10 Worst Thing About Club Penguin


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1 It's all about membership

Club Penguin don't care about non members they only care for members only! If they draw ugly items than the put it for non members and their prices were expensive! - atomicboom

2 People in this game are a-holes V 1 Comment
3 The penguins are ugly as hell

They have bald heads, frowning eyes and beak, fat and when you dressed them up, then they look like Boohbah penguins dressed up fugly - atomicboom

4 The parties were S**T

Really Club Penguin, Inside Out party, that members only party? WHY ARE YOU HAVING THOSE STUPID PARTIES WHILE YOU GUYS RUNNING OUT OF IDEAS?! - atomicboom

5 Horrible graphics

Looks Like an artist was drunk at drawing things, and ask Ben Jones to do the penguins, horrible! - atomicboom

6 Non-members can't do anything V 1 Comment
7 They ban you for no reason V 1 Comment
8 No friends

Hard To Get Friends! no one will look at you, even they ask you to be their friend and later on they ditched you from it.
when you ask them then they rather ditch you or ignore you, their ain't no real friends, just bastards around you. - atomicboom

9 Ugly clothes

Let people wear fruit suits, wear skirts and T shirts have a ugly backgrounds and objects they wear is all ugly forever, whats wrong with you Club penguin? - atomicboom

10 It isn't safe

You can get a generator that can give membership, items, and any other things, their moderators are complete damage and a low activity, all what the moderators do is just ban people for no reason, don't see if somebody's hacking onto someones account and just take a break for 16 hours. - atomicboom

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11 It tries hard to copy animal jam
12 It takes forever to get an account
13 The puffles look like tofus from wakfu
14 You can only live in an igloo
15 It's overrated
16 Bullies Bullies
17 Place removal

Recyling center gone stage gone hideout gone all fun places gone

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1. It's all about membership
2. People in this game are a-holes
3. The penguins are ugly as hell



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