Top 10 Worst Theatrical Movies in the First Half of 2019

Man, this has been such a disappointing year for movies so far. There have been quite a lot of bad films. So since we have reached the halfway point of the year, let’s discuss the worst theatrical movies of the first half of 2019.

The Top Ten

1 Hellboy

This was a horrible movie, I thought it would be at least entertaining with the violent aspect but no, all the fun gore is in the final act, which isn't good for a movie with terrible acting and a guy that is not even remotely close to portraying Hellboy in an enjoyable way like Ron Perlman did. If your going to make a terrible story with terrible acting, the least you could do as a director is throw in as much action as possible to get people to forget about how awful the rest of the movie is
I hope that they never make a sequel to this movie we don't need any more hellboy with actor David Habour - germshep24

Oh boy. This movie was torture to sit through. This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. The fact that they didn’t let Guillermo Del Toro do another sequel was a mistake. The fact that they instead decided to do a reboot with a different cast and a different director was an even bigger mistake. There were so many pacing issues. So many writing problems. So many terrible editing decisions. Just the opening scene was enough to make me realize this was gonna be a terrible movie. It also tries way too hard to get that R rating. Having characters drop the F bomb every few seconds gets very old very quickly. Even the actors seem like they’re phoning it in. So awful! Beyond terrible! - MegaSoulhero

Hellboy looks ugly in that poster

2 Wonder Park

Who watches this stuff anyway

What's this? - BananaBrain

I thought this was gonna be a cute and harmless kids film, but I was very surprised by how terrible and infuriating it really was. There isn’t a single likeable character in this film. The main girl is very bland and uninteresting while the other characters are just annoying. The animal characters try to be funny throughout, but the jokes are never funny. It also has this mentality that you have to be happy all the time and you can never be sad. This is like the opposite of Inside Out’s message. They also end up doing that one cliché where the characters have an argument and go separate ways. A cliché I have gotten tired of. Even Toy Story 4 did this! Except in this movie, we didn’t get to know the characters well enough for us to even care! The only good thing I can say is the animation is beautiful. Too bad they had to waste it on this trainwreck. - MegaSoulhero

3 Dark Phoenix

Such a disappointment. Had the potential to be so good but it flopped. Guess we will have to wait a decade for a re-vamp

This is what happens when a studio is brought out by another studio, people watch the movie like it was supposed to be the conclusion, when it wasn't and everyone loses interests knowing it will be rebooted pretty soon in the MCU - germshep24

Dark Phoenix is almost as bad as Origins! I’m not gonna lie, I nearly fell asleep during this movie. It was so uninteresting and predictable. The performances were really terrible. I’m sure it’s the not the actors’ faults. They were clearly given bad direction. They must’ve been told to constantly act uninterested the entire time. Even visually the movie looks terrible. The CGI is such a mess. I wasn’t even able to tell what was happening. It’s sad that this had to be the finale to the X-Men franchise. - MegaSoulhero

4 Men In Black: International

Men In Black, isn't MIB without Will Smith, they tried and they failed - germshep24

Just once I would like to see Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson team up in a GOOD movie. I’ve never been a big fan of the MIB franchise, but it deserves better than this. Every actor looked like they were phoning it in. The pacing was very rushed in certain moments. The humor was also really bad. I watched this in a crowded theater and no one was laughing. Not even a chuckle. I knew the movie was gonna be bad, but I didn’t think it was gonna be THIS bad. - MegaSoulhero

While I do agree that the film wasn’t very good, I gotta admit that I actually enjoyed watching it. I even thought the “reaching for the hammer” scene was hilarious! - Misfire

5 Escape Room

This movie started ok, but the rooms became increasingly dumb and boring, like the ran out of ideas after the second room.
It also didn't help the characters were very generic - germshep24

This movie made me want to escape the theater. Ironically, this is the one movie on this list that I actually DIDN’T watch in 2019. I watched it in December 2018 via an early screening. But still, it’s a 2019 movie. Since it came out in January, it was obvious this was going to suck. And it did. A bunch of unlikeable characters in situations that don’t make us care about what happens to them because they do nothing to get us to like them. The movie also thinks it has a chance of getting a sequel with that cliffhanger ending. Which we all know isn’t going to happen. There are a few good things. The set designs are very creative. The acting is pretty okay. Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy watching this movie. - MegaSoulhero

6 Uglydolls

This movie is much worse than Wonder Park. At least if it had a director (he was fired near the end of production due to "inappropriate behavior"), it would at least be a decent film. But UglyDolls was doomed from the start. First off, a movie based on the Uglydoll toys is a terrible idea. Who was asking for a film about Uglydolls? Second, it was formerly titled Merchandising!. Seems self-explanatory enough. Third, this movie has been in development for over 9 years. Unthinkable, I know. Lastly, a voice cast consisting mostly of singers. These people can't provide quality voice acting at the same time, you know. The end result is a boring, cringe-worthy and unoriginal mess. The songs in this movie are High School Musical-quality sing-a-longs about always being yourself and not letting others determine who you are. Do you think that people need to watch this movie in order to understand that? The theme in this movie has been used countless times already. Overall, UglyDolls is one of ...more

Wonder Park may be bad, this movie is actually worse. - RadioHead03

Trolls ripoff - LightningStrike

Really crappy movie, this shouldn’t exist. Seriously, I’m begging you...DON’T WATCH THIS MOVIE! My final verdict is a 1/10 (AWFUL, just terrible), there’s no redeeming qualities AT ALL! It’s almost as bad as The Emoji Movie. I’m not kidding. Other than the awful characters, it’s like putting sprinkles on crap is just crap. Guys, please even if you’re curious...DON’T WATCH THIS MOVIE, DON’T WATCH IT ONLINE, DON’T BUY IT! Just stay far away from it.

