Top 10 Worst Theatrical Animated Movies


The Top Ten

1 Ice Age: Continental Drift

This movie is cringe - PumpkinKing109

2 Cars 2
3 Norm of the North

Why is Frozen number 1? Why are Madagascar 2, Cars, Brave, and The Good Dinosaur here? Why isn't this number 1? - 445956

What is Coraline doing at number 1? That movie rocks! - 445956

How is this not #5 at least? - Randomator

How is this not on the list yet? , Same with the emoji movie - VideoGamefan5

4 Open Season
5 The Emoji Movie

How the hell is this not #1? - Randomator

6 Home on the Range
7 Shark Tale
8 Ivan the Incredible

I thought Norm of the North was the worst theatrical animated movie. But this is worse. It is a rip-off of Chicken Little, Disney's worst movie, has terrible animation, and that title is offensive to Russians. Frozen was a great movie, help me get this garbage to number 1! - 445956

This is way worse than Coraline. - 445956

Needs more votes! - 445956

9 Ice Age: Collision Course

Needs to be higher - Randomator

10 Freddy Frogface

Made by the same person as Ivan the Incredible. - 445956

The Contenders

11 Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
12 Barnyard
13 Cars
14 Treasure Planet
15 Space Jam
16 Rugrats Go Wild
17 Atlantis: The Lost Empire
18 Planes
19 Frozen

Why is Frozen #1? It's not crude in any way, and while is kinda cheesy, is still a fun family movie. I'd rather watch Frozen than Ice Age. - isaaonrtdmtr

I get it, you hate frozen but its not as bad as the emoji movie - VideoGamefan5

20 The Good Dinosaur
21 Rock Dog

Is it even out yet? - Randomator

22 Despicable Me 2
23 Dinosaur
24 Brave
25 Coraline

Why is this number 1! - Gangem

26 Fantasia
27 Finding Dory
28 Zootopia

Darth Vader Strikes Back - darthvadern

29 The Lego Ninjago Movie

Super overrated, just ugh - VideoGamefan5

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1. The Emoji Movie
2. Ice Age: Continental Drift
3. Cars 2
1. Coraline
2. Open Season
3. Barnyard
1. Ivan the Incredible
2. Freddy Frogface
3. Norm of the North

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