Top 10 Worst Theatrical Movies of 2017

Well, it’s time to discuss the worst of the worst. Some absolutely terrible films that came out in 2017. Ones that made it into theaters.

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1 The Emoji Movie

This movie was pretty much doomed to fail. What they were thinking when making this was beyond me. I could see potential in this story if someone talented wrote the script but that's not the movie we got. We got a corporate movie with lame jokes, forgettable characters and a lackluster excuse of a story. - RoseRedFlower

This movie makes me depressed at what animation is devolving too. Good thing I can watch Lego Batman or Coco to restore my faith in this year for animated movies. - Phillip873

The minute I heard about this, I was just in depression, what kind of moron would even think this was a good idea? Emojis are already getting enough hate due to them just being annoying has hell, so why go base an entire ANIMATED FILM off of them?! - ChiefMudkip

No question the Emoji Movie is undeniably the worst movie this year maybe the worst of this decade too - Randomator

2 Fifty Shades Darker

Well, yeah, this is obviously the worst. All they do is have sex, have sex again, and Ana never even gets pregnant! I didn't even watch the movie. I just read the Wikipedia description, which was awful. And the fact that Christian happened to be a sadist, I feel like that was just added for "drama." This is the cheesiest, worst movie ever. So sexy, all that sex. I feel like they're just encouraging people to have sex. Well, it doesn't work on me. I would never have auditioned for this movie.

The book was worse but that's not saying much. The entire saga is trash and should have been left as crummy fanfiction. The movie was sooo boring. You have to wait so long for anything interesting to happen. Even when interesting happen, they're resolved within seconds. Crazy chick stalking Anna. Done. Creepy boss after Anastasia. Done. Christian Grey crash. Done. Because we can't have narrative stakes in this movie. The characters are still terrible and shallow. Ana is still a perfect Mary sue. Her boss is just a creep and a horrible villain in the next book. Christian beats women because they remind him of his dead mother. Oh how sexy... - RoseRedFlower

Lets make sure this stays at number 1. An animated movie about yellow circles is better than this. - 445956

This entire film series/book series was pointless, all it is is just an abusive, sexist relationship from a crappy book series written by a talentless hack that somehow got popular with a bunch of idiots and shows our generation is failing...

3 Transformers: The Last Knight

Just let it end. It's pretty bad when Doug Walker predicted what's going to happen in the movie before the movie comes out, and he's spot on. I'm not joking. This franchise is just rinse and repeat. - RoseRedFlower

Obviously it sucked. Michael Bay never learns, and he ruined Transformers for me (haven't really gotten into the franchise because of this crappy money making film franchise).

Anyone notices how the movie pulls of a "Save Martha" during Bumblebee VS Optimus Prime :/... - CrimsonShark

I never plan on sitting down to watch this. I just cannot. - Phillip873

4 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul

This movie has everything wrong that's with a lot of family films nowadays: Disney, Don Bluth, and older Dreamworks, to name a few studios, had the talent of being able to balance storytelling, drama, comedy, action, etc. But films like this seem to misinterpret those studios as they think that spouting out random slapstick and gross out humor (which is what the other ones did) = "charm/comedy". It does NOT. It is just random, unfunny, stupid, childish, embarrassing nonsense.

I was pretty ticked off that they had a kid that didn't even look like he was in middle school play a kid who had finished up 8th grade.

The acting was terrible. I was going to give the new actors a chance, but merely MINUTES in, they ruin it with their cringeworthy lack of acting skill. It would have been okay if they would have improved upon that. Even with the acting fixed, this doesn't get more than a 5/10 from me. - dlbk03

Good plot bad actors for the roles

5 The Circle

Terrible movie. I went to see it opening day, and it was a waste of money - awesomedp900

I know everyone’s tired of me wishing death upon people, but I don’t care. Emma Watson needs to (air horn)! How does she still have a career? Because she was in Harry Potter? She was the weakest thing about that franchise! The sad thing is the Circle isn’t her worst performance of the year. Beauty and the Beast is. Even though Emma was really bad in the Circle, this movie has bigger problems. They hired Tom Hanks, one of the greatest actors of all time, and he’s barely even in it! He was the only good thing about the movie! This movie’s biggest problem was that it was so predictable! I knew what was gonna happen very early on! I barely remember anything from the movie, but maybe that’s a good thing. It really sucks. I expect this kind of thing from Emma (air horn)son, but Tom Hanks is better than this. - MegaSoulhero

6 Happy Death Day

This film was definitely one of BlumHouse Productions' weakest films. It doesn't know if it wants to be a comedy or a horror film. This was just a generic teenager comedy. I really don't understand why it's getting a sequel.