7 Booksmart

This movie wasn't awful, it was just nothing new, it had its funny moments and I think the two lead actresses had descent chemistry which you need for a mandatory high school comedy that has to come out at least once per year.
It wasn't the best high school comedy but it certainly wasn't terrible. Though it doesn't deserve the huge praise it gotten - germshep24

I liked this film, it isn’t as great as people say it is. - Applejack9876

This movie awful! It’s unbearable! It’s dreadful! I almost walked out halfway through. It does nothing that other “girls wanting to party” movies haven’t done before. Other than one of them being gay. It’s one of those movies that just tries too hard to be as vulgar as possible that it ends being unfunny. I didn’t laugh once during this film. Most of the first half wasn’t needed at all. It mostly felt like filler. The characters don’t act like real people. They’re just so despicable and annoying. The ending really made me angry. Nothing about this movie was good. - MegaSoulhero

8 Dumbo

This movie is so dumb. No pun intended. - RadioHead03

Dumbo is dumb. This is one of Disney’s worst remakes. The idea of Tim Burton directing a Dumbo film was really awful to begin with. The first act of the film is basically a remake while the rest of the film is practically a sequel. This is the closest thing we got to a Dumbo sequel since the real Dumbo sequel was never made. The performances are so bad. Most of the characters, especially the little girl, act in such an uninterested way. Michael Keaton was HORRIBLE in this movie. Easily his worst performance ever. The movie also tends to talk down to its audience because they know it’s meant for children. But children deserve better than this. They don’t need everything verbally explained to them. After watching Aladdin and Dumbo, the Lion King remake doesn’t look so bad anymore. - MegaSoulhero

I don’t agree! This movie was really good. For sure it wasn’t as good as The Jungle Book remake for example, but it was still very good. I don’t understand people who criticize movies just because of one or two flaws. Ok sure it had bad acting but that didn’t bother me so much because some characters like Colin Farrell for example, didn’t get much screen time compared to other characters. This in my opinion was better than the Pete’s Dragon remake and the Beauty and the Beast remake.

9 Child’s Play

Why did this movie need a remake? - RadioHead03

Biggest waste of Mark Hamill ever! I pretty much only saw the movie because he was voicing Chucky, but they didn’t give him any memorable lines. So disappointing. I didn’t like this take on the original Child’s Play film. It’s just a typical “technology is bad” type of film. Chucky himself doesn’t have much of a personality of his own due to just being a malfunction that causes him to be evil. There also wasn’t a scary moment in this film. Except for one scene involving a woman in a car. Other than that, I felt no intensity. It’s just a bunch of lame jump scares. Just awful. - MegaSoulhero

10 Aladdin

As far as live action remakes go this was pretty enjoyable movie, one of the rare live action movies that worked. I mean there was this and the Jungle Book, everything else were just not that good (not to say they weren't successful) - germshep24

Wow. I never knew the Aladdin Universe had autotune devices. PRETTY INTERESTING! - Fuziion

It was a good movie to me. - Luckys

Disney needs to stop milking their old movies. - myusernameisthis

Put that is what Disney is about, milking old movies by either making sequels, remakes, Disney doesn't try to make original movies. Disney is more of a merchandise studios, it is the reason Sony can still make Spider-Man movies, they just wanted the character so they can sell spider man merchandise - germshep24

The Contenders

11 Captain Marvel

This movies was definitely the biggest disappointment in the MCU, they should have just waited to introduce her after Endgame and by that I mean they shouldn't have put the character in Endgame - germshep24

I liked it but it was kinda more simple than it needed. - myusernameisthis

12 The Hustle
13 Serenity
14 Velvet Buzzsaw
15 A Madea Family Funeral
16 The Lion King

As much as this film sucks, it released in July. So it doesn’t belong on here. - RadioHead03

17 The Haunting of Sharon Tate
18 Alita: Battle Angel

Would have been better if they had remained faithful to the manga instead of adapting the OVA series.
The manga may be too dark,though. - Tia-Harribel


Its ok. but why do the robots look so creepy!

People love the source material so much that they are trying to convince themselves that this is a good movie. I watched this movie without knowing anything about the source material and I was completely lost. That’s not really... good. A movie based on an existing source material has to act as an introduction. This was clearly just meant for the fans when it should have been made for everyone. It didn’t feel like a complete movie. It just felt like a first half of a movie. It tries too hard to set up a sequel that it ends up failing as being its own thing. That’s something that I have gotten so tired of. Plus, aside from Alita, none of the characters are very memorable. There’s this forced romance subplot because all movies have to have a love subplot now. The CGI is an absolute joke. Especially during the motorball scenes. The pacing feels very rushed towards the end, also. I wanted to like this movie because the trailers looked really good. Unfortunately, it ended up being ...more - MegaSoulhero

19 Miss Bala
20 What Men Want

What Women want worked because it was made during a time when politically correctness wasn't a thing. If what Women Want came out today it would have bombed just like this movie did - germshep24

21 Norm of the North: Keys to the Kingdom

Norm was always bad. Who wanted to care for this piece of poo?

22 The Kid Who Would Be King

This was actually a good children's movie, if your an adult you might find it kind of generic and boring - germshep24

23 The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part
24 The Secret Life of Pets 2
25 The Curse of La Llorona
26 The Professor
27 Replicas

The Keanu Reeves movie that no one knew came out, which is good for Keanu, because it was terrible - germshep24

28 Little
29 How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World
30 Anna
31 Shaft
32 Poms
33 The Intruder
34 Toy Story 4

Good movie on its own, but it sucks as a Toy Story movie.

35 Unplanned
36 Pokémon Detective Pikachu
37 After
38 The Beach Bum
39 The Prodigy
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