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21 The Case for Christ
22 Beauty and the Beast

I feel so sorry for AniMat that he was degraded for having different, but really true opinions including that Beauty & the Beast (2017) was meh at best, THANKS TO THE TWIHARDS! >8(

23 Justice League


24 Rough Night

Not to mention the fact that the film wasted highly respectable talent like Scarlett Johansson & Kate Mckinnon, the movie is nothing but cliche. Doesn't try to improve on its genre.

Very disappointing, though the trailers were bad.

25 The Star

Kids deserve a lot better than sacrilegious stuff like this, and the problem with this film is what a lot of other family/kids films' are suffering from (including stuff like Minions which I can't believe some people thought on some website was a #1 Movie for Preschoolers! ): they misinterpret how back then better family/kids' films had a better balance between story, comedy, drama, action, character development and such, and they just think spouting out random cheap noises, humor and inappropriate for children jokes (butt jokes especially) = comedy/charm; it does NOT, it's just random, unfunny nonsense, I'm glad the Rotten Tomatoes rating dropped and I hope it continues to fall, was poor Christopher Plummer so desperate to find voice work and money he stooped this low?

See The Little Drummer Boy or Nestor the Long Eared Christmas Donkey instead. Heck, play that daft "The Wise Man" game on the NES Bible Game King of Kings.

26 The Bye Bye Man
27 Mother!

Horrible and just disturbing!

28 Cars 3

Waste of time and money. Pixar must really think people are stupid and not going to notice all the dumb plot cliches, rehashing and tropes in this. Not to mention it feels all forced and contradicts its self against already established cars canon.

Have to agree with a lot of the comments here and elsewhere above this film, it really is just awful. Worst Pixar film to date.

Has to be the most boring and disappointing Pixar movie of all time. Even the good dinosaur and cars 2 are better than this.

First of all cars 3 hater, you're the one that’s making all the comments. 2nd of all, your annoying, & a brat that keeps winning about this movie. I do respect opinions, but oh my god, your annoying. Go worship despicable me 3, minion fan.

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29 Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

This film did not come out in 2017, it came out in 1983.

Someone put this on here as some sorta sick joke. - Elijah_Cook

This movie came out in 1983 who made this list - Azzyg99

Um this came out 34 years ago in 1983. - Randomator

30 Wonder Woman
31 The Dark Tower
32 IT

This movie was great unlike other horror movie junkies and that's how you create reboots not all just some other junkies like TTG or anything else.

33 Fate of the Furious
34 A Bad Moms Christmas
35 The Space Between Us
36 Downsizing
37 Coco

Who added this to the list?!

This movie was amazing what is it doing here - Azzyg99

Actually it’s one of the best - Randomator

38 My Little Pony: The Movie

This movie should have never existed - ExcaliberDG11

I already explained on the "best theatrical movies of 2017" why I disliked this, but I'll simply say this: this film is a macrocosm of what's wrong with MLP: FiM since the end of season 5.


As much as I like the MLP franchise, this movie, despite all the build-up to it, was a HUGE disappointment and letdown. There are plenty of problems with it (part of which I think is Meghan McCarthy hiring Michael Vogel to help when he's a terrible writer for MLP), so I'll list them all:

1. Despite Meghan's reassurances, it still was just a 90 minutes episode/toy commercial.

2. The film's animation (quality) is not as amazing as people claim it to be. It is a step down from the series. The shading looks like crap, the 2D and 3D do not blend well and the latter looks like N64 graphics, (I heard they did it in 3D and animated 2D over it or something), and the cardinal sin: the frame rate flip flops back and forth from being fluid/smooth to (most of the time) very laggy and stiff like a video game, most of the movements look sloppily, cheaply and amateurishly done, and it was outsourced also, ...more

39 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
40 Spider-Man: Homecoming Spider-Man is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics existing in its shared universe.
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