For crying out loud MegaSoulhero, this isn't a horror movie. But neither is it a good movie. - 445956

I thought this was ok. It's stupid, but it knows it and pokesd fun at this fact. Very forgettable, but strangely refreshing. - Sop

I’m probably the only one who hates this movie enough to put it on a “Top 10 Worst” list. But I’m being serious right now. This is a terrible excuse for a horror film. It really infuriated me. How are we supposed to be rooting for the main character? She’s completely unlikeable! There wasn’t anything remotely redeemable that she did! The rest of the characters don’t really add anything. Tree’s love interest is only there to be the generic love interest. He literally only does one helpful thing throughout the entire movie. The twist at the end was not only predictable, it was stupid beyond belief. It’s a movie with nothing but stereotypes, sexist moments, and inconsistency. One of the worst horror films of all time. - MegaSoulhero

7 Baywatch

An India bot found this list? - 445956

Did anyone ask for a movie based on that T.V. show from the 80s about lifeguards? This was very unnecessary. Just from the trailers I knew it would be bad. I pretty much got exactly what I was expecting. It relies heavily on sexual jokes. Girls are constantly showing clevage and cheeks while the men are constantly showing off their abs. Dwayne Johnson will agree to be in anything these days. Oh, and the effects are awful. There’s a scene involving fire and the fire doesn’t even look like it’s there! The best part of the movie was when a girl slapped her butt. That was the only good thing in this movie. The rest was garbage. Why was this made? Why? - MegaSoulhero

What does the rock not play
For me he dińt fit the role and I don’t like the film

8 The Mummy

Remember when this was going to start a cinematic universe? - Sop

Russell crowe knows we werent entertained.

A very dumb remake, but not the most pointless remake to come out this year. The movie looked like it was gonna be bad, but I thought that maybe it would try to be good. It didn’t. It was boring. Visual effects were bad, Tom Cruise was horrible, I enjoyed the actually mummy herself though. And I guess Russell Crowe was pretty good too. But other than those things, nothing interesting really happens. I really wanted this to be good. The Mummy kind of deserved a remake. It’s too bad that this is what we got. - MegaSoulhero

9 The Boss Baby

My dad said that he heard a review on the radio that partway or halfway through the reviewer's wife left the theater and spent the rest of the film sitting in the car. Sounds like that sums it up.

Has the comedic value of Elf Bowling: The Movie. Need I say no more.

Yeah. Boss Baby is bad. Yet there are people who actually defend it. That’s cool. We all have our opinions. I personally think it’s the worst thing DreamWorks has ever done, but not everyone may agree with that since Shark Tale exists. At least Shark Tale tried being original. It failed miserably, but it still tried. Boss Baby is basically every buddy movie ever made. It does NOTHING original! I also don’t know who their target audience is. There’s a bunch of childish humor and there are jokes that kids definitely won’t get. Alec Baldwin is a great actor. This was a waste of his talent. - MegaSoulhero

10 Snatched

The Contenders

11 Spark: A Space Tail

I legitimately thought this was a Space Chimps movie at first. - 445956

My worst animated 2017 movies
#1- The Nut Job 2: Nutty By Nature
#2 - Spark: A Space Tail
#3 - Tom and Jerry Willy Wonka
#4 - The Star

So cliche. - PeeledBanana


12 Chips
13 Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
14 Monster Trucks

Monster Trucks was absolutely disgusting. Was this a remake of Blaze and the Monster Machines? - TwilightKitsune

15 Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The Star Wars fan base is getting a bit ungrateful. I got one, thought this was a fantastic film - DatRabidSlushie

This one's great (except for the parts where it's dumb). It's become a trend to not like the new Star Wars movies. - Sop

I agree that Star Wars fanboys are very hard to please (the prequels weren't that bad) but this movie is garbage. I'm not even a Star Wars fan and this movie was upsetting. I don't know if it should be #1 though because there are other horrible movies that came out this year that were worst (Jeepers Creepers 3, Spider-Man, Baywatch,Transformers).

I actually liked it, though it does have quite a few problems - Phillip873

16 Unforgettable

This movie was pretty forgettable.

I don’t remember much from this movie, but it was very terrible. It’s a poorly acted, poorly written mess. Which is sad because I know these are great actors. I guess they were given bad direction. It also has one of the worst endings I’ve seen in a movie that has come out this year. I don’t know why I watched this. It didn’t look interesting and it definitely wasn’t interesting. This movie is definitely forgettable. - MegaSoulhero

17 The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature

How is the Last Jedi higher than this? - Randomator

18 Rock Dog

Funny, I was just watching this yesterday. And yeah, it sucked. - TwilightKitsune

Must have been so bad that I didn’t even know it existed - Randomator

19 Despicable Me 3

I liked the first Despicable Me film, never saw the rest. Stop with the Minions, they're getting shoved everywhere in our faces now (I also can't believe some stupid ranking site put Minions as #1 for a "Best Film for Preschoolers", shows how good our current generation is)...

