TWEEN POP), K-POP HITZ & RIFFS are totally garbage music statement.
Also, FRESH VIBES should be aired the fresh music video from YouTube that upload within 1 week. However, it always played the "garbage" outdated and underrate music videos.
Plus, the word "UNIVERSAL MUSIC", "SONY MUSIC" & "WARNER MUSIC" are absolutely annoying for ours.
Yuck! This channel should be cease or terminate as soon as possible.

About god damn time. Waste of Astro's resources feeding garbage content and low grade VJ's. Bring back channel V

I never watch this stupid music channel.
ASTRO Hitz sucks!

This channel is too inappropriate for all Malaysians!

2 TV3 (Malaysia)

This was the biggest be-end party T.V. network. News is kinda joke, more to government issue and hide the truth behind political. Media prima is the insane 3 suku company ever.

It should off the list, TV3 is my favourite channel in Malaysia.

3 words - "TOO" "MANY" "CUTS". Enough said.

3 TV2 (Malaysia)

All government channel is propaganda and full of lies.

4 TV9 (Malaysia)

All of the Nick @ 9 shows are gone... How the hell it is... 😡

Many childhood shows are gone from tv9 now...

So better watch Netflix or another online platform instead.

Where is the missing 6 hours program from 10am To 4Pm, only annoying Wowshop...

We want cartoon back..go make your own channel wowshop

It is racist

5 Disney Channel Asia

Please don't Yes Yes Yes anymore. Get back my Hannah Montana, Wizard Of Waverly Place, That's So Raven,...I started live in Asia for 12 since 2001 and Lizzie McGuire or these T.V. sitcom series are so perfect. Now I am very happy and lucky to live again in America because never seen Upin & Ipin anymore.

cringe malaysian animations take over the channel nowdays

6 Astro RIA

Too much repeating, whats the point we paid the channel if there so many ads during drama or movie?

7 Cartoon Network Asia

I gonna die when I watch this idiot kids channel.

8 Nickelodeon Asia

One of the bastard channel in Asia.

Plus, please don't repeat Fanboy And Chum-Chum, Totally Spies, Rabbids: Invasion, Fairy Odd-Parents andany more. These cartoons are totally awful.

9 Chutti TV

Worst of the worst and boring
Nick engira kutti paiyan
gloria house
crazy jessi
pei factory
bommi and friends
danger school
chutti family of the week
vaanga samaikalam
chutti kuty naughty
dragon booster
master rain drop (pain drop)
magic shoe

10 Astro AWANI
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11 Astro Warna

Couldn't agree more with majority saying that the malay "stupid and retarded" jokes in every stupid show they created. This type of stereotype trope in malaysia have got to end!

In my opinion, this channel is copied from Comedy Central and showing about the Malay "stupid-and-retarded" jokes in every programme.

12 NTV7

Fake news Channel, some of the news are "copy and pasted" report without doing any fact checks

The T.V. news too biased to MCA, and be too hard to PH.

13 8TV
14 TV Al-Hijrah
15 ZooMoo

Crappiest kids channel in Malaysia!

16 Sundance Channel (Asia)

Aaargg... This channel SUCKS!

17 ITV Choice

Itv choice ceased its services, due to low popularity this channel.

18 Celestial Classic Movies
19 SCM Legend

Again, boring movies channel.

20 Disney XD (Malaysia) Disney XD is an American digital cable and satellite television channel that is owned by the Disney Channels Worldwide unit of the Disney–ABC Television Group, itself a unit of the Disney Media Networks division of The Walt Disney Company.
21 HITS (South East Asia)

Obviously, this is the MOST BORING CHANNEL IN THE WORLD.

22 Astro CITRA
23 KIX
24 Now TV International

Boring Cantonese channel that I never seen before.

I suggest this should replaced by Viutv from HK...

25 Nick Jr (South East Asia)
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