Top 10 Worst Theatrical Animated Movie Sequels

2018 is already almost over, so the last few lists of 2018 will mostly center around being epic and stuff, I was originally going to make a best theatrical movies of 2018 list, but since I have barely watched any movie made in 2018, I decided to make this list instead. Last time I made the list of the best theatrical animated movie sequels, so now it's time for the opposite, This list was hard to make as there aren't many bad theatrical animated movie sequels in my opinion, so without further ado, let's start!

The Top Ten

1 Rio 2

Actually the only movie on my list that I really didn't like at all, and this movie even has good things about it anyway, and the fact that we're already getting into the movies that I can kinda enjoy says a lot. However, this movie has serious issues. For one, this movie has the cliché of the main character not fitting on with the rest, and it's also very mean-spirited. Blue gets treated like crap because he was raised by a human and most of the scenes here are boring. The football scene was uninteresting and the songs are unbearable to listen too! Also, Nigel had no reason to be here. Although he was one of the few good things about the movie, he served no purpose to the story itself, as the main villians were guys who cut down the rainforest of the Amazon. I did however really like the jungle setting, as I love jungles and this one had quite a beautiful jungle - darthvadern

C,mon you're gotta be kidding me this movie is awesome - Redrocky416

2 Ice Age: Collision Course

How is this not number 1? This movie is terrible!

Alright so this movie isn't too bad. Before I saw it, I expected it to be the best of the franchise, as it was centered around space and the movies had gotten better and better. Well, this movie didn't turn out to be a masterpiece, but I actually enjoyed it nevertheless. It was colourful and times and Buck was quite fun, although not nearly as fun as in the third one. I think the story is quite decent as the main characters must avoid a meteor heading for earth. I will say that I hated the jokes and the villians. The jokes are just terrible bathroom humour and the villians have so poor motivations, and actually turn nice at the end. Why? I don't remember Ice Age being the series in which they turned the villians nice. I get it some people like it, but personally I don't like that the villians turn to the light side. It's an overall decent movie - darthvadern

3 Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

Madagascar is a pretty overrated trilogy of movies. I liked the original, and I consider the second one to be the best of the series, but this one's just a disapointment. The circus setting is terrible as I do not like circuses and the mainstream pop songs and new characters are so as well. I still think it's somewhat alright because the villian is quite badass, and I found it enjoyable some times. Nevertheless, it's a boring movie, that's somewhat decent - darthvadern

4 Planes: Fire & Rescue

So I actaully enjoyed this movie as well as its predecessor. Many people say that these are rip-offs, but they are actually spin-offs! I really loved the original, and it was way better than its Cars counterpart, mainly due to being more exciting and enjoyable to watch. This movie isn't as good, but it's surely more original than the first one. The plot and characters are better and it was more exciting. The reason I prefer the original though is because I found this movie to be boring at times, but other than that, it's good I guess - darthvadern

5 Toy Story 3

Yeah, unpopular opinion incoming. But to be honest, this movie was quite underwhelming. While yes, it was emotional and had a great story and all, this movie wasn't that enjoyable though, mainly due to the horrible humour this movie has, which was just ugh! There's a kid who rips apart Mr. Potato Head in the movie and tucks all of his parts in his nose and it's just *facepalm*. - darthvadern

6 Hotel Transylvania 2

Yeah that was boring as hell - Redrocky416

I used to hate this movie with a passion. Now as time has went by my opinion has changed. I still find it very underwhelming, but I think this movie suits in the ok tier. Some of the biggest problems with the movie though are the human characters. Gosh are they annoying. They serve little to no puropse in the movie and are overall unlikeable and boring. Also, at some points this movie feels like one big ad because everyone uses a smartphone, because why not? To make this movie even worse? Why? However something I will give it credit for, is that at least there is a small amount of charm left in the movie. While Johnny's character got worse for each movie, at least he was somewhat alright in this movie. I also liked the sub-plot involving Drac and co., as opposed to the other sub-plot about Mavis and Johnny is Califonia. So yeah, it's a decent movie overall - darthvadern

7 Shrek Forever After

Another movie I used to hate but have grown to like it more. I will give it credit for having a very good message and being quite emotional, as it's about not living in the past and be thankful for what you have. However I feel like this movie was, well, a bit too depressing, and the plot is just very boring and uncreative. But overall I liked this movie - darthvadern

Just look like they animated someones fanfiction - BreakFastBeast2005

8 Ice Age: The Meltdown

Our first great movie on the list is Ice Age: The Meltdown. As I mentioned on Ice Age: Collision Course, I thought the Ice Age movies improved for every movie released (until Collision Course). The original was pretty bad, but the second one was quite great. It had a dark story and awesome looking villians, and Ellie was introduced as well, and she's hilarious. I found the whole race agianst time plot to be quite intimidating and it truly felt like it was serious - darthvadern

9 Cars 2

Yes, I know everyone hates this movie but me, but I will admit that it has a few flaws, even though I love this movie. I guess the story is a bit random as it's a racing movie and stuff, and not many characters have development, but I can overlook those flaws any day. The characters look mostly badass and the story is quite good as well in my opinion. Overhated movie, as I've said in the past - darthvadern

I was just going to put this on the list. - kcianciulli

It was really confusing, and stupid - BreakFastBeast2005

I remember my father taking me to this movie when I was 7.
I couldn't understand anything & got bored after the first 5 minutes (but it might be because of my adhd) - RoKun

10 Monster's University

Compared to Monster's Inc., this movie wasn't too excellent. However it's still a pretty great movie. It's a pretty well-done movie about the events before the original and I really like the whole competition plot line as it's quite interesting and that all the teams have different colours is something that usually catches my interests. Although in a few ways forgettable, I really liked this movie - darthvadern

The Contenders

11 Minions
12 Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha: Reflection
13 Pokemon the Movie: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction
14 The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

It's gonna really suck. - B1ueNew

You have to wait and see, otherwise every sequel going to suck because they can never be as good as the original - germshep24

15 Ralph Breaks the Internet
16 Despicable Me 3
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