Top Ten Worst TheTopTens List of November 2017

These are the weirdest, most disgusting and borderline psychotic lists of November 2017, if your list is on here, im sorry but its a bad list!!! Some of these list may have good ideas/concepts but their content is pretty flawed. I took a poll for this list and would like to thank all the users who contributed. THX GUYS AND GALS(feel free to give yourselves a shout out in the comments)!!!anyway, lets get to it...

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1 Hottest Celebrity Girls, Under 18 in 2017

To be honest, I'm not even sure if this list was made in October or November of 2017, but either way, using the word "hot" to describe girls as young as 13 is inappropriate. - judo8alex

Awfully inappropriate list. I can't understand admin's approval of it. - Britgirl

Someone tell me Why did admin approve this again? I fail to understand why it was approved - Randomator

A Pedophile made this innapropriate and sexual list

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2 Top 10 Reasons Why Donald Trump Isn't that Bad

I disagree here. I'm not trying to be political or start an argument but the truth is that he's not as bad as everyone makes him out to be - Randomator

Although I do admit, this user had some pretty good points, the truth is Donald Trump is a bad person and president. - judo8alex

3 Sexiest Female Anime Characters with a Choker

Self-explanatory - judo8alex

4 Top Ten Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Have Won the 2016 Election

Although I do agree with the main idea of this list, the content is just plain weird,I mean, number 2 on the list is because "she is attractive". - judo8alex

5 Actors Who Need a Hit Movie to Save Their Career

This list was copied from the youtube channel, watchmojo, which is embarrassing, its all the same actors from the original list except they are just scrambled around and their positions have changed. - judo8alex

If your going to copy a list from at least try to add something new to it instead of putting all the items in the exact same order. - egnomac

6 Top Ten Abnormally Tall Female Anime Characters

Unnecessary list, also...anime. - judo8alex

7 Top Ten Favorite Characters from Animated Series, Movies or Video Games that Actually Suck
8 Top Ten Abnormally Tall Male Anime Characters

See no.5(above) - judo8alex

9 Top Ten Reasons Why Caillou is Better Than the Teletubbies
10 Top 10 Undertale, Parappa the Rapper and Mario Characters with the Hottest and Sexiest Brains

Touch the brain

LICK THE BRAIN - xandermartin98

The Contenders

11 Female WWE Wrestlers with the Best Butt in History

Yeah. Don't really see why we need lists talking about sexy body parts 24/7. Glad I never made another sex list ever since the backlash on that MILF list I made. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Perverted and uncreative - judo8alex

12 Top 10 Hottest Fictional Animal Abusers

Have to agree with Fassad being on it though - xandermartin98

Whose idea was this garbage? - 445956

Damn, this is messed up! - judo8alex

13 Top 10 Examples of Bad Parenting in Cartoons & Animated Movies

I mean yea these are pretty bad parenting examples, but you do realise these are cartoons right? and that the characters don't actually make the decisions for themselves? - judo8alex

I fail to see the argument and people are fully aware these are cartoons as apparently you have nothing better to do then bitch and complain.

14 Top 10 Luan Loud Quotes and Puns, its not even funny and all of these puns have been heard for thousands of years! These are dad jokes! - judo8alex

15 Top 10 Sexiest Humanoid Female Mario Characters

This list was just made. - 445956

16 Top 10 Dog Breeds that Should Bite Justin Bieber
17 Top 10 R.L. Stine Books that Take Place on Christmas

Why do we need this? - 445956

18 Top 10 Things You Probably Wanted Rebecca Black To Do, Ever Since Her Song, Friday

I did it. I found a list worse than the number 1. I was expecting "retire" or "make better music" or "learn to sing." But NO. The person who made this list wants a teenage girl to DIE. What did she ever do to you? Meet her in real life and you will realize she is a very nice person! I couldn't have believed my eyes when I saw this list, I wanted to break something! At this point, my most hated people of the year are Trump, Ajit Pai, and the heartless JERK that made this list! - 445956

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