Worst Theatrical Movies of the 2000s

The 2000’s was a great decade for movies. Literally tons of masterpieces were released. And the other movies that were not masterpieces were also great. But there were a lot of garbage movies that released in the 2000’s. Here are the worst Theatrical movies of the 2000’s.
Note: it has to be from 2000-2009, and the movie has to be Theatrical.

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1 Battlefield Earth

Good list, well done RadioHead03 - germshep24

This movie is amazing...

...for all the wrong reasons.

No doubt a terrible film, but with friends and watching it for sheer awe and questioning, its worth the watch. - CrimsonShark

If this wasn't a Scientology movie you could possibly love it for all the wrong reasons - germshep24

It's also one of the worst movies ever - LightningStrike

2 The Cat In the Hat

Worst movie ever made!

Probably the most creepy and laughable adaptation of a simple kids book. - B1ueNew

The most inappropriate and poorly written kids movie I have ever seen. - MattAffterburner

I kinda liked this movie - 23windomt

3 Freddy Got Fingered

I haven't watched this movie, but I'm pretty sure I would hate it. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

Sausage scene... - RadioHead03

Why was this made?

number 1

1 Comment
4 Dragonball: Evolution


This agregious white washing is all that can be said about this movie, which terrible writing and emoness rule. - MattAffterburner

This is an absolute disgrace to the anime. How could they screw this up? Oh yeah, make Goku go to high school. Perfect. This film really awful, and it’s nothing like the anime. - RadioHead03

This makes The Force Awakens look like Empire Strikes Back, and that's saying a lot - TheDarkOne_221b

5 Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2

This is where family movies start to become the biggest cash grabs on the planet. A sequel to everyone’s favorite 1999 movie, Baby Geniuses.(sarcasm) Literally, who asked for a sequel? The original Baby Geniuses has a 2% on RT. But this one has a 0%. Worse than the first. This movie is a crime. The CGI is the worst on the planet. The action is atrocious. And, just look at it. Look at the cover. It looks like something made by trolls. This is the worst family movie ever! - RadioHead03

6 Disaster Movie

This film is a disaster. That is all to say. - RadioHead03

I like it when I was younger because of cameos and references they make them funny to me - MaximanDaBeast

7 The Master of Disguise

When the film's biggest comedic highlight is just saying "Turtle" over and over again then you've got a pretty crappy comedy movie. - SuperSonic17

Oh boy, this movie is definitely something. It’s so mind blowing how people can make terrible movies like this. Just mind blowing. The jokes are absolutely unfunny. They are incredibly cheesy. I have to say, this is the worst comedy movie i’ve ever seen. Worse than Jack And Jill! But to be real, does anybody really like this movie? Wait nevermind, nobody likes this movie. - RadioHead03

8 Gigi

This movie has some of the worst acting i’ve ever seen. How did this movie make it into theaters? The acting is absolutely stale. - RadioHead03

9 Catwoman

The movie that ruined Halle Berry's movie career. - egnomac

Still known to many as C.I.N.O.. aka Catwoman In Name Only. What horrible drek.

The worst superhero movie of the 2000’s. This movie not only has a terrible performing Hallie Berry, it also has some of the most sickening CGI ever could see. This movie is so bad, Hallie Berry was actually happy she won her Razzie award. - RadioHead03

10 House of the Dead

The Contenders

11 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
12 Doogal

I loved the Magic Roundabout when I was little. This movie ruined my love for it.

Did this movie have a theatrical release it looks like a direct to dvd movie - germshep24

Greatest anime of all time - Kuro

Behold the worst animated movie of the 2000’s. This is a travesty of an animated movie. The English dub is absolutely awful. The film’s charm are absolutely stupid, and non likable. And the plot really sucks. Overall, Doogal is the worst animated movie ever made. - RadioHead03

The original magic roundabout movie is much better than this - MaximanDaBeast

13 Star Wars: Attack of the Clones

Don't think this deserves to be on the list, sure Hayden's acting is terrible and his dialogue is cringy, but has some fun worlds to explore and some cool scenes with Obi-Won - germshep24

14 Hannah Montana: The Movie

Sadly this movie was released in some theaters.

15 Alone in the Dark (2005)

This is the worst video game movie ever. It’s nothing like it’s game counterparts, and ruins it. - RadioHead03

16 Meet the Spartans
17 Kangaroo Jack
18 Shark Tale
19 Epic Movie

The main problem with these movie was that parody movies had pretty much dead at the moment Scary Movie 2 came out in 2001, parodies were big in the 80s and 90s and Scary Movie marked the end of it, Now if you want to make a parody it has to be sophisticated not silly - germshep24

20 Ghost Rider
21 Ratatoing

RIPOFF - 23windomt

22 The Fog (2005)

This is how you not do a remake. I haven’t watched the original Fog movie, but i’m pretty sure it’s much better than this remake. It’s really bad. Probably the worst horror movie of the 2000’s. - RadioHead03

I've watched the original and can say it was better written than this dumbed-down trash. - Sprightly

23 I Know Who Killed Me
24 Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever

Another disaster movie from the studio that brought you Battlefield Earth from Franchise Pictures. This film is so bad, it has a 0% on RT. Yeah, even lower than Battlefield Earth. This is a real reason why Franchise Pictures went bankrupt. This movie is pretty atrocious. - RadioHead03

25 Feardotcom

Another disaster from the one, and only Franchise Pictures. This movie has a 3% on RT, and bombed in Box Office. The reason? Well it was just too gruesome to say the least. - RadioHead03

26 Knocked Up
27 Home on the Range
28 Ralph Breaks the Internet

This isn’t 2000s.

29 The Ten Commandments
30 After Last Season
31 Bolivar el Heroe Bolivar el Heroe
32 Horrid Henry: The Movie
33 Superbad
34 The Room


This movie is so bad that it is good and therefore doesn't deserve to be on this list - germshep24


35 Land of the Lost

A very unfunny comedy. - RadioHead03

Horrible. Bad, Not funny. Total injustice to the classic Saturday morning T.V. show.

36 The Adventures of Pluto Nash
37 Norbit
38 Rollerball
39 Pinocchio (2002)
40 Down to You
41 The Dukes of Hazzard
42 Surviving Christmas
43 The Last Airbender

As terrible as this movie is, it actually released in 2010. - RadioHead03

I'll stick to the cartoon, thanks. - RoseWeasley

This is 2010s. - B1ueNew

44 Open Season
45 Elektra
46 2012
47 Avatar

A very forgettable story with groundbreaking special effects - germshep24

48 Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

This is is one of the better Star Wars movies made and perhaps the only one that can compare to the original trilogy - germshep24

The only Star Wars movie I genuinely HATE.

49 Couples Retreat
50 Swept Away
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