Worst Television Channels In Malaysia

If you hate these selected channels in Malaysia, you will never watch it all day all night.

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21 KIX
22 Now TV International

Boring Cantonese channel that I never seen before.

I suggest this should replaced by Viutv from HK...

23 Nick Jr (South East Asia)
24 Astro Tutor TV
25 Hypp Sensasi HD
26 FOX Sports 3

Did you realised this sport channel is boardcast live and delaying 2 minutes to "control"?

Because of Astro, the Malaysia's only satellite television operator.


27 TVB8

That's why Astro rejects this channel since mid-2010.

Crap! It majority boardcast any third-party Korean and USA programmes with mandarin dub.

28 FX (Southeast Asia)
29 Oh!K

Seriously, it totally rip-off ONE T.V. Asia.

ONE T.V. Asia is better than Oh! K.

30 Boomerang Asia

Luckily, Astro rejects to launch this stupid bastard channel.

HyppTV to Launch this Channel since 2015. - yeehou

31 Eurosport Asia
32 MTV Asia
33 Baby TV (South East Asia) Baby TV (South East Asia) BabyTV is a television channel for infants, toddlers, and parents, distributed worldwide by Fox International Channels and STAR India.
34 Star Chinese Channel

This retarded Taiwan channel can makes me get cancer. Seriously.

35 Warner TV HD
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