Top 10 Worst Theatrical Pixar Movies

Keep in mind, not all of the movies on this list will be bad. Everything from 3-10 on this list range from good to incredible. The only Pixar film I actually dislike is Cars 2. Brave is mediocre but not a "bad" movie.

The Top Ten

1 Cars 2

Yeah, no surprise here, this movie basically just sucks. I know I put it on my "Movies PeeledBanana Likes That Everyone Else Hates", but after re-watching it, I realized why it's a bad movie. Mater was good as a side character but to basically give him his own movie? No, never do that again, it will not work. Just like Minions (2015), they were good as side characters but the aren't strong enough characters to be the main protagonists. 4/10: Bad. - PeeledBanana

I really liked this movie when it first came out, I was eight, but when I recently watched it again it didn’t seem as good.

This was really Pixar's first failure in my opinion

Cars has gone down the deep end
But cars 3 was good - Adventurur2

2 Brave

This movie was a disappointment. When I saw the trailer, I thought it was gonna be a movie about this badass archer girl, but it turned out to be a mother-daughter film. And it doesn't feel like a Pixar film besides the character designs. And why did this win the best animated feature film oscar? That title should've gone to Wreck-It Ralph! This should've just simply had a nomination for that category, Wreck-It Ralph was snubbed. Well, at least it wasn't as snubbed as The Lego Movie. 5/10: Mediocre. - PeeledBanana

Ralph should've wrecked this movie.

3 Monsters University

From this point on, the movies will range from good to incredible. This movie is simply average-to-good. It was disappointing. I was hoping for this to be a sequel to Monsters, Inc., until I saw the photos and trailers for this and realized it was gonna be a college prequel. However, I still had my hopes up for this film since Monsters, Inc. is one of my favorite Pixar films, but I was disappointed, it was predictable and had some boring moments, but I still sort of recommend it. 6/10: Average. - PeeledBanana

4 A Bug's Life


The most underrated Pixar film ever, it's underrated because it gets overshadowed by it's surrounding films which were better (Toy Story and Toy Story 2). However, it was still a great movie. It had a creative plot and changed your perspective on insects forever. It has lovable characters like Dot, Heimlich, and Flik. It does have not fantastic animation compared to today's standards but it has animation that holds up. 8/10: Great. - PeeledBanana

5 Cars 3

Pixar's latest film. I'd call it a good-to-great film. I was not that disappointed with this movie, I actually had my hopes up for this even though Cars 2 sucked, I liked the trailer and it put the focus back on Lightning McQueen. It had a good plot and it was a MAJOR improvement from the abomination called Cars 2. 8/10: Great. - PeeledBanana

6 The Good Dinosaur

This is the point where the movies on the list start to get incredible. Like I said before, not every movie on this list will be bad, some movies on this list will be incredible. This movie, in my opinion gets a bit too much hate. It has fabulous animation, touching moments, and lovable characters. Sure, the dinosaurs are a little too cartoony but who cares? Just sit back and enjoy the movie. 9/10: Incredible. - PeeledBanana

The cavemen act like dogs - Adventurur2

7 Finding Dory

I seriously don't understand the hate behind this.

The sequel to the best Pixar film, Finding Nemo. I know I said earlier that you shouldn't give the focus to side characters, however this film pulled it off well somehow! I guess Dory was a strong enough character to hold her own movie! It also introduced some new characters to the series like Hank, Dory's parents, and Destiny. 8/10: Great. - PeeledBanana

8 Toy Story 3

What? This is the second best Pixar movie! - PeeledBanana

This movie overshadows masterpieces like Brave, The Good Dinosaur, Toy Story 2, Finding Dory and Monster's University, this was the first real pixar movie to be below averege! And Cars 2 dosen't deserve number #1 spot. - darthvadern

I am respecting his opinion! Did I say he needs to dislike this movie? No! - darthvadern

9 Toy Story 2

Please don't kill me for putting this on the list, like I said, not every movie on this list will be bad, only the #1 spot and kind of the #2 spot. Anyways, this is the weakest movie in the Toy Story trilogy (in my opinion). Does that mean it's bad? No, no way. It was the third film released by Pixar and it had a far improved villain than in the first movie. Sid is barely even a villain when you think about it, he's just some kid who messes around with his toys and he doesn't even know they're alive. However Stinky Pete was an ACTUAL villain because he tried to turn Woody against the other toys. Awesome kids/family film for anyone to enjoy. 9/10: Incredible. - PeeledBanana

10 Cars

Another seriously underrated Pixar film. Another movie with undeserved hate, I can see why some people dislike this but I still think this movie is incredible for it's message and creativity. It may seem stupid when you hear a movie about talking cars but when you get into it, you'll see that's it's actually a creative idea. And it's a good film to introduce you to Pixar when you're young. 9/10: Incredible. - PeeledBanana

The Contenders

11 Ratatouille

And another underrated Pixar film. Since it was made in 2007 near the middle of Pixar's golden age, it wasn't really a surprise that it would be underrated since it got overshadowed by WALL-E, Up, The Incredibles, etc. This film follows the adventure of Remy, a rat who dreams of becoming a chef like Gusteau. It has great designs of each character and animation. 9/10: Incredible. - PeeledBanana

12 The Incredibles

Fifth best Pixar movie in my opinion. - PeeledBanana

I used to think it was the weakest Pixar moive, but that title goes to Toy Story 3, anyway, this movie had some really boring moments and unlikable characters and a boring plot and a terrible antanogist; Syndrome. - darthvadern

True it's nerd to villian was too predictable - Adventurur2

13 Incredibles 2
14 Coco
15 Inside Out

This was like Lego Movie, where this idea sounds garbage, but it turned out to be brillaint.

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