Top Ten Worst Thing About Siblings

A lot of people have brothers and sisters. We love our siblings but you can't have family without flaws. Now RebelGamer and I give you the top ten reasons having a sibling sucks.(Sibling Age doesn't matter.)

The Top Ten

1 They are ANNOYING!

My brother is actually sometimes nice to me, but when he isn't, he punches and kicks me. That's probably because I annoy him, but hey that's what sister's are for! - funnyuser

Yes, but that's part of their charm. I wouldn't have them any other way. - Britgirl

My older sister and younger brother, 'enough said. - Catacorn

I merely tolerate their existences. Nothing more. - Therandom

2 Sharing a room.
3 Being responsible for your siblings.
4 Your parents tell them to be like them.

Haha, what other them would they otherwise be being? - keycha1n

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5 See them leave for college.

Like I said in the description, I said we love our brothers and sisters, so it's very sad to see them leave to college for a long time. - Ace_of_spades

6 Sister listening to annoying music.

My sister sings songs from all the annoying singers

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7 Baby-age siblings cry a lot. Baby-age siblings cry a lot.
8 The Oldest Gets blamed for everything.

I know, I'm the middle child though. So whenever my sister's not home and I have to take care of my little brother, I end up getting blamed for the smallest thing. - Catacorn

I accidently crashed a truck and my older Step brother got blamed. (It isn't really fair, but you really shoudn't give a 12 year old the keys to your truck. - Ace_of_spades

9 Them being embarrassing
10 Them getting more stuff than you

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11 They make your life so terrible and difficult, forcing you to endure tragic hardships never imagined for mankind

She can beat me up, call me names, and trick me. And her friends ask me how can I live with her, my friends ask the same. And the hard part of growing up is dealing with what hurts you most. But some can't do that and let the bad happen. Like me. - AnonymousChick

My sister thinks her entertainment is more important than my homework... - SamuiNeko

Like playing MLP with my sister who is 6 years younger than me. Oh, the horrors! - Merilille

12 Them hogging the computer

Nah, I usually hog the computer. lol. - Catacorn

13 Your family is split with the resources(Money, Time, etc.)

Sad but true

14 Them being weird around your friends
15 Them watching a dumb show (Like some Disney shows)
16 Them breaking your favorite thing
17 You are not the only child.
18 They have to go with you.
19 They put things in your table while doing something
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1. Being responsible for your siblings.
2. Your parents tell them to be like them.
3. See them leave for college.
1. They are ANNOYING!
2. Sharing a room.
3. Them being embarrassing


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