Top 10 Worst Theatrical Illumation Entertainment Movies

Since Illumination are one of the weakest animated movie studios, I'm going to count down the worst movies they made.

The Top Ten

1 Minions

This movie sucked. It was very bland in my opinion and why should the minions get a spinoff?! They're already annoying as is! The villain was creative, but she was a brat and I hated her. The only character I remotely liked was Herb, and that's because he was so stupid that it was funny. This is an insult to British people as well. Would never recommend. - RedTheGremlin

Can anyone think of a bigger cash grab than this? It made millions in the box office, mainly because everyone is obsessed with minions. - PackFan2005

Did the Minions need their own spinoff? To be fair, I saw it coming. The film is very unfunny, any funny moments don't even come from Minions, they come from humans! Why did Sandra Bullock, an actress I respect, agree to be in this! Also when they are in London, there is a red fire hydrant, since I was born in London, I can tell you that our hydrants do not look like that! I just dislike the movie! - Gangem

I think I'm the only one who thinks it's a great movie. - darthvadern

2 Hop

The CGI in the movie was terrible, and the human characters were even worse in my opinion. - darthvadern

This movie is so boring! It is filled with clich├ęs everywhere. And it is offensive because the villain is Mexican! I do not want to know about the Easter Bunny's son! And of course he has to meet a human! This film is boring! - Gangem

3 Sing

Illumination probably spent more money on getting the rights to songs than on the production of the movie itself. - PackFan2005

I hate this movie. A lot of the singing is annoying and bad songs! I know people like the movie and I respect their opinions. I just think it is the worst! And did they have to be animals? Zootopia came out the same year and had a plot about the fact they are animals. But this is just about singing! Its just boring! - Gangem

This movie was so awful I my opinion, the songs, were definitely bad (heck there's even Anaconda! ), the characters were bland too. It feels like a Zootopia rip-off too. - darthvadern

I loved this movie it was heartwarming and entertaining I actaully think it is one of the best movies they made. That is just my opinion - Spongehouse

4 The Lorax

This movie has made Dr. Seuss offended in his grave - BurnAux

A huge chunk of the movie is nothing mote than filler. - egnomac

I highly disagree, in my opinion, it was a masterpiece. I loved the Donkey Kong referance. And I loved the message, but I respect your opinion. - darthvadern

Since when were bike chases part of Dr Seuss! There are a lot of problems with the film. The fish are just trying to be Minions! And I dislike Minions! And they make a reference to Donkey Kong! Are they trying to say Dr Seuss characters play Donkey Kong? I just dislike this movie! - Gangem

5 Despicable Me 3

The minions were very cringe-worthy with their prison stunts and the villain is a dweeb. - RedTheGremlin

In my opinion this is one of my favourite movies of all time. - darthvadern

Like their other films, another boring one! Dumb Minions and cringey humor, it's a little better than Minions. And I don't really hate it that much but it is boring. Although Trey Parker (the co creator of South Park and voice of Cartman and other characters) was good as the villain. But very boring and dumb - Gangem

6 The Secret Life of Pets

Yeah it rips off Toy Story, my favourite animated movie, but the humor was quite good in the film. And it definitely is better than most Illumination movies. But it is not great. I thought it was very predictable. But better than a lot their usual movie - Gangem

Bad. - darthvadern

7 Despicable Me 2

I hate Minions, but the plot is okay. The film is quite good, and I like Kristen Wiig and her performance. And the evil Minions were more enjoyable than the regular Minions, mainly because they barely do anything. But an alright movie - Gangem

I loved it - darthvadern

8 Despicable Me

This is the only Illumination film I think is actually very good. I'll stop hating on Mioions and say that the plot and humor is good. So generally I like it. I bet Illumination did not know what the Minions would become... - Gangem

Great - darthvadern

9 The Grinch (2018)

Well judging by the reviews it seems that it isn't as bad as many people thought it would be, still, I'm not entirely sure about seeing it - darthvadern

I hate the Grinch

I liked the live action film just fine, but this ugly abomination? I can tell that this is going to be a flop. - RedTheGremlin

It is probably gonna suck. The only real trailer we've got is a promotion for the Winter Olympics. But at least Benedict Cumberbatch will voice The Grinch - Gangem

10 Sing 2

This will definitely suck - darthvadern

I have no clue how they are going to pull this off. And I disliked the first movie - Gangem

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