This franchise is a money-making scheme. It's not actually good, it just appeals to small children and Facebook moms. - Sop

Should be higher than TLJ - Randomator

I've always liked DM for it's humor and characters, and DM3 isn't really that different, it's not the best out of them or the worst, it's fine in it's own right - ChiefMudkip

20 The Shack
21 The Case for Christ
22 My Little Pony: The Movie

This movie should have never existed - ExcaliberDG11

I already explained on the "best theatrical movies of 2017" why I disliked this, but I'll simply say this: this film is a macrocosm of what's wrong with MLP: FiM since the end of season 5.


As much as I like the MLP franchise, this movie, despite all the build-up to it, was a HUGE disappointment and letdown. There are plenty of problems with it (part of which I think is Meghan McCarthy hiring Michael Vogel to help when he's a terrible writer for MLP), so I'll list them all:

1. Despite Meghan's reassurances, it still was just a 90 minutes episode/toy commercial.

2. The film's animation (quality) is not as amazing as people claim it to be. It is a step down from the series. The shading looks like crap, the 2D and 3D do not blend well and the latter looks like N64 graphics, (I heard they did it in 3D and animated 2D over it or something), and the cardinal sin: the frame rate flip flops back and forth from being fluid/smooth to (most of the time) very laggy and stiff like a video game, most of the movements look sloppily, cheaply and amateurishly done, and it was outsourced also, ...more

23 The Star

Kids deserve a lot better than sacrilegious stuff like this, and the problem with this film is what a lot of other family/kids films' are suffering from (including stuff like Minions which I can't believe some people thought on some website was a #1 Movie for Preschoolers! ): they misinterpret how back then better family/kids' films had a better balance between story, comedy, drama, action, character development and such, and they just think spouting out random cheap noises, humor and inappropriate for children jokes (butt jokes especially) = comedy/charm; it does NOT, it's just random, unfunny nonsense, I'm glad the Rotten Tomatoes rating dropped and I hope it continues to fall, was poor Christopher Plummer so desperate to find voice work and money he stooped this low?

See The Little Drummer Boy or Nestor the Long Eared Christmas Donkey instead. Heck, play that daft "The Wise Man" game on the NES Bible Game King of Kings.

This is racist!

24 Beauty and the Beast

I feel so sorry for AniMat that he was degraded for having different, but really true opinions including that Beauty & the Beast (2017) was meh at best, THANKS TO THE TWIHARDS! >8(

25 Justice League


26 IT

This movie was great unlike other horror movie junkies and that's how you create reboots not all just some other junkies like TTG or anything else.


27 Rough Night

Not to mention the fact that the film wasted highly respectable talent like Scarlett Johansson & Kate Mckinnon, the movie is nothing but cliche. Doesn't try to improve on its genre.

Very disappointing, though the trailers were bad.

28 The Bye Bye Man
29 Mother!

Horrible and just disturbing!

30 Cars 3

Waste of time and money. Pixar must really think people are stupid and not going to notice all the dumb plot cliches, rehashing and tropes in this. Not to mention it feels all forced and contradicts its self against already established cars canon.

Have to agree with a lot of the comments here and elsewhere above this film, it really is just awful. Worst Pixar film to date.

Has to be the most boring and disappointing Pixar movie of all time. Even the good dinosaur and cars 2 are better than this.

This movie, which no one really asked for, is a dumb, franchise destroying cash grab, and it sucks!

31 Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

This film did not come out in 2017, it came out in 1983.

Um this came out 34 years ago in 1983. - Randomator

This movie came out in 1983 who made this list - Azzyg99

32 Wonder Woman
33 The Dark Tower
34 Spider-Man: Homecoming Spider-Man is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics existing in its shared universe. The character was created by writer-editor Stan Lee and writer-artist Steve Ditko, and first appeared in the anthology comic book Amazing Fantasy #15 (August 1962) in the more.
35 Fate of the Furious
36 A Bad Moms Christmas
37 The Space Between Us
38 Downsizing
39 Coco

Who added this to the list?!

This movie was amazing what is it doing here - Azzyg99

Actually it’s one of the best - Randomator

Actually it’s the BEST movie of 2017 in my opinion. - Swampert02

40 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
41 Thor: Ragnarok
42 Logan

THE HELL why is this movie on the list - Batmaniscole

43 The Lego Batman Movie
44 The Son of Bigfoot
45 The Greatest Showman
46 Murder on the Orient Express
47 Suburbicon
48 The Great Wall
49 All Eyez on Me
50 The House
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