Worst TheTopTens Lists of June 2017


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1 Worst TheTopTens Lists of June 2017

I know people will hate this list... - judo8alex

2 Actors Who Failed at Being Action Stars

A list copied from watchmojo - judo8alex

3 Top Ten Mangas You Should Read Rather Than Watching the Anime

Whatever you choose is a bad decision - judo8alex

4 Top Ten Favorite Big Brother 19 (U.S.) Houseguests

It's Big Brother, enough said...also "favourite" is misspelled. - judo8alex

5 Top 10 "What the Hell" Were They Thinking Stipulation Matches in Pro Wrestling

It's fake anyway - judo8alex

6 Top 10 Animated Characters Whose Name Start with the Letter "L"

Two loud house characters are featured on this list, terrible decision. - judo8alex

Personally I don't see anything wrong wirh it. - egnomac

7 TV Shows that Ended with 5 or 6 Seasons

Good concept but putting teen titans over the fresh prince, I mean come on! - judo8alex

8 Most Unrealistic Anime Couples

I'm pretty sure this is least unrealistic thing in Anime. - judo8alex

9 Top 10 Songs from Alt-J's An Awesome Wave

I'm pretty sure there is no such thing as a good song on this album. - judo8alex

10 Greatest Masterpieces of All Time

Excluding Terminator 2: Judgement, The Godfather and some other things, the list sucked.

Good idea for a list but terrible choices - judo8alex

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